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Uber Clone offered by Uberdoo is a taxi booking application framework. You can customize our Uber clone script to build your taxi booking app with all the essential functionalities. Built with a great UI/UX experience and a robust tech stack, our best-selling taxi app like Uber can help you roll out your taxi booking app within just days or weeks.

Our acclaimed experts can translate all of your ideas into fascinating and successful Uber clone app solutions that match your brand identity. Our Uber clone script will help you create a distinct market brand for your business, with features inspired by top Uber clone apps in USA and credible user-friendly functionality anchored in it.

What Do We Offer?

Taxi Booking Android/iOS App

A ready-to-launch Uber clone app inculcating all the rich features of Uber allowing your users to book cabs with just a tap.

User Android/iOS App

It is the user end for the riders or customers. They can instantly book taxis, schedule rides, set favorite locations, etc., through this app.

Driver Android/iOS App

Allows drivers to earn by associating with the Uber clone app in USA, and use the driver-end features like toggle, accept/reject a ride request, etc.,

Admin Panel

To manage and update every user end detail and perform other backend operations.

Dispatcher Panel

This panel helps the dispatcher in managing ride requests, and invoice generation for the ride, and allows allocation of drivers and taxi booking manually.

Corporate Console

The corporate console helps companies to manage their employees’ transportation, set trips for each of them, and update details about their location and contact.

Hotel Console

The hotel console is managed by the hotel managers. They can book rides for their customers, view the ride history, and use the advanced filter options to search for previous rides.

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Uber Clone Script in USA- KEY FEATURES

Uber Clone Script


User can login/Sing up by using social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter or Gmail accounts.

Uber Clone


Find the nearest restaurants based on the location, category and dish wise as well.

Uber Clone Script


Real time tracking made simple using the gps functionality where the users can track the real time driver's location.

Uber Clone


Favourite Cuisines and restaurants can be added to there favourite so that they can quick order therefavourite food in no time.

Uber Clone Script


App has the option for admin to check and view the rating, the users can rate the restaurants based on service and share thoughts as review.

Uber Clone


Hassle free commission management using admin dashboard where commissions can be effectively management for each restaurant.

Uber Clone App Astonishing Features List


    The traditional approach of signing in to the Uber clone app in USA using the username, password, or PIN is long gone. Sign-in is made instantly by manipulating social media accounts.


    Leaving the aspect of driver reviews, featured is a separate option named Driver Feedback where the rider can generate reviews in the form of texts which are accumulated for view by the admin.


    The app is associated with social sharing features where the customers can broadcast their experience on any of the social media sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and such.


    The user base can make use of the app to book rides in advance, the logic ensures that it will be activated at the preferred time as planned.


    We have developed the product by integrating it with Google Maps API and the functional logic related to the tracking aspect remains unparalleled. Thanks to GPS the tracking is made effectively feasible.


    The driver base can navigate through the entire database where the transactions, payment details, and the booking history are archived in a neat and organized structure providing greater insight


    Typically in some nations, some of the online payment gateways are curbed. To tackle this scenario, the architecture related to digital payment in our Uber clone app is designed so that any payment gateways can be compatible with it.


    With the help of the admin dashboard, the review and feedback of drivers are availed easily. The driver base can also get comprehension related to the all-inclusive rating from their associated app in USA.

Screens For Uber Clone Script in USA

Dispatcher Panel

Manual Booking

For users not registered with the Uber clone app in USA, the dispatcher can add manual service requests by including details such as location and number of riders.

Fare Estimates

The dispatcher can examine and let the users know about the fare estimates according to their pickup and drop-off location distance.

Manage Requests

Ride request details such as invoice generation, ride pick-up, and destination locations can be efficiently managed by the dispatcher using the advanced dispatcher panel.

Corporate Console

Profile Management

Corporates can manage their profiles in the app by feeding information into the panel such as their company name, website URL, contact information, and others.

Employee Management

Employees can be added or removed from the Uber clone app in USA at the discretion of the company. They may also check and update their information.

Request Creation

The corporate can instantly request transportation by inputting the number of people and their location into the business website.

