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ZocDoc Clone App Development

ZocDoc vs ZocDoc competitors is still unconcluded warfare that is going on. The well-streamlined ZocDoc app paved the way for many companies to simply replicate the concept for their online healthcare businesses. That is how the ZocDoc clone app provides a variety of services, including appointment management, medical check-up reports, medical professional availability and interaction, and more. It allows users to access all of these with a single click.

ZocDoc clone from Uberdoo is 100% customizable to your specific niche requirements and is an efficient white-label doctor appointment booking solution. We provide both pre-built solutions and custom solutions based on your business needs. Contact us today to start developing your solution like apps similar to ZocDoc and get a comprehensive ZocDoc service for your online healthcare business.

The 6 million users of the ZocDoc app each month can schedule appointments for more than 1800 different types of medical procedures with 50 different specialists.

ZocDoc Clone Script Graphical Flow

Patient Profile

Patient Profile

The patient can fill in their details similar to how they fill in details in hospitals.

Doctor Profile

Doctor Profile

The total experience, qualification, physician record, etc., can be viewed by the patients in the doctors’ profiles.

Easy browsing

Easy browsing

The doctors they prefer can be searched and picked by the patient by viewing their ratings and reviews.

Video call

Video call

The patient can connect with the experts via video calls for efficient visual communication.

ZocDoc Appointment Booking

ZocDoc Appointment Booking

The patients can book their appointments with the doctors for a specific date and time.



The scheduled appointment can be canceled or rescheduled by the patient according to their convenience.

ZocDoc Provider Login & Profile

ZocDoc Provider Login & Profile

The providers can log in using social accounts. They can manage & update their profiles with necessary details including their clinic details.

Toggle Mode

Toggle Mode

The doctor can notify his/her availability by switching between online mode and offline mode.

Available Time Slot

Available Time Slot

The time slot for which the doctor is available can be updated by switching between active and inactive status.

Accept/Reject Appointments

Accept/Reject Appointments

Received appointment requests can be either accepted or rejected by the doctor at their convenience.

Edit Appointment

Edit Appointment

In addition to the scheduled appointments, the doctors can manually add appointments and set a reminder for the same.

Visual Appointment Calendar

Visual Appointment Calendar

Received appointment requests can be accepted or rejected by the doctor at their convenience.

Intuitive Dashboard

Intuitive Dashboard

The customized dashboard integration allows the admin to take care of the overall operations carried out in the application from all user ends.

Secure Registration

Secure Registration

The admin can make sure of if the service providers and the patients register and log in to the application securely.

Patient Profile Management

Patient Profile Management

The patients’ profiles along with their details such as medical reports can be managed by the admin.

Doctor Profile Management

Doctor Profile Management

The doctor’s profile and his appointments can be viewed and managed by the admin.

Record Management

Record Management

The records associated with the patients and the doctors can be maintained by the admin.

Sub-admin Creation

Sub-admin Creation

To ease the job, the admin can create sub-admins and give them access to work on some updates.

Advanced Add-ons in Our ZocDoc Clone

Apart from user-end-specific integrations, our ZocDoc clone apps come with some advanced additional features which are the following,

Session-wise Subscription

Each session’s treatment, prescription, and progress notes can be added by the doctor.

Pharmacy Integration

From the telehealth system, the pharmacy database can be accessed by the doctors and the admin.

Laboratory Integration

Healthcare providers can track their offered prescriptions and medication details.

Test Report Upload

The test reports of the consulted patient can be added by the health service providers.

Live Tracking

Delivery agents’ live locations can be tracked by the restaurants using the live tracking feature.

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Innovative Features That Make
Our ZocDoc Clone Unique

Video Call Appointments

Two-way video connectivity for efficient ail treatment of patients.

Schedule Clinic Visits

Easy clinic appointment scheduling
with just a tap.

Request Home Visits

Smart home visit requisition options letting users book physician appointments.

ZocDoc Clone Revenue Model

How does ZocDoc make money? Here are the lucrative revenue models that are integrated with the ZocDoc clone app.

Freemium Model

Users may be charged for access to the app's premium features. It's an excellent way to increase user numbers rapidly.

Subscription Model

Users of your app may be required to pay a subscription fee to use it. These fees may be assessed continuously or collected on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Commission-based Model

You may be paid a commission equal to a portion of the doctor's fee if you schedule a consultation through the platform. It's yet another excellent way to earn a consistent income.

