What Do We Offer At Our Gojek Clone App Development Company?

With Gojek's popularity as a super app that serves millions of customers in various sectors, having a one-stop solution that meets all customer demands is the best approach to stand out in the multi-service galaxy. Our Gojek app clone script is an example of a solution that combines several services and can be customized with a choice of extra services and features to meet the needs of your specific business.

Uberdoo will help you create an all-in-one mega app for your multi-service company. Our Gojek clone script has cab booking, food delivery, flower delivery, grocery delivery, shop delivery, courier delivery, and many more capabilities. Please contact us as soon as possible for an estimate on creating your Gojek clone app, which will be a success for your company.

Extensive Services Offered By Our
Gojek App Clone Development Company

Our Gojek clone integrates a wide range of services. The following are the standard services included with our solution.

Transport service

  • The user can hire a bike, scooter, or taxi to go from one area to another using this service.
  • The customer may choose the type of vehicle they wish to go in.
  • If the customer wants services such as packaging, inventory shipment, materials handling, and more, logistic transports such as trucks are also available for booking.
  • Any of the many payment options can be used to pay for the journey.

Delivery service

  • The delivery service may be used to send an item from one place to another.
  • Deliveries include food, courier, flower, pharmaceutical, groceries, and other products.

Service providers

  • Users can utilize this section to hire handymen, babysitters, handymen, healthcare service providers, laundry, and auto repair professionals, among other services.

Aside from the services listed above, any service tailored to your business size may be developed and included in the Gojek app clone script.

Multiple Services - One Gojek Clone App Solution!

Our Gojek clone offers a wide range of services. It provides your on-demand customers with comprehensive accessibility and quick fulfillment. Here are the some of the extensive services that our Gojek clone script is embedded with,


Food Delivery

Alcohol Delivery

Package Delivery

Grocery Delivery

Pharmacy Delivery

Common Deliveries


Car Ride Booking

Auto Ride Booking

Moto Ride Booking

On-demand Services
















Car Wash


Lawn Care

Car Repair



Yoga Trainer

Travel Agent

TV Repair



Pest Control

Sofa Repair

Tour Guide

Tow Truck


Dog Walking

Fitness Coach

Lawn Mowing

Home Painting

Carpet Repairs

Dog Grooming

Security Guard

Home Cleaning

Beauty Services

Insurance Agent

Computer Repair

Mobile Technician

Interior Decorators

Physiotherapy Services

Our Gojek App Clone Script Package

Generate huge profits on every service offered in the application and maintain customer retention by taking advantage of our trustable Gojek clone.

User Apps
  • iOS App for User
  • Android App for Use
Service Provider Apps
  • iOS App for Service Provider
  • Android App for Service Provider
Store Apps
  • iOS App for Store
  • Android App for Store
  • Web Panel for Store
Business Owner Apps
  • Main Website
  • Dispatcher Panel
  • Administrator Panel
  • Billing-Accounts Panel

Key Features of Our Gojek Clone Script

Our Gojek clone app is inculcated with the industry-best multi-service features that help you put all the customer needs in one place.

social login

Social Login

Users can log in using their existing social media credentials.

Profile Management

Profile Management

Customers can easily manage personal and payment details, view transaction history, and access preferences.

Nearby Professionals/Businesses

Nearby Professionals/Businesses

Nearby stores or restaurants or service providers, or drivers can be chosen according to the users’ preferences effortlessly using a smart search.

Service Booking

Service Booking

The customer can either book the service for now instantly or later with a specific date and time according to their convenience.

Manual Booking

Manual Booking

Users can book a ride, order food, schedule a cleaning service, and more manually. They can choose from a range of services, providers, and payment options.

In-app Chat / Call

In-app Chat / Call

Users can connect with the drivers or the service providers using the in-app chat/call and clarify their queries.

Multiple payment gateways

Multiple payment gateways

Payment can be made using various payment options such as e-wallets, net banking, card payment, etc.,

Order Takeaway

Order Takeaway

Customers can pick up their orders from the store directly.

Contactless Delivery

Contactless Delivery

The user can avail of this feature to avoid direct contact with the delivery person.

Order History

Order History

The customer can view their previous orders and invoices in the order history field and reorder the same if needed.


Rate and Review

Reviews and ratings can be given as feedback to the app service and the delivery person service in the review field.

easy register

Upload Documents

Necessary documents have to be submitted by the business or service provider for verification and profile creation.

