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Detailed invoice will be created at the end of the job and the same can be downloaded by user.

Categories and sub categories

Easily segmented for admin to categorise and makes user friendly for user selection and provider allocation as well.

God’s Eye

Admin can track all the provider’s last login location. This helps in understanding market needs better.


Complete booking data including completed, ongoing jobs filter available.


User and provider can use the in app chat to communicate and efficiently complete the job.

Pricing Choice

Admin can set the pricing to a fixed price or hourly rate from admin panel giving him full control of the flow.

Push Notifications

Real time push notifications using firebase to keep the user and provider updated on the job status.

Banner Ads

Potential revenue model for this application. Banner ads can be managed by admin from admin panel.

What will you get?

12 months


36 months




100% Unencrypted Source code

Technology & Server Requirements

Node Js



Angular JS (Admin Panel)

Native apps



SSH Access




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On Demand Handyman services

About UBClean

Much the same as a Uber for house cleaning, UBClean was intended to enable you to discover and enlist a house keeping group or a servant administration with negligible exertion. In case you're burnt out on going through as long as two hours every day cleaning your own home, you would now be able to spare time, exertion and cash by employing a dependable group of cleaners through UBClean. The administration screens its own cleaning staff, performing careful individual verifications and ensuring every one of the general population you contract for housekeeping is, as a result, clean and has no crimes or other lawful issues fixing to their name. UBClean is an incredibly simple to utilize Uber for house cleaning that enables you to choose precisely the sorts of cleaning authorities you need. Regardless of whether you need more help with hardwood floors, washroom purifying or cleaning behind family unit machines, your cleaners will be appropriately chosen to suit every one of your needs just superbly. In addition, this Uber for house cleaning apps will enable you to plan all cleaning administrations helpfully, and make installments on the web, so you don't need to bear money – another vital resource of this framework. On the off chance that you need the best Uber for house cleaning arrangement on the versatile market, consider UBClean the on interest cleaners application that will take care of a great deal of your issues with just a brisk tap on your telephone's touchscreen. UBClean as of now has an extraordinary notoriety as a Uber for house cleaning , and it keeps on picking up energy even at this point. Accommodation, convenience and the capacity to set aside some cash are only a couple of the numerous points of interest that have prompted UBClean winding up so famous. The application utilizes an amazing and profoundly secure coding stage, while being accessible as local for the two iOS and Android. It very well may be customized as per your organization's administrations and approach, while you can likewise decide rates, expenses, installments and even default tips that customers may choose to pay through cashless installments.

UBClean for business

Ever needed to have your own Uber for house cleaning script simply get clients booking their own cleaning sessions naturally, while you should simply advance your organization? Presently you can do that unequivocally, without paying a prominent engineer a large number of dollars to make your own Uber for house cleaning apps. The Uber for house cleaning apps known as UBClean will furnish you with the ideal stage for building your own special Uber for house cleaning, and having nearby customers running to download your application and timetable their cleaning days with greatest accommodation. Through the helpful solicitations that can be made with the straightforward tap of their touch screens, your clients and most likely those of your principle rivals in the territory will observe your new versatile application to be the ideal selling point. In the meantime, you can take a load off, while the Uber for house cleaning application naturally sets areas, timetables and rates, without the requirement for preparing extra workers for taking care of those sorts of assignments.

How to make money using UBClean

It is sufficiently hard for some individuals to discover the assistance they need in a convenient way, and the presence of such a significant number of sites and applications just exacerbates the situation. Luckily, a Uber for house cleaning , UBClean can help customers just as experts like you connect and coordinate with one another so as to give shared advantages. This application enables customers to utilize their cell phones to find jack of all trades close to their area and it empowers you to be discovered simpler. Your abilities in fixing things will be advanced inside the system and an ever increasing number of individuals will swing to you for help.

User Identification

Servants can see the client subtleties and area before tolerating the Job.

Pay By Credit Card

The client can make a moment installment with the assistance of the charge card for their cleaning administrations.

In-App Navigation

House keepers can achieve the client's area bother free with in-App GPS Navigation work.

Wallet Payment

Go cashless has proficient wallet installment framework.

Schedule Booking

Calendar you're reserving whenever it might suit you it will deal with the booking procedure for the time you have decided for your errand.

Instant Chat & Alert

The client can in a flash talk with the Maid and they are given alarms on each movement occurring to keep the client educated with the continuous errand.

Fully featured analytics

You can without much of a stretch figure the ROI utilizing our inbuilt examination include. Utilizing this device you can design and build guests change rate.

Multi location access

Multi area get to is only offering access to numerous administrator's the place different dispatches can be made from administrator board.

Complete fare history

On the off chance that you need to investigate your history of work and the installment history, you can get to it whenever from charge history.

Capture signature

Our driver application accompanies signature catch work, where every one of the solicitations will have the drivers signature in it when sends out.

Deatailed profile view

The client can see a point by point profile perspective on the cleaning specialist where all the data identified with house keeping administrations is recorded


As you have seen the best highlights of Uber for house cleaning script and the information of an on-request economy. In this way, one thing is cleared that there is a brilliant open door for you as new businesses on the off chance that you have decided on making an application like Uber for house cleaning. In the event that, on the off chance that despite everything you have any question or perplexity in regards to the improvement cost of applications like Uber for cleaning or on-request cleaning application advancement, at that point you can connect with us through the underneath given structure.


