Privacy Policy

Uberdoo holds your privacy in high regards. We want you to avail the services of Uberdoo with 100 % confidence in our commitment to serving you and fortifying your private information. This Privacy Policy delineates how Uberdoo accumulates data from users of Uberdoo's services (the "Services") encompassing those who have accounts ("Customers") and those who do not ("Visitors") as well as what we do with the information we accumulate Uberdoo asks that you go over this Privacy Policy meticulously.

Data collection

Visitors - Visitors to uberdoo get "cookies" to oversee their actions through our site. This data may consist of referral URL, IP address, browser type and device type.

Customers - When a Visitor creates an account at uberdoo we accumulate a lot of personal information encompassing, but not confined to name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, billing address, credit card or other payment credentials as well as a password.

uberdoo strives to make our website very much user-friendly and impulsive to the utmost. Developed by us are an assortment of third party applications (for example, applications on social networking sites like that permit Customers to make use of Uberdoo in new and amazing ways. These apps serve to accumulate personal information encompassing, but not confined to name, address, e-mail address, and contact details.

uberdoo can also manipulate the information furnished by our Customers, with their authorization, to simplify things related to making use of our products and services. This information encompasses but is not limited to account login information for other websites. The data ceases to be viewable no longer than the minimum amount of time required to fulfill the Customer's specific request.

Information usage

Browsing data is accumulated from all Visitors so as to scrutinize issues and make alterations to enhance our website and services.

Customer data is related to creating and managing accounts as well as helping Customers related to any issues associated with accounts, aid in technical support, make research and studies and also other relevant undertakings.

Information sharing

There is no partnership or alliance of uberdoo with any companies; and thus the Customer information is well secured without sharing with others


We reserve the right to, without your permission, to provide personally identifiable information in the following circumstances:

We believe with good trust that it is necessary to be in accordance with subpoenas, court orders and other legal process as needed or authorized by law.

To complain, tackle or assist in the scrutinization of surmised fraud or other unlawful activities or take the required steps associated to stop such activities. iii. To administer the uberdoo Terms of Services, establish, exercise or support our legal rights or as otherwise furnished in the User Agreement, AUP or this Privacy Policy.

Mailings - upon becoming a Uberdoo customer

Customers agree to get notifications regarding your account encompassing, but not confined to, renewal/expiry alerts and bill related notifications. Some of these alerts can be deactivated from within your profile. Insight must be acquired that these notifications are the only alerts you will receive from uberdoo as releavant to important activity in your account including, but not restricted to, renewal/expiry notifications. Please deactivate these notices at your own risk.

You are without manual consent entitled to membership for any and all branding emails and newsletters. You may opt to unsubscribe from these alerts by being in accordance with the instructions and/or opt-out links shared in the mailings themselves.

Adherence to this policy

Uberdoo abides by this privacy policy and the terms herein very stringently. We are focused to being in terms with this policy and taking reasonable precautionary steps to ascertain the security of your personal information. If you have any queries related to the scope, tenants and/or application of this policy kindly do let us know. We appreciate your valuable feedback. Contact us by phone, email or fax as per your choice.