Uberdoo home availability

Profile Management

The service provider can modify their details such as name, contact details, availability, location, and so on.

driver request

Set Availability

Online and offline modes can be toggled between by the provider to indicate if they are available to accept requests or not.

route optimization

Accept / Reject Requests

Requests can be accepted or rejected by the provider according to their convenience.

trip details

GPS-Enabled Route Navigation

The integration of a GPS-Enabled Route Navigation System in the Gojek app clone script helps the service provider to reach the customer's location on time by taking the best-suggested routes.

track earnings

Service History

Detailed information about the ongoing, completed, and canceled requests can be viewed by the service provider.

track earnings

Earnings and Commissions

Money earned through the services can be viewed and managed daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly wise by the provider.

track earnings


The providers can view the feedback given to their service by the customer and improve accordingly.

Driver Support Chat

Provider Business Type

Providers can choose the type of services they want to offer, including transportation, food delivery, beauty services, and more.

Store Application

Store Profile

The store managers can create and update their profiles with names, locations, contact details, available timings, etc., for user reference.


Products in their store can be listed under unique categories for better understanding.

Order Management

Ongoing, completed, and canceled orders can be viewed and managed by the store.

Minimum Order Values

The store can set a minimum order value so that the customer can order either for the set amount or the amount higher than the set amount.

Push Notifications

The user requests are updated to the store managers with the in-app push notifications. Also, the delivery partners assigned to their orders are notified instantly.

Order Tracking

Orders can be tracked by the store until it reaches the destination or is delivered by the delivery partner.

Customer Support

In case of any issue with the delivered order, the store manager can directly connect with the customer to provide the necessary support.


Earnings of the store can be viewed daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

Admin Panel

Customer Management

The admin can view and manage the customer profiles and get access to their information if needed.

Store Management

Signed-up store partners can be viewed and managed by the admin and also can be removed from the app for any reasonable concern.

Service Provider Management

The service request of a service provider to provide service via the application can be either accepted or rejected by the admin.

Intuitive Dashboard

All the ongoing application operations can be viewed and managed in a streamlined manner using the customized and intuitive dashboard.

Commission cut-down

After cutting down the app service commission, the service provider and the store are provided with their earnings.

Promo Code Management

Apart from the promo codes and discounts provided by the store to the customer, the admin can add extra discounts for customers availing of their services frequently, thereby retaining the customers.

Advanced Analytics

The generated report and analytics serve as insight to improve and make valuable business decisions.

View Ratings and Reviews

According to the feedback received from the customers, necessary improvements can be made, and necessary action can be taken to maintain the service standards.

Service Sub-Categorization

Add services with subcategories easily with our comprehensive sub-categorization feature, allowing users to choose the exact service you require.

Delivery All Categories

Get anything delivered to the user’s doorstep, with options available for every category of product, from food to furniture.

Referral Management

Offer rewards to users by allowing them to invite their friends to use the services and track their progress through our referral management feature.

COVID Safety Features

Let the users stay safe with our COVID safety features, such as contactless delivery, masks, and gloves, for both customers and providers.

Set Peak Time Pricing

Set prices during peak times to ensure affordability and efficiency. Our feature helps providers to earn more and customers to save.

Delivery Management

Manage deliveries with ease using our delivery management feature, from tracking to scheduling.

Child Seat Accessibility

Users can travel with children comfortably and safely, with child seat accessibility options available in our ride-hailing services.

Gender-Based Preferences

Allow users to set gender-based preferences for their provider, and make their ride-hailing experience more comfortable and convenient.

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Advanced Add-on Features
in Our Gojek Clone

Safety Badge for Stores

Stores following 100% precautionary methods and safety protocols can be offered with safety badges to indicate they are reliable stores.

Knowledge Banners

With the COVID outbreak, it is necessary to fill in the audience with all possible prevention methods to be followed. To ensure the same, knowledge banners stating the effects and measures for coronavirus can be shared as an add-on.

In-app Wallets

Users can directly add money to the digital wallet and make instant payments for the availed on-demand services from the application.

Call Masking

VOIP-based call masking feature allows the users and the service providers to contact each other for order-related queries without knowing their exact contact numbers.


The geofencing feature notifies the service provider when entered into an unsafe or a criminal area.

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How Does Our Gojek Clone Work?

The workflow varies depending on the services you select. Here’s a common workflow for the possible services you may select to induce in the Gojek app clone script.

