How to start a taxi booking business that is inspired by the giants in this domain

Speaking of the on-demand taxi industry, it has become one of the most lucrative businesses with all startups and other enterprises trying out their luck with it. The main reason behind its popularity/success is that it offers the ease of convenience and provides the best features developed with creativity to appease the target audience. These are the reasons why Uber clone are selling like hotcakes. It is important to remember that innovation to provide the best with the ever-changing business requirements is one reason to ascertain the success of this particular business domain.  We will now see some of the latest updates incorporated by the giants in the ride-hailing service business.


Increasing the fees for booking and rates from 5% to 10%

Uber increased their rates from 5 to 10%, and the booking fee has also increased. The pioneer of ride-hailing services has always shown the eagerness to get integrated with the latest technologies consistently. However, the fee increase move has been a stratagem associated with a focus on the business. Therefore, by increasing the driver pay rates, it is evident that the company is keen to optimize the services offered along with the user base satisfaction.


Sharing a lot more Payment-related information with the drivers

A lot of the taxi/cab businesses are against revealing the total payment details with the drivers. This will negatively impact the overall experience in the days to come.  One of the popular ride-hailing companies called Lyft revealed their intentions to integrate a new earnings screen in the taxi booking app. This was conceptualized by Uber, where it was an astounding success. This will help to give insight into how the fare is divided. Thereby, a great deal of enlightenment related to the total percentage of money received is obtained.


Lyft’s mission to replicate Uber’s Surge Pricing Strategy

Despite the concept of surge pricing not being rider-friendly, it is greatly beneficial for the drivers and the ride-hailing business. Should the demand in a given region reach a peak, the riders will have to pay some more money and the actual ride fare. Lyft found this idea very effective and revealed their own version of an update called Prime Time which proves immensely beneficial to the drivers. It credits them with an additional amount of money during the peak hours. The ride-hailing company as well, will get its share of profits from the same.

Uber’s commodious Airport shuttle service

This feature will prove extremely advantageous for drivers who find themselves associated with short airport trips on a high-frequency rate. This will serve them effectively to cut back on the frenetic and frantic procedures associated in the airports and cut down to the front line. The drivers will be displayed with a pop-up screen related to the short trip protection and post-acceptance of the request; the drivers will be able to get back to the front of the line. Speaking of the fare related to these kinds of rides is very much higher, and it is seen as being very valuable to wait in the queue. For those who want to launch an Uber clone ride-hailing business, picking this feature to be implemented with the working will prove greatly advantageous when taking all the present requirements and trends into account.




Taking a deep plunge into the ride-hailing business successfully requires the implementation of apt strategies. Further at present in the highly digitized and futuristic taxi industry of today and tomorrow, the mobile applications play a game-changing platform. Other aspects that include the likes of promotions, updates and proper stratagems will play a great role in optimizing user loyalty and satiation. Thereby the rule of thumb here is to provide a lot of upgrades and discounts that will greatly help you as an entrepreneur gain a competitive edge and be at the forefront of the competition related to success.

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