Uber for X Clone Script: Robust App Solution Unifying Multiple On-demand Services

On-demand services have been immensely rewarding from both customers’ viewpoints and business perspectives. While on the one hand, it is offering colossal convenience and ease to the customers, on the other hand, it is serving as a great medium for the service providers to reach their customers easily when compared to traditional business.

To cater to this booming demand, and to lift the barrier of developing apps for every service, we are here with a trustable Uber for X clone script for the entrepreneurs.

What are the services incorporated in our Uber for X clone? Irrespective of whether your’s is a transportation, logistics, beauty, household, or delivery business, we can customize our application and deliver a highly secure, and unwavering Uber for on-demand services app tailored to fit your specifications.

Prime Features Incorporated in Our Uber for X App Script

Book Now Or Later

Customers can book for a service in advance or immediately depending on their convenience. They could seamlessly browse through the product catalog and enter the date, time to confirm the service.

Payment Gateway Integration

The Uber for X clone app comes with multiple payment modes that customers can use to make secure payments for the provided services, without leaving the app. They can leverage options like e-wallets, net banking, or card payments.


Customers can track the service provider in real-time through the app. They could know the real-time status of the service request, the location of the driver or the delivery executive, and can also view the estimated arrival time.

Real-time Notifications

Every time there is a status update about their service request or there are any new offerings or about the transaction processed, the customers can know about it through real-time push notifications.

In-app Chats And Calls

To foster clear communication and seamless execution of the operations, the app contains an in-app chat and call feature that lets both parties communicate with each other.

Booking History

Regardless of whichever on-demand services you provide, your customers can maintain and check their entire booking history. All the information like previous bookings, cancellations, and completed services along with the date, time, and fare will be available.

Accept/Decline Requests

In just a click, the delivery executives or service providers can accept or reject their bookings, in regards to their convenience.

Map Integration

The service provider will get driving directions to the customer’s location through the Uber for X on-demand service app. Whether the service has been booked from home or office or anywhere else, they will get an optimized route and location information.

Manage Previous Services

The delivery drivers can easily manage and maintain a history of their previous bookings, of all types like canceled, accepted, or on-hold bookings. They can be maintained with information like service type, date, timing, etc.

Earnings Dashboard

Service providers can view all their past earnings overtime on a monthly or yearly basis too.


The business service providers will get instant and real-time alerts from the Uber for X script whenever there is a new service booking or service request.

Ratings And Reviews

Not just the customers but the delivery drivers could also give ratings about the customers, and they can share the whole experience through feedback.

Admin Panel

Manage commissions

As an app admin, you can manage the commission of all the drivers directly from the admin panel. You can also define the driver’s incentive and set different commission rates for different drivers.

Manual Dispatch

For enhanced productivity, the Uber for X script offers this feature, through which you can manually assign a trip request to the driver on behalf of the rider. This can come in handy, in case the rider is in a low-network area and called for the trip request.

Push Notifications

You can send custom notifications to your app to customers or to service providers regarding any new offerings or features or add-ons integrated.


Get a complete report on the total number of requests processed, accepted payments and commissions, etc., You can also check the complete analysis of the business’s progress from defined graphical statistics based on a certain period.

How is Uber for On-demand Services App Development
Serving Diverse Industry Verticals?

Transportation & Logistics

Uber for Taxi

Uber for Trucks

Uber for Logistics

Uber for Cargo Vans

Food & Beverage

Uber for food delivery

Uber for alcohol delivery

Uber for pizza delivery

Uber for grocery delivery

Home services

Uber for Cleaners

Uber for Courier

Uber for Handyman

Uber for Massage

Uber for Babysitting

Uber for Mechanics

How Do We Go About
Uber for X App Script Development?

The development process of any app here at Uberdoo is always carried out with the most definitive planning and execution. Our professed team will carry out the development cycle by sticking to fail-safe techniques and the latest features. Here’s a protocol that has helped us achieve our excellence in building on-demand apps, and the Uber for X app scripts, especially!

  • Conception

    Recognizing the right strategy and top priorities.

    Providing you with insights into technologies.

    Research on your project idea.

    Analyzing the market and competitive landscape.

  • Wireframing

    Picking system for interfaces.

    Identifying challenges and methodology review.

    Charting the app’s user flow.

    Creating prototypes.

  • Designing

    Gathering your color choices.

    Designing an architectural plan.

    Building designs, graphics, and sprints.

  • Development

    Choosing a right development strategy.

    Building and optimizing iterations.

    Converting data into texts from templates.

    Recurring progress and implementation.

  • Testing

    Carrying out both manual and automated test.

    Solving all glitches and bugs.

    Ensuring smooth navigational and SDK accessibility.

    Gathering your feedback and suggestions.

  • Deployment

    Testing the whole structure.

    Agile delivery and deployment.

    Providing post-launch assistance.

Why Choose Our Uber for X App Script?

  • Free Installation
  • White label solution
  • High-end customization
  • Security and Privacy features
  • 100% unencrypted source code
  • One-stop solution for all service needs

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a comprehensive software that you can modify for any business. From beauty to transportation, and from logistics to healthcare, you can have it customized for you.

Concluding on a fixed time for development is difficult, as it differs from project to project. Because various factors influence the delivery time such as the size of the app, complexity, and number of feature integrations.

If you are in the on-demand services businesses and are looking to make the best of managing your business digitally, our Uber for X clone script is the perfect option. It removes the headache of developing an app from scratch for a mature market where the customers are already used to the solid framework that our app is based on.

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