Changelly Clone Script - An Overview

Swapping and exchanging different cryptocurrencies can be challenging. Changelly clone script is an instant cryptocurrency exchange clone script that can help in overcoming this challenge with ease. It is quick, reliable, and a perfect tool to set up your crypto exchange platform. Our Changelly Clone Script is developed with distinct technical features and plug-ins which in turn provides you with a ready-to-launch Changelly-like Crypto Exchange Platform.

Features of our Changelly Clone Script

Uberdoo’s Changelly Clone Script is equipped with features that assure a high-performing and secure crypto exchange platform.

Instant Swapping

The users can make use of instant exchanges to buy or trade cryptocurrencies. Once the trade is confirmed, the funds are instantly swapped without any delay.

Marketing Suite

Allows marketing campaigns via Email, SMS, Social Media, etc., with the help of a Marketing Suite that is built in the Changelly Clone Script.

Tradeview UI/UX

Users can leverage instant trading on Changelly Clone Script without lag by making use of the efficient Tradeview User Interface.

Extensive API

Supports robust and well-documented APIs which in turn allows the development of exceptional features with the help of it.

Easy customization

Add, modify, or delete cryptocurrency trading pairs, use various payment options, instigate periodic updates, and perform other similar operations through the utility of our customizations.

Wallet Integration

Integrate directly with the wallets via direct exchanges using our systemized crypto-wallet integrations.

Multilingual options

Users can choose between multiple available languages.

Multi-Currency Support

Supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

Security Features of our Changelly Clone Script

Our Changelly Clone Script offers you high-end security features.



Allows two-factor authentication which can be configured in the account settings.


Jail Login

Restricted amount of login attempts in order to prevent unauthorized access.



Makes the wallet less open to hacking since the user has full control over the cryptocurrencies.


Private Key

The control of wallet and private keys is restricted and the digital currencies remain safe with secured private keys.

Get Started on the Platform

Account Registration

The user registers the account using an Email or Phone number.

Wallet Integration

The user enters the bank account details and verifies the same.

Fire up Trade

The user tops up the wallet and starts trading with cryptocurrencies or assets.

Business Merits

Why pick us?

Experienced Blockchain Developers

Our team of Blockchain experts is capable of building ready-to-use and advanced Changelly Clone Scripts.

24/7 Customer Support

Our support team is all-time reachable and solves your issues in a minimal amount of time.

On-time Deployment

The Clone Scripts are ready-made. So, we enhance them in a way that best fits your business requirement and deploy them on time.

Committed to Quality

We balance quality and time. Our proficient team ensures that the deliverables are handed over on time and at the same time are of top quality.


Our billings are competitive and fair enough. We don’t charge any additional expenses unless there are some added requirements.

Detailed planning

We provide attention to details such as timeline scheduling, work item allotment, daily check-ins, etc., We make sure that we stick to the work plan and timelines.


Is there a transaction fee for the crypto-to-fiat exchange?
Can I cancel my transaction?
Is it possible to modify the clone script?
Why should I choose your Changelly Clone Scripts?
What are the additional features that can be added to the Changelly Clone Script?

A range of features such as Atomic Swaps, Enhancement utilities, Payment gateways can be added. We also support the development of specific features you require us to build.

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