Why Uber like Application has become necessary in daily part of life during Covid-19?

Uber was seen as the innovative pioneer behind ride-hailing app solutions and never before has taxi booking been so quick and enthralling. Uber completely altered the very landscape of taxi booking and made things digital.


The main reasons for Uber’s thumping success include the simplicity with which the online ride-hailing services of Uber are accessed along with the rich user experience and ease of convenience that it provides for the associated people.

We are sure that everyone is familiar with the concept of ride-hailing. But how to make it perform well during the pandemic? That involves the implementation of Covid-19 safety features that protect both the riders and the drivers. Let’s see in detail about them now.

(i) Verification


Whenever a driver commences the ride, they must go through a checklist where a selfie snapped at hourly intervals would ensure that the driver is wearing a mask and is completely following the sanitization measures for both himself/herself and the vehicle. Furthermore, the driver should not show any symptoms related to COVID-19. The driver base should also undergo temperature checks on an hourly basis. After all these conditions are achieved and then inputted via the driver application, only then will the driver start the ride.


This is also applicable to the rider who must ensure that he/she wears gloves and masks via a selfie which will then get uploaded to the app.


(ii) COVID-19 hotspot tracker


With the help of a tracker featured in the solution, the drivers and the riders will get to know info on COVID-19 patients who are nearby. It should provide information related to the total count in the area to which they are travelling. Drivers can use this handy feature to determine if they will take the ride or cancel it.


These are some of the necessary features that are crucial enough to gain both the users and the drivers’ trust so that they make use of your ride-hailing app solution.


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