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  • Social login
  • Category Listing
  • Provider Profile
  • TimeSlot Selection
Uber For X TimeSlot Selection
  • Tracking
  • Order Confirmation
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Payment Gateway

Uber For X Script Integral Features


Customer and provider will receive invoice through the application and they can download there invoice if they want.

Categories and sub categories

Admin can add categories and sub categories that makes both the customer and provider user friendly to select and interact with in application.

Banner Ads

You can post advancements to earn money in quicker way this application has a features to add a adds by post or adds by video.


All the booking which have done by the user can be viwed by the admin so that they use to schedule the work for the provider.


App help the user and the provider to chat in the application, user can give special instruction to the provider that will help to complete the job in subsequent time.

Pricing Choice

Admin can set the pricing for the provider by hourly basics or by fixed price this can be done through admin panel which have a full complete control flow.

Push Notifications

We use real time push notification in a advance manner that will intimate the user and provider, Both will receive notification if there is any update while the beginning and completion of job.

God’s Eye

Admin dashboard has a special features that notifies you by tracking the provider last signed up work and it helps the users to provide an alternate option if the provider is occupied with other clients.

What will you get with Uber For X ?

12 months


36 months




100% Unencrypted Source code

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Technology & Server Requirements Of Uber For X

Node Js
PHP Laravel
Angular 7 (Admin Panel)
Native apps
SSH Access


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About Uber For X Clone (Uberdoo App)

Uberdoo App is a unique one it created in such a way to do all the multipurpose work in a single app. we have been delivering innovative solutions to our clients with our best application development services. Our application comes out with a well-designed feature making it seamless for the users to access an on-demanding and powerful panel/interface to manage your entire on-demanding service. Our Uberdoo solution is customizable to build a software solution for any kind of on-demand service business or over all services provider like Handyman, massage, cleaners, couriers etc. Using our technical team we developed a technology with clean coding practices, well defined programming and micro service architecture together designed to be future for all kinds of Services. Uberdoo is a powerful application for all service providers to maintain a robust accomplishment site. This app would help you enter this business in no time. Our solutions help materialize your ideas to become the next top rated application, seamlessly running on both IOS and Android. Uber for x adventure here we give following uber to x clone content applications for your business. When building an Uberdoo is designed to fill any services to make on demand clone app. Uberdoo is the most customizable app through which any individual can start their own business. If anyone already has a business like a taxi, car repairing, washing, dog walking or any other service providing business. He/she can consider purchasing Uberdoo as it can make their business run digitally.


Live Map View

Our Uber for X content gives clients a chance to see a live rundown of on interest specialist organizations around them under a specific administration type

List view

View a rundown of suppliers under a specific administration dependent on channel settings and accessibility

Profile details

View the subtleties of each on-request specialist co-ops. Each profile is furnished with photographs, brief bio, past evaluations, subject matter and so on

Service Provided & Additions

Different administration alternatives are accessible when booking under a specific administration just as their rates dependent on hour. Different options of hours or administration type can likewise be included

Scheduling & Repeats

Pick between an on-request administration or calendar one for some other time. Rehash appointments and week after week planning for the instance of a Uber for Massage, Uber for Tutors, Uber for Cleaning and so forth can likewise be setup in-application

Payments & Promos

Prior to affirming the booking, clients can pick between installment modes and include their promotion codes for extra limits. Extra long periods of administration can likewise be incorporated.

Live Status Updates

View the status of your on-request administration gave. In-application warnings are accommodated ongoing announcements

Live Tracking

Our Uber for X arrangement gives clients a chance to follow their any of their booking progressively by means of the application


We've incorporated an in-application visit stage in our Uber for X content. Clients would now be able to visit with their on interest specialist co-ops and educate them of explicit subtleties of the activity booked.

Profile Sidebar

Clients can refresh their addresses, installment types, allude companions from their profile sidebar


View details regarding the service provided and details of the amount collected


Provide ratings for your on demand service providers

Uber for X clone script

With our Uber clone application content, you can get adaptability in your business tasks. With various energizing highlights it offers, you can unquestionably lift your benefit levels. Tweaked to coordinate your special necessities, our Uber lik eapp source code takes the entire thought of dealing with a taxi business higher than ever. Without hardly lifting a finger and robotization coming in, you will discover your time being utilized in profitable business exercises.

Uberdoo for business

This app stands out amongst other popular launchers with a well-designed and easy to use. We have development team who understand your vision and work tirelessly to deliver the best products that go beyond your expectations. Our solution is readily available that offers robust & scalable technologies specific to on-demand service. With the consumer behavioral shifts as per the advancement technology, Uberdoo works up to integrate your on-demand business servicing plan with the custom made technology infrastructure to service the targeting customers in the right way much at their convenience. Our business model underpins all on-demand services. With Uberdoo we assure you that we encapsulate the variations of your business model embracing custom-built mobile apps for users and service providers, analytics interface and appropriate dashboards to service your customers better.

