Take the most powerful crypto-exchange platform and make it your own

Coinbase is the most powerful crypto-exchange platform in the world thanks to its high-end security and ability to facilitate the trade of hundreds of cryptocurrencies. The platform is continuously evolving to accommodate the needs of the new-age trader and is, therefore, the go-to platform for safe and reliable crypto-trading. Our Coinbase clone script is an easy and powerful way to extract every single feature of the platform without any copyrights issues.

At Uberdoo, we ensure that the Coinbase exchange clone app is customised to include every change you want to make to the features of the platform.

Coinbase Clone Software Features

Coinbase follows the convenient user-admin framework for its operations which gives you the entire control of how your application works. That is why it is a trusted platform that has gained popularity with millions of crypto-traders. With our Coinbase exchange clone app, you can give your users a high-performing, secure and reliable platform.

Crypto-wallet integration
Insured Bitcoin and other crypto-deposits
Multi-device compatibility
Multiple trading options
Data integration
2FA security
Transaction history

Benefits of Coinbase Clone App

The benefits of starting a crypto business with Coinbase clone app as the base is multi-fold. Its popularity ensures that it is a tried and tested interface that people are accustomed to. If you are able to add any customised features to enhance the Coinbase experience, you are looking at a profitable venture.

Exclusive Features

Instant Exchange

Uberdoo’s Coinbase clone software allows users to seamlessly exchange their fiat to cryptocurrency and vice versa.

Seamless UI

Uberdoo’s Coinbase clone script UI is stunning, easy-to-use and makes it effortless for your traders to start trading.

Match and Trade Engine

Power every transaction of every user with the robust match and trade engine that pairs buy and sell orders for an instant transaction..

Real-time Data

The data feed management tool that is integrated with our Coinbase platform makes data visualisation a breeze for your users.

Fiat Currency Support

Expand to multiple countries with the help of local currency integrators that make it easy to accept fiat currencies.

Crypto-wallet Integration

Offer multiple crypto-wallet integrations that allow your users to unify their crypto assets and trade them on your platform.

Payment Methods

Made deposits and withdrawals easy for your users with multiple payments integrations.

Contract Management

Give your users complete control over their trading contracts with transparent and smart contract management systems.

Communication Support

At Uberdoo, we ensure that your business is supported and maintained once your platform is launched.

How Coinbase Clone App Works


The user initially registers with their phone number or email id.

KYC/AML Verification

Then, the EKYC has to be filled out by them, verified by the Coinbase script and then approved.

Wallet Linking

Now the user can use multiple payment methods to deposit fiat currencies to their crypto wallet

Trade initialisation

Once the trader has deposited money in the wallet, they can start trading with several cryptocurrencies, tokens and assets.

Why Choose Uberdoo Coinbase clone?

Our expertise in crypto-platform development is equalled only by our expertise in supporting every business we launch for our clients. Our keen eye for detail combined with our ability to incorporate the latest developments into the clone script makes us the go-to technology partners for anybody interested in creating a crypto-exchange platform. We have a tried and tested framework for agile development of any project that we take up and the Coinbase script is no exception.

Expert Team

With us as your technology partners, you can rest assured that the best minds of crypto-exchange developers are going into your platform.

Quick Deployment

Since our Coinbase script is ready-made, it can be quickly customised to suit your business needs and be deployed in a few days.


Apart from the look and feel of the platform, we also ensure that every feature of the platform is a valuable addition to your users.


Why should I use Coinbase clone app to launch my crypto business?
How much time will it take for my Coinbase-like platform to go live?
How much will it cost to create the Coinbase exchange clone app?

The cost depends on the features and level of customisation expected out of it. Please get in touch with us for instant quotes.

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