Uber Clone Script - KEY FEATURES

Uber Clone Script


Users can quickly register and sign-in into the app via their mobile numbers, email IDs and amazingly social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Apple ID. One can get registered quickly before they even know about it.

Uber Clone


Riders can choose their preferred mode of transportation from various options that are displayed instantly like Mini, Micro, Sedan and SUV that are located in the proximity of the riders.

Uber Clone Script


By integrating GPS functionality, riders can track the drivers who are assigned to their rides in real-time and get to know the Estimated Time of Arrival. This way, riders can get to know the precise time details related to their trips. From the moment the ride is accepted till the completion of the ride, riders can get everything notified in real-time.

Uber Clone


Riders can add their preferred mode of travel in the feature called Favourites so that the next time they log in, the app will instantly show their desired cab vehicles with a golden star above them.

Uber Clone Script


The riders can provide rating and feedback related to a given ride at the end of the trip. They can share their opinions about their ride and the driver, which will be helpful for other riders in the future.

Uber Clone


Our clone solution has a dashboard which allows the admin to manage everything related to the business easily. This includes setting up commissions and earning them for every ride.

Uber Clone Script Astonishing Features List


    This helps in easily finding the real-time location of the drivers who are in the proximity of a given rider and will give information on the ETA. Likewise, the drivers can also track the pickup location of the user with relative ease.


    Should an unforeseen emergency occur, the rider and click on this button and their location details are immediately shared with his/her saved contact and the nearest law enforcement officers available.


    Making use of this useful feature, the riders can schedule their ride in advance for a future date as per their preferences and efficiently manage everything related to it. The ride requests will then be triggered to the nearest available drivers at the scheduled time.


    Riders can view their archived trip history in detail with every information related to the fare, the time and date of the rides, cancelled rides along with the pickup & drop off locations as well. Drivers also can view this information from their app as well.


    To ensure that the transactions related to a ride are instant and very safe, the app comes with the most secured payment gateways that aim to eliminate any probability of fraudulent activities during payments. Credit/ debit cards, Google Pay and other digital payment options are also featured.


    Help the rider-base to book a ride with a driver of their choice who has already carried out rides for them and is trustworthy. This makes the riders feel very much secure and comfortable. Further, the riders can save locations to which they frequently travel, including the likes of office, home, hospital and other places.


    We have developed a robustly integrated chatting feature making use of which the drivers and the riders can interact with one another through chat. Should the need arise, the riders and drivers can also call one another.


    Once the pickup and drop off locations are specified, the riders will get an estimated fare for their rides. As a result, the riders will get to select the most economical vehicle well suited for their ride.

The Uber Clone Economy

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Technology & Server Requirements Of Uber Clone Script

Node Js



Angular JS (Admin Panel)

Native apps



SSH Access


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About Gettaxi (Uber Clone Script)

Gettaxi is the highly advanced and ready-to-use Uber Clone Script that has everything needed to optimize or start your online taxi booking business successfully. Being a highly customizable solution, one can input their ideas and develop a platform from which there can be seamless management of the entire taxi booking operations.

It has been developed using cutting edge technology with an immense number of highly optimized features so that aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start any type of ride-hailing business can accomplish greater brand success.

Being a renowned taxi app development company, our highly experienced team of developers will contribute everything related to scaling up your online taxi business. Irrespective of whether you are a startup or established brand that deals with taxi business, our Uber clone script will serve to greatly increase your company's name along with brand visibility which is unlike ever before.

Gettaxi from Uberdoo is a very scalable and customizable solution that can be launched with relative ease to organize your online taxi booking operations properly. Rather than developing the app from the ground up and draining your coffers, you are saving a lot of time and effort related to your ride-hailing business.

With an assortment of enthralling features, you can make use of our affordable Uber clone solution to stand out from the rest of the other competitors. We not only develop an advanced and ambitious app for you, but we will test it and deploy it in the most effective process.

You are making the right move by investing in an Uber Clone solution to rejuvenate your taxi business and achieve it with the help of Uberdoo now!

Key Features of Our Gettaxi

Our Uber Clone Script comes packed with all the features that you need to begin a successful on-demand taxi business in no time. If there was an app with the best features, it is definitely ours!

(i)Social Login:

Offers the ease of login/signup with the help of social media logins that include Facebook, Google +, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

(ii)Instant Search:

Inputting the pickup and drop off points in the application will help in the speedy location and booking of cabs in the nearby area. Everything is easily accomplished with a few taps.

(iii)Real-Time Tracking:

Gettaxi features real-time tracking for the riders as well as the drivers. The riders can view every move of the driver before and during the ride. The Drivers can track their path and navigate easily from their present location to the pickup point and till the ride is completed.

(iv)Review and Rating:

The riders can rate and share feedback regarding their completed ride and can share with other riders if it was a wonderful or awful travel experience. The drivers can also rate their customers.

(v)Push Notifications:

Riders will be updated instantly and consistently regarding their ride status which begins from the acceptance of the ride by the driver until the payment invoice for the completed ride gets generated.

(vi)Cancelling / Assigning a new driver:

This useful feature would help riders to assign a new driver or cancel the ride if the original driver declined to come to the pickup point.

(vii)Ride Scheduler:

Riders can schedule their rides for a later time by providing details related to the pickup/drop off locations and after deciding the type of vehicle for their ride. The ride request will get automatically triggered for the drivers once the scheduled time has come.

(viii)SOS Alert:

The SOS Alert button that is featured in the app will serve beneficial to riders if they are faced with any type of emergency or calamity.

(ix)Access to Driver's information:

Once a given driver accepts a ride request, then the associated rider can access and view all the information related to the driver such as name, contact number, picture and rating.

(x)Trip History:

The riders have access to see the history of their rides that include completed and cancelled ones. They can also view the pickup and drop off location along with the fare associated with a given ride. Everything is archived for viewing.

(xi)Payment Methods:

Gettaxi comes with the best and well-secured payment gateways making use of which the riders can pay for their rides via credit/debit cards. Digital wallets that include Apple Pay, Google Pay and Paytm are also featured along with cash payments.

(xii)Trusted Drivers:

The passengers have the option to choose a driver who had previously provided a ride for them and mark them as their favourite drivers. This way, the passengers feel secure and comfortable to go on a ride with the same driver again.

(xiii)Referral rewards:

The riders can refer the Uber Clone solution to their family and relatives. For every successful referral, both the riders and family/relatives are credited with reward points and some offers.

(xiv)Multi-Language Options:

Riders can modify the settings to select the language that they prefer. After that, when the app is accessed, it will work in the language that was chosen.

Some More Advanced Features

(i)Call Masking:

With this feature, the phone number of the rider is masked so that the rider and drivers can speak with one another without having to reveal their phone numbers. Maintaining the privacy of the customers is of paramount importance for us.

(ii)God's Eye- View:

By using the panel dashboard that is synced with Google Maps, the Admin can see the precise real-time location of the drivers and the riders.

(iii)Surge Pricing:

Surge pricing plays a prominent role in determining the total cost of the trips. It can be due to higher demand in a given location, bad weather conditions and rides at untimely hours.

Why Choose Us?

You can trust us completely and relax as we will definitely meet all your huge expectations. Your taxi booking app solution is in the care of safe hands where our team of experienced professionals know how to handle your needs and requirements. We have developed dozens of Uber clone apps for different clients and we will take up your vision as a challenge and help your online taxi business to be that good and impressive.

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Establish your supremacy in taxi/cab business with our white labelled Uber Clone App solution. Our software consists of separate iOS and Android apps for the rider and the driver along with an admin dashboard which helps in smoothly managing everything.

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