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UberEats Clone Script

Ordering food online has become one of the basic necessities. Customers expect ease of use of the food delivery app to make the most of it. We consider all these needs while developing the UberEats Clone App. Our dedicated team of coders are experts in the development of on-demand apps. Our UberEats like food delivery platform called “Eatoo” is built on the framework followed by successful apps in the food delivery business. Our customizable solution allows you to launch your food delivery business with innovative features that attract and cater to your potential customers.

Eatoo offers the best user experience and comprises a blend of amazing features that lets people appease their cravings in a hassle-free way. Transform your online food delivery business with Eatoo.

Features Incorporated in our Food Delivery App

Social Login

Users can register by providing the already existing social network login credentials to start using the app.

Instant Search

A lot of desirable restaurants are listed based on location, ratings, menu, cuisine, pricing, timing, and much more.

Real-Time Tracking

The user is consistently updated with the order details such as order request status, delivery agent’s arrival time, preparation time, etc.,

Crypto Wallet

Our crypto-wallet integration with the app allows users to pay via cryptocurrencies.

Rate and Review

The food service and the delivery agents’ service can be reviewed and rated with regard to their opinion by the user.

Payment Gateway

Multiple payment options such as Credit/Debit card payment, digital wallets, Paypal, Netbanking are available. We also provide other business-specific payment method integration with the multi-restaurant food delivery app.

Order takeaway

The user can order food from any nearby restaurant at their convenience through the app.

Discount and Deals

The user can avail of extra offers using promo codes that are available restaurant-wise and these promo codes can be managed by the admin.

Delivery info

The delivery agent can get detailed information about the pick up and drop location of orders.

Call / Chat

The delivery agent can contact the customer through the in-app call or chat to clarify order-related queries.

Agent’s Availability

The agent can switch between online and offline according to their availability. When offline, the agent won’t get any order requests.

Profile Updation

The delivery agent can edit or update their name, communication address, contact details, etc.,


The agent can view details about their earnings and commissions in the food delivery app.

Deactivate Profile

The existing agent’s profile can be deactivated through the deactivation option in the app.

A Comprehensive Guide to Quickly Setting Up a Food-DeliveryBusiness Using an App Clone

If you are looking to start a food delivery business, this free ebook will guide you on getting to market successfully using an app clone, highlighting the pros and cons of the approach.

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Features Incorporated in our Food Delivery App

Restaurant Admin Panel

Order Dashboard

The order dashboard allows the restaurant to check on the received orders’ details.

Menu Management

The restaurant can add and modify its menu, pricing, and minimum order payments.

Review Management

Restaurants can view their food reviews and can reply to them.

promo code
Promo code Management

The restaurant can add new deals and offers with promo codes as rewards to the customers.

Profile Updation

The restaurant can edit or update its name, open and close time, pictures, etc.,

customer details
Customer Details

The restaurant can get access to useful information about the customers to draw insights about their preferences and strategize their business.


The restaurant can view its earnings on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis along with all other related details such as transaction history, scheduled payments, etc.,

request delivery agent
Request Delivery Agent

The restaurant can send requests to the delivery agents associated with them automatically as well as select an agent manually.

Business Admin Panel

Uber For Courier
Restaurant Manager

The admin can manage and add restaurants on the same platform.

Uber For deliver
Customer Manager

The admin can get access to all the customers’ details such as contact information, order details, and so on.

Uber  For Laundry Service
Menu Manager

The admin can list menus from various restaurant partners that are available for orders.

Uber For Lawn Moving
Order Manager

All the orders that are processed and being processed can be checked by the admin using key metrics.

Uber For Movers
Offers Manager

The admin has the ability to create new discounts and also specifies approved deals from the restaurants.

Uber For Service Guard
Notification Manager

The admin can manage the push notification settings of the UberEats like app for both the restaurant partners and the customers.

Uber For Tutors
Review Manager

With the help of the reviews, the admin can flag poor-performing restaurants thereby maintaining the app standard.

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Safety Add-ons

To ensure safer deliveries and give you a safe and secure experience, given the COVID-19 pandemic, here are the safety add-ons we can have included in our online food delivery script based on your requirement through our customization services.

12 Months Free Updates
Contact-free Delivery

According to users’ needs, the delivery person can drop the order in a safe place outside the customers’ doorstep without coming in contact with the executive.

36 Months Free Support
Delivered Order Photo Sharing

Once dropped off, the agent can send pictures of the dropped off orders to the customer so that the customer can collect their order from the place the agent has left it.

Free Source Code
Safety Protocol Recognition

Our Ubereats Clone Script can include features that verify if the delivery person has his mask and gloves on. The agent can accept a request only after this erification.

Free Brand Removal
Safety Badges

With regular visits to restaurants’ kitchen from time to time, safety badges can be given to them. This way, the user gets assured that they have a safer food ordering experience through your app.

Free Installation
Safety Ratings and Reviews

Our food delivery app includes a safety review section wherein the customer can give feedback on the safety protocols followed by the delivery agent.

How Does Our Multi Restaurant
Food Delivery App Work?

Our adaptive workflow allows effortless order placements.

Requirement Challenge Understanding

Pick your food

The users can view and pick their desired food from the listed eateries and make an order.

Tech Solution Consultation

Restaurant acceptance and confirmation

The restaurant accepts and confirms the order and lets the customer know about the preparation and arrival time.

Consistent Delivery

Order payment

The user can either pay through online payment options or can use the COD option.

Scale Up

Delivery Executive Allocation

Once the order is confirmed, the delivery agent will be assigned for the order delivery.

Scale Up

Food delivery

The allocated delivery agent picks up the order from the restaurant and delivers it to the customer.

Scale Up

Rate and review the order

The users can rate and review the order regarding the food and the delivery executives.

Our White Label Food Delivery Platform Solution includes

  • Customer Mobile Application & Web Application
  • Admin Dashboard for Business Owners
  • Restaurant Admin Panel
  • Mobile App for Delivery Personnel

Our Customized

Google Map
Delivery Charge
Multiple Payment
Options Integration

Why Choose Our Online Food Delivery Script?

  • Free installation
  • 100% unencrypted source code
  • 36 months free support
  • 12 months free updates
  • Free brand customization
  • Advanced Analytics and Reports
  • Customizable white-label solutions
  • On-time tech delivery
  • Advanced security mechanisms
  • Optimized User Interface

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Customers can pay using several payment modes since our clone app supports multiple payment options features. Both fiat currency and cryptocurrency are accepted.

Our team supports both end-to-end customization and branding.

We customize your app solutions at your will. We can add or remove features and UI to align with your business requirements.

We offer the best pricing and at the same time, we never hamper the product quality. The pricing differs as per business requirements, and do connect with our support team if you wish to get an exact estimate.

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