Uber Clone Script - KEY FEATURES

Uber Clone Script


User can login/Sing up by using social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter or Gmail accounts.

Uber Clone


Find the nearest restaurants based on the location, category and dish wise as well.

Uber Clone Script


Real time tracking made simple using the gps functionality where the users can track the real time driver’s location.

Uber Clone


Favourite Cuisines and restaurants can be added to there favourite so that they can quick order therefavourite food in no time.

Uber Clone Script


App has the option for admin to check and view the rating, the users can rate the restaurants based on service and share thoughts as review.

Uber Clone


Hassle free commission management using admin dashboard where commissions can be effectively management for each restaurant.

Uber Clone Script Astonishing Features List


    The traditional approach of signing in to the app using the username, password or PINs are long gone. Sign in is made instantly by manipulating the social media accounts.


    Leaving the aspect of driver reviews, featured is a separate option named Driver Feedback where the rider can generate reviews in the form of texts which are accumulated for view by the admin.


    The app is associated with social sharing features where the customers can broadcast their experience on any of the social media sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and such.


    The user base can make use of the app to book rides in advance, the logic ensures that it will be activated at the preferred time as planned.


    We have developed the product by integrating it with Google Maps API and the functional logic related to the tracking aspect remains unparalleled. Thanks to GPS the tracking is made effectively feasible.


    The driver base can navigate through the entire database where the transactions, payment details, and the booking history are archived in a neat and organized structure providing greater insight


    Typically in some nations, some of the online payment gateways are curbed. To tackle this scenario, the architecture related to digital payment in our product is designed so that any payment gateways can be compatible with it.


    With the help of admin dashboard, the review and feedback of drivers are availed in an easy fashion. The driver base can also get comprehension related to the all inclusive rating from their associated app.

The Uber Clone Economy

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Technology & Server Requirements Of Uber Clone Script

Node Js



Angular JS (Admin Panel)

Native apps



SSH Access


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About Gettaxi (Uber Clone Script)

Gettaxi- A Taxi Booking Solution

Gettaxi, developed using Uber clone script and it is the ultimate solution for your taxi-booking business. If you are a fervent entrepreneur looking for a lucrative application for your cab services, then uber clone apps are the way to go. Gettaxi is our reliable, and secure Uber clone created especially to cater to the demands in the taxi-booking services. We provide market-ready solutions which are ready to launch in just three days of the ordering. Our Uber clone script is also 100% customizable based on the client’s needs and business requirements, and various features can be added, modified and removed easily. Our Uber clone is crafted very diligently to provide a profitable solution for customers.

Why Do You Need an Uber Clone Script?

Uber is the most successful and competent taxi booking, and taxi sharing solution around the globe, many people use these services to get to work or go to any desired places with a good payment estimating algorithm. Unlike the regular taxis, customers need not pay any extra or unfair amounts of money, making Uber an affordable and reliable option.
Also, Uber is a safe and secure ride-hailing service, and customers can easily track and monitor where they are heading with the help of the Uber app and in case of any emergencies they can quickly notify the right people. If these reasons are not enough to make you purchase an Uber-like solution then, here are some statistics. Uber has around 75 million customers all around the world and has employed at least 3 million riders throughout the globe.

Now, developing and launching an Uber-like application from scratch will be a tedious process and take up a lot of time, effort and money. Our Gettaxi Uber clone is an affordable and high-quality solution for your ride-hailing business.

Key Features of Our Gettaxi

Our Uber clone script can be modified based on the circumstances on the client’s end. But, here are some of our integral features of Gettaxi. Get to know our application.

Social Login

People can easily log in using their Email Id or any social media login like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Instant Search

Users can give input in our search bar to find any kind of places like gyms, restaurants, offices, and important buildings and so on.

Real-Time Tracking

The real-time tracking allows the users to keep track of the driver’s location and where they are precisely going even during the ride, this is done through GPS.

Review and Rating

The riders can give their feedback with the review and rating option once they finish the ride. They can leave a review and rate the trip.

Trip Verification

The users are given a specific code while booking the services and need to verify before starting the ride creating a safe environment.

Gettaxi’s Features List

We designed the application in such a way that they have all the necessary features to make the experience of the users more comfortable and secure. Get to know our features list.

Estimated Time

Users can get to see the estimated time to reach the destination and the estimated time for the cab arrival through the application.

SOS Alert

We integrated the SOS alert button in our application in case of any emergencies and riders can get help immediately through alerts.

Trusted Contacts

The users can easily add their trusted contacts in the application and share their cab’s locations and details of the ride to those contacts.

Trip Details

The drivers can neatly access the trip details like the number of rides, payment methods and booking history for better organization and understanding.

Payment Methods

The application is built in such a way that it accepts different kinds of payments like credit/debit cards, UPIs, smart wallet and cash as well.

Nearby Drivers

Our app’s innovative algorithm lets users know the exact location of the nearby drivers and how long it will take them to reach you.

Chat and Call

The app displays the details of the driver when cab service is booked, and people can quickly call and chat with the drivers if needed.

Estimated Cost

The riders can know beforehand the estimated costs of their ride so they can plan their trips accordingly.

Some More Advanced Features

Cab Selection

The app enables the riders to select from the various ranges of vehicles like prime, mini, SUV and sedan according to the number of passengers.


The users are allowed to cancel their cab services before or after the driver’s acceptance, and cancellation fees might be charged as per service provider.

Frequent Locations

The regular riders can choose the desired locations like home or work, and they do not have to enter the address every time they ride.

Why Choose Us?

Our Uber clone script can be integrated with both the iOS and Android operating system and has striking and innovative design layouts that capture the user’s attention. We provide a fully functional and practical taxi-booking solution in accordance with the business demands of the customers. Our application can be configured and launched in just three days, and we also provide full support in the installation and launching process. Our creative and meticulous development and launch process set us apart from the other Uber clone apps. Here are some more reasons on why to choose us.

  • Native application solution
  • Extremely affordable
  • Easy deployment process
  • Customizable Uber clone script
  • Assiduously picked features
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Available in both android and iOS

In conclusion, if you are looking for a robust and dynamic application solution for ride-booking business, then Gettaxi is the best suitable option to boost your business and to generate high ROI. Easily purchase and commence your business with us; we provide 100% authentic and well-designed application that is compatible with different OS and devices. We are very transparent about the frameworks, coding and the tools we used to develop our applications. Purchase and Launch your ride-hailing business now!