  • Simple sign in

  • Choose the pick-up and drop location

  • Book ride / order food / place a service request

  • The estimated fare/price is displayed

  • The nearest business/service provider/driver accepts the request

  • Pay the fare once the destination is reached or the service or delivery is completed

  • Review and rate the experience

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Algorithm Used in Our
Gojek Clone App

The Gojek cone app developers at Uberdoo have imparted two high-end algorithms in the Gojek app clone script which works as mentioned below,

Buyer Pick Model

  • A buyer may submit specific information and request services using the Double Commit paradigm.
  • Buyers will be given a list of service providers along with the history of their profiles.
  • They can talk with the service provider to determine which option best meets their needs.
  • A buyer's request may be approved or rejected by service providers.

Supplier Pick Model

  • The buyer chooses a service, and the system matches it by sending requests to a list of service providers.
  • When a user requests a service, it is sent to the closest available service provider.
  • The customer will be notified of the ETA after your partner has approved the request.

Gojek App Clone Script - Development Process

We believe in the “process to progress” which eventually leads to success. Our team works out schedules and plans and follows the same till the very end of the project. The phases we follow to upgrade your business with our result-driven approach are as follows.

and Design
and Testing
and Support
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Which Are the Tech Tools
Used For Gojek Clone App Development?

Native iOS


Objective C

React Native


Native Android





React Native

Web and Hybrid












Microsoft Azure

Digital Ocean

Amazon AWS






Server Technologies

Node JS



Crypto Wallet Payment Integration

As blockchain's popularity develops, more people gravitate to crypto payment services. We have integrated cryptocurrency payment options in our Gojek clone script to reflect this. By doing so, we have assumed that users who wish to pay with cryptocurrency wallets can do so easily.

  • No Middlemen
  • Increased Benefits
  • Secure Transactions

IWatch Features Integrated Into Our Gojek Clone

Page
Page

Create a new account or sign in to an existing one to access all the features and functionalities of our platform.

Log-In Screen
Log-In Screen

Enter your login credentials and access your account to start using our app and providing services to customers.

Payment Selection
Payment Selection

Choose from a range of payment methods, including cash, credit/debit cards, or in-app wallets, and make secure transactions.

Service Selection
Service Selection

Select the type of service you want to use, based on provider availability and customer demand.

Provider Business Type
Provider Business Type

Choose the type of services you want to offer, including transportation, food delivery, beauty services, and more. Set your own availability and prices and start earning.

Service Request
Service Request

Providers receive service requests from customers and decide whether to accept or reject them based on your availability and proximity.

Request Approval
Request Approval

Once providers approve a request, customers & admin will receive all the details, including service location, and start the journey.

Provider Arrival
Provider Arrival

Let customers know when you’re about to arrive at their pickup location and ensure a seamless pickup experience.

Service Completion Alert
Service Completion Alert

Let the customer know when the service is complete in our app to receive the payment.

Rating & Review
Rating & Review

Receive ratings and reviews from customers and improve your services based on their feedback.

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Business Benefits of Opting For Our Gojek Clone

  • Extensive Reports
  • Multilingual Support
  • Low-cost Development
  • Reduces Time-to-market
  • Multiple Payment Methods
  • Digital Business Promotion
  • More Scope to Generate Revenue
  • Customizable and Advanced Features

Why Choose Uberdoo?

At Uberdoo, the quality and timeline of the application are our two keystones. Our developers always aim to deliver the most responsive and efficient Gojek clone script that lets you make huge strides in the multi-service business. Arrive at the following leverages by choosing us.

Free installation

On-time delivery

Free brand removal

White-label solutions

36 months free support

12 months free updates

Strategic Project Management

100% unencrypted source code


Yes. Uberdoo helps you set up a multi-service business like Gojek by developing an application that is fully functional and feature-rich. It replicates all Gojek features and in addition, we can customize your application with your business-aligned requirements.

Features to be included, code complexity, add-ons, business-specific changes, and resource availability are all the parameters that decide the pricing of the Gojek app clone script. Connect with our team to get a quote for your project today.

We will guide and support you through every step of the development process. Our dedicated Project Manager communicates with you then and there and gives a clear picture of the ongoing project stages.

Yes, you can. You can modify the app to add or remove features and make waves in the multi-service app development sector.

Our Gojek clone's most important revenue-generating approach is the commission model. Admin may impose a service fee to providers, similar to Gojek.

As a professional company, we will never endorse or recommend your proposition to anybody else. We also agree to sign an NDA not to expose any critical information about your business..

The time required for a bespoke solution is largely decided by demand, whereas a ready-made solution is often delivered in a matter of days. Get a rough timeline by connecting with our team!

Yes, you will receive a fully customized white label Gojek app clone script that you may market under your brand and logo.

Yes, we provide documentation for the Gojek clone script we develop for your business.

The code is fully scalable and may be tailored to match the needs and requirements of your varying business needs.

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