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Eatoo app is one of a kind and is all set to revolutionize the food delivery world and gain more fame and popularity. It is finally here !

Rich Interface

Cloud Installation

100% Customizable

Track the Food


  • Auto Completion of Address.

    Never before has there been an app which apart from helping the user base to select yummy foods, smart auto fills the address related to the delivery location by default

  • SMS verification

    Orders and payments are done instantly saving time by the manipulation of SMS service for authenticating and approving the orders and the purchase made. It is that fast !

  • Mobile Dispatching

    The order once ready is delivered on a short term basis as implied by the app's name. The user base can also track the status of their dishes when it is being prepared and also when it is out on the road for delivery with the manipulation of the Tasteinstant app

  • Instant & Convenient Booking

    Placing an order has never been this simple and interactive. The food item which you prefer is narrowed down with the help of filters and the order is generated in a jiffy without having to search everything. Speedy booking is an integral part of the app.

  • In-App Navigation

    For the suppliers the app provides accurate and reliable travelling directions, and provides information related to traffic jam in a certain path to be crossed and generates the alternate route to reach the customer quickly while the food is still hot!

  • Alarm Button

    Notifications are provided instantly once the order is ready and when it has reached your doorstep and alarms sound when the delivery has exceeded the time limit within which the food was to be delivered.


Multi Location Access

The integrative admin dashboard provides the authnetication for several admins so that they can manipulate the app to place multiple orders in multiple locations all at the same time in an efficient manner

Pay By Card And Account

The payment can be done with the help of credit cards, digital wallets and secure payment gateways like PayPal. Everything is accounted for digitally and without any hitches and issues. If you prefer to pay through cash you are most welcome to do so.

Complete Fare History

You can access the total history log of the food ordered and delivered with additional information like the cost associated, the time of delivery and the discount offered at the time of delivery.

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Node Js

Mongo DB

PHP (Admin Panel)


Native apps

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