Enhance Your Business with an Efficient Uber-like App for Cleaners

Asking for house cleaning support in the neighborhood has been replaced greatly by on-demand apps. With especially addressing the need for professional house cleaners at a few taps, they redefine convenience and offer reliability.

The Uber-like app for cleaners is such a white-label app that you can customize from end to end to suit your requirements. Our ready-made app contains all the attributes of a qualified on-demand app that credibly offers an enhanced user experience. If you are looking for an ideal business that requires less investment and high ROI, then think further not, and grab our app solution today!

Features of Our App

Explore Providers

Users can search for all services and view details along with reviews and ratings provided by other users and choose one to their preference.

Status Request

The users can check the service requests’ status and get notified promptly when any service provider accepts the request.

Real-time Status

The hosts can easily track service providers via the app, along with information on the estimated time of arrival.


Users can view all the details regarding the completed service like invoice number, service data, service fee, tax, promo discounts, and payment methods.


You can reward your users with discounts or bonus points every time they promote your app via referrals.

Book Now or Later

The users can either request an instant service or they can schedule the service for any later date in advance with this feature.

Ratings and Reviews

Users can rate the service providers and share their thoughts about the service through feedback.

Route Optimization

The service provider can easily reach the location of the user with the help of the optimization feature.

Earning History

Providers can check their entire earning history with details of the number of completed services and commissions earned from them.

Accept/Reject Request

Service providers can either accept or reject a request from the user according to their schedule and convenience

Manage Services

The service providers can manage or update their service details as per their preference and expertise and can also set prices for the services.

Schedule Services

Providers can attain maximum productivity in their work by scheduling the accepted jobs through the calendar integrated with the app.

Admin Panel

Manage Providers

You can add or remove service providers to optimize the services or quality of your service. And you can view the details like completed services, reviews, earnings, etc.

Manage Referrals and Promo Codes

Promote your app business by setting up the promo codes and discount percentage manually with expiry dates whenever you prefer.

Manage Users

You can see a list of service providers and customers on the dashboard with their information in your app.

Add Category

You can now add or edit any service categories in the app to facilitate your users with a list of available services and increase traction.

Add Region

Scale your service and business to the next level anytime by adding a new city or country through the admin panel.

Provider Earnings

You can view the provider earnings and deduct the commissions and credit to them according to the number of service requests they have completed so far.

Why Choose Us for On-demand App Development for Cleaners?

Our team of developers has always been curious about researching and delivering solutions that act as a tool to unleash a business’s potential. Whether your project is simple or complex, we try different ways to get to the core of your business and make sure to enhance our products so that it harmonizes with your vision well.

Extensively Customizable

You can customize the entire source code, admin dashboard, iOS, and Android apps to suit your requirements.


The entire script is powered with robust cloud infrastructure thus keeping it resilient to handle high user growth.


The app is developed with ultimate testing and monitoring of every coding which makes the script completely free from bugs and glitches.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course. We sign an NDA with you to ensure that we don’t disclose your idea to anybody else. Therefore, you can trust us with it.

Yes, you will be given 100% of the source code that we develop for your project.

Every clone app development project is allocated to a proficient project manager who will stay in touch with you. He will act as a single point of contact who will be informing you about the project’s progress.

We work closely with you and ask for your suggestions and reviews at every stage of the development cycle. We will make sure that all your suggestions are implemented in the development process.

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