Refund Policy

The products available for sale on our web site are downloadable, fully-functional, and they make use of the Demo-before-you-purchase. This demo lets you get an all-comprising insight of our products before purchasing .

It is recommended to use the DEMO to assure that the software quenches the user demands prior to license purchasing . Our softwares are developed such that they are completely functional during the experimental phase. None of our software/script needs sign up to activate its main functionality.

In the event, you buy one of our products, after your payment has cleared. Source code will be shared via WeTransfer(File sharing service) to your email id. Once this data is shared with you, featured are no refunds. We have this stringent guideline established since it wont be feasible for the user to return the registered version of our software.

Our support staff 's aid can be used to provide assistance in installation and configuration via email ticket or telephone. We highly recommend that all users to try out the DEMO version of any product in prior to making a purchase

Acceptance of this Refund Policy

It is the liabilty of the user to scrutinze this refund policy. By placing an order for any of our products, it is viewed that the user has scrutinized the refund policy and that they are in accordance with all the terms and conditions related to this refund policy

Provided that the user acts on the contrary and refuses to agree to the terms of this refund policy, it is recommended not to place an order with us.

Any questions related to the refund policy can be mailed to to [email protected]

Policy changes.

We reserve the right to change this Policy at any time with the permission of Directors of Pyramidion Solutions Pvt. Ltd. We will upload our modified Policy at Proposed Policy within thirty (30) calendar days prior to it becoming active. Excepting that this Policy has already been invoked by the submission of a complaint to a Provider, in which case the version of the Policy in effect when it was invoked will be applicable to you till the discrepancy has a resolution, all such alterations will be binding upon you. In the case that you complain or not content to a change in this Policy, your sole resolution is to cancel your purchase with us, provided that you are not permitted to a refund of any fees you paid to us.