Uber for Cleaners- About Us SEO content

Uber is a ride-hailing service giant headquartered in San Francisco, CA. It's smartphone app Uber which can be used to request a trip which is automatically shared with an Uber driver in the proximity.The driver base will then use their own cars to come and pick the rider up and drop them at a given destination. The Uber app will by default configures the route for the driver and will calculate the distance and the rate which will be credited to the driver without the rider have to do anything

Uber is also venturing into the concept of self-driving vehicles, apparently with the motivation of rolling out its own collection of self-driving cars that can take riders to their preferred destination without any manual presence.

Uber is captivating the globe, revamping itself properly. The ride-hailing giant is furnishing fascinating new ideas, making its own specific services more appealing while at the same time supporting new startups as well.

Uber has been steadily rolling out its Developer Platform over the last two years, empowering designers and others to incorporate the organization's transportation administrations into their own applications so as to fulfill trips for the user base. Starbucks and Google Maps are featured as some of the Uber integrators. Including an Uber button just means coding a couple of lines. Next after a testing phase, the sharing economy elite brand is progressing with regards to rolling out on-demand delivery service UberRUSH for everybody to get their merchandise when it suits them.

As indicated by Uber, the move will boost new and existing on-demand services, including direct same-day conveyance whether you need to make 5 conveyances, or 1000. Organizations like Google Express, Nordstrom, and Walmart have embraced and integrated UberRush and at present, the platform is open for food delivery, on-request drycleaning or anything else to give some instances. Captivated by its developments includes Ryze, a 24/7 concierge application for hotels and Airbnb facilities, that makes effective utilization of Uber to provide room service no matter where the user is.

Uber rolled out UberBIKE in Amsterdam. In a city full of with bikes, many people were hesitant to make use of Uber on the grounds that they had to leave their bikes. Uber's solution was directed — not in a mood to cycle, however, want to reach home? Avail UberBIKE and a vehicle with bicycle rack will transport the user and the bicycle to the destination. In the US, Uber has proposed some ideas, from food delivery with UberEATS to supermarket shopping manipulating UberEssentials. Uber is rapidly gaining momentum with its UberPOOL, where individuals on a similar destination can share the ride.

Uber has advanced and widespread in all domains such that Apple's Siri and Amazon's Echo are manipulating it. Any Uber service is finished with a single click of a button.

The great worth of Uber has put forward what is termed as Uber for X where an ongoing trend is featured with the manipulation of a service with the help of smartphones and mobile apps.

The omnipresent presence of Uber for X is evident as the working model is basic. After understanding the operational model, then everything is pristine when others say they are associated with work related to Uber for X.

One of the prevalent and very busy domains, as associated with the highly Uberized world, is Uber for Cleaning. If anyone needs house cleaning or office to be cleaned all an instant it is feasible with Uberdoo's effective Uber for Cleaning Clone script. It could be anything like some typical household chores or some minor repairs at the user's residence or office premises.

The prevalent features of Uberdoo's clone script which comes pre-built encompasses Booking facility, Cleaner availability and most importantly reviews and rating system which offers insight for the user before they zero in on a given cleaner brand to carry out their services

Uberdoo's script can be customized to do all types of cleaning services like in the kitchen associated with cleaning the dishes, stovetops, and countertops. Also, the cleaning can be associated with the living room for the furniture, chairs and the such, for bedroom cleaning and bathroom cleaning and whatever you name it, Uberdoo has everything covered for you. The code script ensures that there is hitch free payment and transactions. The screening process associated with the service providers are subject to intense background verifications and personal interviews such that there is effective filtering featured before the service can be availed with regards to safety. Uberdoo can also customize the script to ensure that the cleaners are ascertained to show up in time for the appointment and that they come equipped with everything related to cleaning.

Booking is done in a jiffy where they are scheduled after the user base has selected the preferred timing. Then the app will ascertain the appointment and provide an estimated cost for the service. After that, a cleaner will be dispatched to the given address and Uberdoo ensures that the Uber for Cleaner clone app features all modes of payments like cash or online.

Uberdoo gives white labeled solutions for its customers so that they are associated with a sense of uniqueness. The user base can circumvent the traditional approach of manipulating their email id and password to sign in and they can do it with the help of their social media profiles associated with simplicity. The clone script is featured for both the dominating mobile platforms namely iOS and Android.

Uberdoo is ready to assist you if you want to make a strong impression with the red-hot On-demand service business and ascertains to bring more income and lucrative assets thereby satiating the needs of the customer base and appeasing them by a big margin.

Uberdoo provides its services at affordable rates for any stage and development of the mobile app and rest assured everything from design to updating the software and maintenance are taken care of and meticulously prioritized.

Purchase the Uber for Cleaner clone script from Uberdoo and do take time to browse through our various Uber for X app clones built according to each service demand. Uberdoo has created several clone apps for clients and brands across the nation and for foreign clients as well due to the carefully developed and latest technology integrated Uber for X clone script which will surely be amazing.