(UberEats Clone During Covid -19)

Our UberEats clone solution is software that deals with online food ordering/delivery. With features like the original UberEats app, the difference here is that they are optimized to the next level, and there are brand new stunning features that you have never heard of before.

With the help of its robust source code, you are assured that you don't have to develop the mobile application from scratch. In the end, you save a lot of time and money without ever having to compromise on the quality associated with the solution of ours.

The source code is 100% customizable and scalable such that you can add your very own special and innovative features to it and create something exceptional for all the food-loving people out there. It can also be white labelled to feature your brand name on it. Much to your amazement, there is no coding involved, and everything can be easily set up in no time at all.

It is the best software solution for the entrepreneurs and startups who want to establish their own version of an advanced food delivery business that speaks of everything being streamlined and offering the best user experience.

Help the famished people by providing an app solution that will display a list of eateries and mouthwatering cuisines from which they can choose the best one to satiate themselves.

Online ordering system - key features


People can register by simply providing their pre-existing social media login details and start using the application.


Select from an amazing listing of restaurants and eateries based on the location, ratings, menu, cuisine, pricing, timing and lots more.


Allow the customers to track orders in real-time and wield the power of push notifications to keep them updated regarding the order's status consistently.


The most desired restaurants, cuisines and food dishes can be added under the Favorites listing so that people can instantly order their favourite food dishes.


If a customer has something to say about the food or the service associated they can input their reviews and rate a given restaurant based on their opinion


Hassle free commission management using admin dashboard where commissions can be effectively management for each restaurant.

Awesome features


    This will keep the customers updated with every step and progress regarding the order, ranging from the order confirmation to getting the food items delivered.


    Not everyone requires the food in same way. Special instructions can be provided while food ordering and restaurants deliver your food the way choose.


    Featured are dozens of payment options like credit card/debit card, digital wallets, PayPal and NetBanking. Any other type of payment methods can also be integrated with the food delivery application.


    The admin and the delivery personnel can view the earnings-related information daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. Deeper insight regarding completed, current and cancelled orders are also obtained.


    The users can use this feature to see all the dishes that they have ordered so far in a weekly and monthly basis. And then they can easily make repeat orders instantly.


    Add the menu items featured in the listings and customize everything ranging from the main dishes, side orders to the desserts. Don't ever forget to customize your toppings again!


    A lot of discounts, coupon codes, special benefits and offers can be integrated with the application so that the customers are pleased with exclusive deals at present.


    The user can track both the restaurant as well as the driver activity after the order gets accepted.

How it works

Choose Your Food

Users will be able to scroll down the eateries list and choose their food dishes from a given eatery for making an order.

Restaurant Confirmation

After the payment through online payment gateways and order confirmation is completed, delivery personnel will be assigned for the order.

Food Delivery

Driver picks up the order and delivery at the customer doorstep.

Rating and Reviews

Post-delivery, the users can rate and give feedback related to the food items prepared by the restaurant and regarding the delivery agents as well.

Technology & Server Requirements

Node Js
PHP Laravel
Angular 7 (Admin Panel)
Native apps
SSH Access


What will you get?

36 months






100% Unencrypted Source code

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About our Software Eatoo (Ubereats Clone Apps)

UberEats which originated from San Francisco is a phenomenal success and has become a pioneer in what is known as the food ordering/ delivery business domain. Its success cannot be matched earlier and now during this pandemic which has brought about a recession in the world. UberEats clone apps are flooding the markets, and more and more entrepreneurs are joining this multi-billion dollar business. With many parts of the world under a strict lockdown, UberEats has gained supremacy outmatching its Ride-Hailing Business where the demand is all set to skyrocket. It is the life saviour for people who want to order food from their favourite eateries to be delivered safely.

In the earlier days, UberEats teamed up with restaurants by amazing them with promo codes, and the hard work related to branding finally bore fruit as it started to offer food at a lesser price than normal. Soon there were huge downloads, and usage of UberEats clone apps faced explosive growth which continues to this day.

We have the expertise in dealing with the food delivery business for almost 8 years, and the special features that make up our Eatoo product are explained below.

(i) Social Media Login:

Users can register and login via their social media accounts that include Facebook, Gmail, Instagram and Twitter. Registration is complete in a few seconds.

(ii) Smart Search Feature:

By using GPS, and based on your specifications like Rating/Review, Cuisine, Timing which are entered in the specially integrated search bar, one can select eateries with relative ease.

(iii) Order Scheduler and Status Tracker:

Anyone can schedule orders later, and via push notifications, people can get notified regarding the order from the moment it is confirmed until it reaches their doorstep.

(iv) Customer Loyalty Programme:

For every order, the users get some reward points to reimburse the next time they return to the app.

(v) Favourites:

The app will understand the items that the given user orders frequently. This will be integrated with a favourites section from which the user can just select and instantly make the payment should they want the item again.

(vi) Smart Face Mask Recognition and Rules Compliance Software:

The delivery personnel have to upload selfies of them wearing masks and gloves on a regular hourly basis. They will also be made to undergo temperature checks before they proceed ahead to pick up and deliver the orders.

Now how about we speak of some cool features that are a part of our Uber Clone Script.

(i) FoodforKids:

This initiative is dedicated to offering wholesome and nutritious food for all the youngsters and teenagers.

(ii) Ingredient & Spice Drill Downer:

With this feature, when a food item is selected, the user can view all the ingredients that make up the food and the percentage of each ingredient.

(iii) Order from many:

For an additional delivery fee, users can order food items from 2 or more restaurants and deliver them as part of a single delivery.

The UberEats Clone Script business model is enticing and captivating. It acts as both aggregators for users to view several restaurants and likewise act as a delivery platform for the collaborated eateries providing logistics support.

With a blend of amazing features and intuitive UI/UX, people can soon understand how to use the product in the best way to appease their cravings.

Eatoo begins everything by listing a list of eateries based on the location and other search criteria. They can then search for the desired dish from a given eatery, and after making payment through secure payment gateways, delivery personnel will be assigned to pick up the order. The user will then track everything in real-time and get the details regarding the delivery professional name, ratings, and contact details.


As an advanced product that is 100% customizable and scalable, UberEats Clone Script helps startups and entrepreneurs to launch a successful food delivery business. We provide 24/7 customer service and help you realise your vision of the food delivery platform you desired. To know more, just click on this link and we will guide you through the rest of the work.

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