Replicate the powerful features of Remitano

Our Remitano clone script is a powerful and exact replica of the popular P2P crypto-exchange platform. It is complete with features that allow your users to exchange or trade any major cryptocurrency without any intermediation or time delays. Apart from crypto-exchange, our readymade Remitano clone script also comes with a built-in Invest and Swap option to allow your clients to hold or invest in cryptocurrencies for the long term. Our product development team follows a highly efficient development protocol to get your Remitano-inspired platform up and running at the earliest.

At Uberdoo, we understand the scope and profitability of the crypto-platform market and ensure that our Remitano clone script is modified to suit your most demanding needs.

Remitano Clone Software Features

Remitano took the widely used features of traditional crypto-exchange platforms and elevated the experience to another level. This Remitano clone script includes features like forums, chat boxes and allows users to create an engaging community around crypto-exchange.

Crypto-wallet integration
Rewards system
Proximity match
Feedback input
Dispute resolution
Escrow services

Benefits of Remitano Clone App

The Remitano clone script from Uberdoo will allow you to give your users the same benefits that Remitano gives its users. You can enable your customers to create a community around crypto-exchange and also ensure that conflicts are documented in case they have to be resolved.

Exclusive Features

Admin Dashboard

The Remitano clone software from Uberdoo comes with a wide range of admin controls and associated options in an easy-to-use UI.

Manage Users

With this clone script, you can use algorithm-based proximity matching for the buy and sell orders for seamless processing.

EKYC/AML Verification

The Remitano clone software comes with EKYC and AML verification provisions to sign on your users.

Manage Transactions

Get a bird’s eye view of every transaction that every user does on your platform to stay on top of compliance.

Quick registration

Provide a simple email or phone verification for your users to be authenticated and permitted to open a trading account with you.

Live Chat

Allow your users to chat with each other until a transaction is completed. This improves transparency while reducing incidents.

Real-time Data

Our readymade Remitano clone script uses real-time data to chart the prices and make it easy for your users to buy or sell.

Trade Engine

The Remitano clone script comes with a powerful trading and matching engine to facilitate the trades between buyers and sellers.

Multiple Payment Integrations

Give your users multiple channels to make add and withdraw funds to the crypto-wallet linked to your platform.

How Remitano Clone App Works


The user first signs up with their email id or phone number that will later be used as their login id.

KYC/AML Verification

Then, the eKYC forms have to be filled and is verified automatically by the Remitano clone script.

Wallet Linking

The user can now create their crypto-wallet by depositing fiat currency to the wallet.

Trade initialisation

Now, the user is ready to start trading and investing in over a hundred crypto-assets, currencies and tokens.

Why Choose Uberdoo Remitano Clone?

At Uberdoo, our commitment to your work extends beyond just building the application and handing it over. We go one step ahead and set up a robust support system that will help you with the upkeep of your platform. Our experts have built several crypto-exchange platforms and when you trust us, you can rest assured that the best crypto-minds are behind building your application.

Expert Team

Our experience gives us an edge over the others in the market since we have developed a robust framework of development.

Quick Deployment

Our readymade Remitano script has to be modified as per your brand guidelines, allowing for quick deployment.


We work closely with you to understand your vision for the platform and ensure that every aspect of it is as per your requirements.


Why should I start a platform like Remitano?

How do I generate revenue by using a Remitano clone script?

How much will it cost to build a platform like Remitano?

How much time will it take to launch my Remitano-like platform?

Our scripts are ready-made and can be ready to launch in a few days. However, if you require additional features and customisations, it can take longer. However, you can rest assured that our developers will give you a script at the earliest.

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