Pricing Of Our White-Label ZocDoc Clone App

How much does ZocDoc cost? The ZocDoc pricing depends on several factors. However,
we have here outlined the high-end cost including compatibility, features, ZocDoc API integration, etc.,


1600 USD

  • Admin Dashboard
  • IOS Apps(User & Provider)
  • Android Apps(User & Provider)

Features Integrated

  • Statistical Dashboard
  • User Listing
  • Matches Listing
  • Religion, Personality & Hobbie Management
  • Privacy Policy & Terms Content Management
  • Reported User Listing
  • Ads Management
  • Plan Subscription History
  • Manage Basic Package Details
  • Send Notification From Admin
  • In-App Purchase Payment Gateway


3500 USD

  • Admin Dashboard
  • IOS Apps(User & Provider)
  • Android Apps(User & Provider)

Features Integrated

  • God's Eye
  • User Management
  • Matches Management
  • Suspending Reported Users
  • Adding Users From Admin
  • Change Admin Password
  • Video Calls With Doctors & Patients
  • Reports View - Patient History


12000 USD

  • Admin Dashboard
  • IOS Apps(User & Provider)
  • Android Apps(User & Provider)
  • Web Application (User)

Features Integrated

  • Unlimited Customisation
  • Patient History and Diagnostics Tracking
  • Multiple API Integrations
  • Premium UI(on Apps and Admin)

Apps Like ZocDoc - Workflow

Our efficient app workflow allows both the doctors and the patients to have a hassle-free user experience.

Patient registers in the healthcare platform.

Patient updates his/her profile with medical records and other required details.

The patient selects their ailment and picks any of the nearby doctors.

The doctor confirms the appointment.

The doctor and patient interact via chat, voice call, or video call.

The patient pays the provider
for the service.

The doctor gets instant payment for the provided service.

ZocDoc Clone Script - Business Benefits

To fit the diversified needs of your online business, our ZocDoc clone app comes with a wide range of key advantages that benefit your online doc business enormously.

  • Efficient monitoring system
  • Easy record-keeping
  • Masked messaging
  • Quick-launch solution
  • Prescription via video calls
  • Previous appointment histories
  • Productive healthcare
  • Customized SEO strategy

ZocDoc Clone App Development Process

We follow a stable development process that has all potential phases included. Our developers have expertise in the latest tech stack and make sure to follow our unique process to yield better results.

Ideation and Consultation

Ideating the requirements based on your business needs.

Suggesting the best app development practices.

Meetings regarding the ideated elements.

Feasibility study and Requirement Analysis

Doing an intricate study on your business and the market.

Analyzing and documenting the requirements.

Confirmation of requirements to check if it matches 100% with your ideas.

Design and Wireframes

Impressive UI designing.

Wireframes and prototype modeling.

Alignment with required CTAs.

Code Development

Component-level development.

Pre-planned tasks assigned to the resources with a couple of modules.

Constant development phase tracking.

Rigorous Testing

Quality assurance through code review.

Developer-end unit testing.

Performance testing, platform testing, and integration testing.

Deployment and Maintenance

Timely deployment.

Post-delivery maintenance and support services.

Why Choose Uberdoo For Your ZocDoc Clone App Development?

At Uberdoo, we assure to provide services that help you set up and manage your on-demand healthcare business with ease. Our unique cloning approach and market-standard strategies match your business needs and build you a fully integrated ZocDoc Clone Script that aids you in meeting every possible challenge in the online business.

On-time delivery

Quality solutions

Tech-savvy experts

White-label services

Industry-best expertise

Result-driven approach

Strategic project management

Customizable design and features

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Our ZocDoc clone solutions are 100% customizable. We build them in such a way that they can be easily modified even after a very long time to fit your varying requirements.

We fortify the clone apps with advanced security mechanisms such as 2FA, Password protection, OTPs, Social media login, Email, and phone number verification, etc., Hence our application is highly safe and secure.

ZocDoc is an online healthcare service application through which patients can easily connect with physicians and the providers can easily diagnose the patient's problems via online calls and appointments. In short, it is a great tool to bridge the gap between patients and doctors.

The cost of development solely depends on the complexities faced in the code, add-on features, customizations, and business-specific alignments. Connect with our expert team and share your requirements to get an estimated quote for your project.

We offer ready-to-go solutions with which you can immediately launch your business in the striking market and custom development solutions that can be done according to your specific needs based on business goals and market trends.


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