Uplift Your Online Delivery Business With Our Uber for Courier Solution

With the thriving on-demand industry, it is never a bad idea to invest in the delivery business. To do so, it is also essential to look for features that suit the industry-wide trends and demands. Uberdoo strives to deliver seamless Uber for Courier solutions comprising the current trend-matching features and functionalities. Our development team is capable of building top-class courier applications fitting your business requirements which in turn raise your business standards to unthinkable heights.

By taking advantage of state-of-the-art technologies, our courier app development is built to fit the modern market specifications. We have expertise in offering comprehensive on-demand courier app development services that make you one of the leading delivery businesses.

Features Incorporated in Our Uber for Courier Application

The most notable aspect of an application is its ease of handling with a simple and advanced feature set. We keep in mind the same when we develop your Uber-like courier application. Here are some of the features we inculcate in our courier app solutions.


The customer can sign up with the app by following an easy account sign-up process.

Advanced search/filter

Customers can search their delivery need-matching service provider under various filtrations.

Delivery fare estimation

An estimated fare for the courier delivery service can be known by the customers before scheduling a courier delivery.

Real-time tracking

The sent courier can be live tracked by the customer.

Multi-payment methods

Customers can pay for the courier service through any of the available payment methods.

Delivery reschedule

The scheduled delivery can be easily rescheduled or even canceled by the customers at any time.

In-app chat

Delivery personnel can be contacted through the in-app chat or call feature by the customer.

Delivery history

The details of all their courier service bookings can be viewed by the customer.


Any available offer or promo codes can be availed of by the customer for their courier delivery payment.

Rate and review

The service provided can be reviewed and rated by the customer.

Profile Management

The delivery personnel can manage the account details in accordance with his/her location.

Toggle mode

By switching between active and inactive states, the delivery personnel can indicate to the customer whether they are available for the service or not.

Accept/reject requests

The delivery personnel can accept or reject the received courier delivery service request according to their convenience.

GPS-enabled routes

To reach the customer’s destination on time, the delivery personnel is given an efficient GPS routing system that guides him to the destination.


Using this field, the delivery executive can keep track of their earnings weekly, monthly, or yearly wise.

Task alerts

The task alerts or reminders are used to notify the delivery executives about the tasks that are to be completed.

Delivery history

All the details about the completed, canceled, and ongoing delivery services can be viewed by the delivery executive.

Admin Panel


The admin can handle the overall operations carried out in the Uber for Courier service application in one place by using a powerful and intuitive dashboard.

Customer management

All the customers associated with the application and their details can be viewed and managed by the admin.

Delivery personnel management

Delivery personnel partnered with the application and their details can be viewed and managed by the admin.

Package tracking

To ensure a smooth delivery process, the admin can keep track of all the ongoing deliveries.

Referral Campaign
Service range

The service range within which a delivery executive can accept the delivery request can be set by the admin.

Referral Campaign
Feedback management

According to the potential feedback and ratings received from the customers, the admin can retain or remove delivery personnel to ensure quality delivery service.

Referral Campaign
Report generation

By analyzing the periodically generated reports and feedback, the admin can get to know about the app’s performance and improve the same accordingly to enhance the future of the delivery business.

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Advanced Add-ons


The customers can earn exciting rewards by inviting their friends and family members to use the Uber for Courier service application.

Request routing

The admin can allocate delivery personnel to places where there are high demands for delivery services.

Invoice generation

The customers will receive an email with detailed information about the delivery service, tracking details, and payment details.

Book courier via phone

The customers will be able to book their courier delivery via phone, SMS, or email.

Uber for Courier Workflow

To make the booking process efficient and easy, we impart a simple workflow in our on-demand courier app which even a beginner can easily understand and proceed with.

Courier delivery booking

By furnishing the courier delivery details such as location, delivery destination, parcel weight, and others, the customer can book a delivery service.

Courier pick-up

Once the app receives all the essential information, delivery personnel is allocated to provide the service. The assigned service provider will receive the details about the courier to be delivered.


Based on factors such as distance, availability of the service provider, parcel weight, etc., an estimated delivery cost will be provided to the customer which can be paid via any of the available payment modes.


The assigned delivery personnel will transport the courier to the destination on time.

Courier Delivery

Once the courier is delivered, the personnel collects a delivery signature from the received person to verify the delivery with the application.

Rate and review

After the sender receives the successful delivery notification, the courier service and the personnel service can be rated and reviewed by the customer.

Business Benefits of Choosing Our Courier App Development Services

The following are some of the key business benefits you can expect from building a robust Uber for Courier application for your delivery business with us.

  • Live updates
  • Cost-efficient
  • Easy payments
  • Referral system
  • Easy onboarding
  • Intuitive interface
  • White-label solution
  • Reduced time-to-market

On-Demand Courier App Development Process

When a proper process is followed, a proper and fully functioning application can be created. We believe in the same and follow the following development process phases to ensure providing you with a top-class courier delivery application like Uber.

  • Ideation of business requirements
  • Design and wireframes
  • Development planning
  • Code development
  • Quality assurance
  • Deployment and maintenance

Why Choose Uberdoo?

At Uberdoo, our goal is to offer a delivery service app that is incorporated with all the industry-leading features and add-ons which fulfill the modern customers’ thirsts. Our developers not just develop an application with better features but also unit test the same and rectify potential issues even before the testing phase. This reduces the testing complexities and the time-to-market of your Uber for Courier application. The below-mentioned are the other added advantages of choosing Uberdoo for your courier app development.

Free installation

Prompt delivery

Free brand removal

Skilled professionals

36 months free support

12 months free updates

Enhanced security protocols

100% unencrypted source code

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. Our Uber for Courier solutions are highly scalable and customizable and hence any potential modification can be made according to your varying future requirements.

The cost of Uber for Courier app development depends primarily on the features and add-ons to be included. To get an estimated cost for your project, share your requirements with our expert team.

We make use of the project management tool called Basecamp. Also, we will assign a project manager to each project who will guide you and update you throughout the courier app development process.

Yes. We provide services such as customization changes, bug or error fixes, etc.,

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