Advantage of Uberdoo Uber For X Clone

Uber for x like app have turned out to be amazingly prominent around the world, and you've most likely previously observed numerous tales about new companies putting resources into one of these applications to maintain an effective business and make millions in the initial couple of months of their tasks alone. Uber was the principal application that enabled clients to choose their courses and even pay for their passage, all while utilizing only the application itself run advantageously from their cell phones. Uberdoo application taskers in and around your area and book them now or later by tapping on our booking alternatives in On Demand Apps.User's get moment cautions on their activity utilizing in-application notices in On Demand administrations and message pop-up alerts.Go cashless with On Demand Service Solutions and make installment in the most slickest way utilizing our wallet cash, Mastercard or paypal choice. Uberdoo application has a worked in highlight to follow every one of the exchanges finished with an itemized report of the installments done. Conveyance administrations business has been ruled by huge players in know day. A client likewise favors on-request conveyance benefits and arrived an item on their doorstep. In conveyance business, a gigantic likelihood is accessible to develop. Our customized uber for x conveyance applications are the ideal answer for deal with your conveyance administrations business online by giving highlights like constant following, online installment, survey rating, visit and so on. Using our App we can create your on-demand services app from development to deployment faster than any developers out there. Our development team who understand your exaptation and they deliver the best products that go beyond your expectations.

Uber for X

Getting a Uber for X apps application or Uber for X script is currently some tea with Uberdoo specialists prepared your approach to progress. Get a fruitful Uber clone application booking too on interest business to an increased dimension of achievement. Our Uber for X clone application or Uber for X content contains dynamic highlights which give your business a focused edge. Drafting Uber clone application source code is the thing that we are capable and experienced.


Customers are becoming technology obsessed and they want services done at their very own convenience. The good news is that the current generation of entrepreneurs are equally technology biased to service their customers according to their convenience with just a few clicks. For that we have build a technology with on demand services, We understand the demand for your on-Demand platform and we are here to benefit you with our best domain ordeal and rich backend IP. Everything starts with a WHY? The golden rule for any startup is that they should be solving needs for customers so that we came with a idea we decided to build a application where every person should use that app and get benefited then we started an app name Uberdoo this App is like Uber we have made the App more efficient by designing multipurpose works so that our product is valuable to all its user segments.

The trending phenomenon called Uber for X

The phenomenon called Uber for X has been the talk of the town ever since the rise of Uber in the taxi booking business. It is related to the process of reinvigorating on-demand services like massaging, tutoring, house cleaning, etc. to be seamless.
The best advantage as associated with Uber for X software was to just use your smartphone to take care of things/services quickly and seamlessly. Should you be in the need of a tutor? Then don't worry because an Uber-like application can get you in contact with the most qualifies trainers in the neighborhood. Do you want the best fast food delivered to your home quickly? Several fast-food owners would already be wielding the power of Uber-like apps to supply clients with their favorite food via the Uberification of Food Services.
Uber-like apps have infinite potential and their need is that important due to the ever-increasing demand from users who want speedy and comfortable services. Thanks to the power of Uber for X, you can set up a robust Uber-type service to optimize your brand recognition and the returns as well.
The Uber for X concept has gathered worldwide recognition but the question remains as to what are these Uber-like apps and what are their immense benefits? They are nothing but mobile apps that were developed based on the concept of Uber. Speaking of the latter, it was the app that spearheaded users to select their routes, book a driver and pay for the ride. Everything was done right from the vicinity of the mobile application.
The Uber for X software is engineered to work on both iOS and Android platforms for clients to quickly use the service irrespective of the smartphone and for the entrepreneurs to reach a bigger audience. The UI and admin panels are very simple. The system is very much reinforced and reliable to lay to rest the fears of losing time or money. There are cashless payments as well, and the users can pinpoint destinations on the map using the apps.
Speaking about the services that are related to the delivery style, the clients can track their packages and get immensely benefitted by the smart route calculation features that come with the apps integrated with Uber for X concept.
The Uber for X model can be associated with other categories like Massage Services, Maid Services, and Dry Cleaning services aside from being commonly used as an On-Demand Food App. You might be under the impression that there are way too many entrepreneurs who are flooding the market with their Uber for X ideas and that the competition will be way too intense. The mobile-phone market will reveal a 66% spike uphill for the next 4 to 5 years. Further, with all the professionals getting to become busier than ever and the user base being very much inclined to get everything managed with their fingertips, the Uber for X phenomenon will only gain more traction unlike ever before.
Further, this type of software will make life a lot easier for both you as the entrepreneur and your client base as well. It is very much clear that Uber for X concept is the ideal way to optimize your business.

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