Advanced Filter

Using the multiple filters available in the intuitive corporate dashboard of the Uber clone app, they can know intricate details about a specific trip or an employee.

Hotel Console

Manager Login

Hotel managers can easily begin using Uber clone app services by registering and then login in using the credentials provided.

Ride Request

The hotel owners can request transportation from the panel for their guests/customers by providing the guest's destination and other relevant information.

Ride History

The hotel panel admin may see the request history, which includes all ride requests and passenger information, including time and date stamps, through the panel.

Advanced Filter

The panel manager can manage and obtain crucial data by utilizing the hotel console’s rich and advanced filter options.

Crypto Wallet Integration

More customers are flocking to crypto payment services as blockchain's popularity grows. In order to reflect this, we have included cryptocurrency payment options in our Uber clone app development. By doing so, we have implicitly assumed that customers who want to pay with crypto wallets can do so easily.

  • Phenomenal Benefits
  • Trustworthy Transactions
  • No Third-party Involvement

How Does Uber Clone App Work?

Rider End

User Registration

In the Uber clone app in USA, the rider provides personal information or a social networking handle.

Select Location

Riders will enter the pickup and destination points, and the cost and options will be displayed.

Choose Cab Type

They can choose a car based on their requirements and cost constraints.

Ride Arrival Notification

When the driver arrives at the location, the rider is notified and the trip begins.

Ride Payment

After completing the journey, the customer can pay with a credit or debit card, in-app wallet, or cash.

Ratings & Reviews

The rider can review and rate the driver and app service once arrived at the destination.

Driver End

Driver Registration

When a driver is ready, he or she logs in to their app accounts and begins taking trips and earning money.

Association Request

The driver will submit documents to Uber clone app management and, if approved, will begin taking trips.

Receive Ride Request

After changing their availability status to online, they will begin receiving trip requests from customers through the Uber clone app in USA.

Accept/Reject Request

The driver accepts the trip request, and the service begins successfully.

Get Ride Payment

Following the end of the ride, the driver receives payment from the rider by COD or other ways.

Rate And Review

The driver can rate the trip and users once completed.

Uber Clone App Development Process

Requirement Analysis

Our team will begin by defining your app's needs, followed by a feasibility study done by a BA, System Architect, and UX designer. They create the concept while empathizing with the users.


After determining the objectives and business goals, our software architect will develop the system architecture by selecting the appropriate tech stack and tools for your project. To build a clear roadmap, we will create wireframes and prioritize features and milestones with you.


Our design team will use design thinking to make the app appealing to you and your target clients. All of the designs were created to serve as a one-stop shop for all of their problems.


Our designers will review design alternatives regularly to verify that they are appropriate for the project at hand. We reduce development life cycles while improving productivity. We connect the strategy with the delivery of fully functional software after each cycle.


We test the application at every level of development to ensure that you only get trustworthy and long-lasting software. After extensive testing, we were able to make the app work flawlessly across all devices and displays.


We typically recommend exposing an MVP to a small set of potential users before making the product public to learn about any unexpected use cases or minor concerns. Once contacted, our staff will work rapidly to correct any issues and make the files available for public release.

Safety Add-ons


In the event of an emergency, users may send an alarm to their registered contacts as well as surrounding law enforcement officers with a simple click of a button.

Call Masking

Using this function in our Uber clone app , neither the driver nor the rider will be able to see the other person's personal and contact information, preventing any invasion of privacy.

Preferred Driver Booking

In accordance with the user's preferred driver gender, location, reviews, ratings, etc., he/she can book the ride by selecting that particular service provider in the app.

GPS Tracking

The riders can send or share their location to their known ones given the app's smart route GPS navigation.

Ride Details

By sharing the ride details such as taxi number, driver ID, etc., through the app the riders can have a safe traveling experience without any dreadful thoughts.

Safety Reviews & Ratings

Giving feedback on the effectiveness of the ride's safety precautions. It contributes significantly to the delivery of high-quality app service while also conforming to regulatory safety rules.

Foray into your customer's top preference with our feature-rich Uber clone app!

Technology & Server Requirements Of Uber Clone Script

Node Js



Angular JS (Admin Panel)

Native apps

Native apps



SSH Access


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