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The Uniswap clone from Uberdoo is carefully designed to replicate the high-end features of the platform. With Uniswap clone script, you have the potential to create your own decentralised exchange and permit your users to list their tokens and trade with them without any additional costs. Since Uniswap is the 4th largest decentralised finance platform, any value addition that you can enhance the platform with can make your efforts profitable. Customise the features of the clone app and give your users complete control over their crypto-assets.

At Uberdoo, we have created a development model that allows you to become operational at the earliest.

Uniswap Clone Software Features

Uniswap is a highly powerful decentralised crypto-exchange platform and with Uberdoo as your technology partner, you can create your own powerful platform that replicates Uniswap’s features effortlessly. You can also create your own features and add them to the clone script.

Crypto-wallet integration
Inter and intra blockchain exchange
Merchant dashboard
Tested and bug-free
Data integration
2FA security
Swap and liquidity pools

Benefits of Uniswap Clone App

The Uniswap clone software from Uberdoo can effortlessly facilitate inter- and intra-blockchain exchanges and transfers. You can also allow your users to exchange tokens from the Ethereum blockchain and ERC token with other blockchains as well. The automated market making bot that powers the platform can dynamically match buy and sell orders as well.

Exclusive Features

Flash Swapping

Enable easy and quick swapping of ERC-20 tokens without limitations, giving your users a fluid and seamless experience.

Transaction Fees

If you adopt the ‘market taker’ fee model for your business using the Uniswap clone software, you can charge 0.3% in transaction fees.

Yield Farming

Enable your users to farm without middlemen on a platform that is meticulously secured to facilitate the transactions.

Token Versatility

Give your users the ability to create their own tokens and liquidate them for assets and effortlessly create liquidity pools.

Fund-less Holding

With your Uniswap clone, you can allow users to trade their assets and tokens without the funds.

Highly Secure

Our Uniswap script comes with a robust security protocol to protect your clients’ assets. You can also add additional layers of protection.

Margin Trading

Depending on the funds available to you, you can enable margin or leveraged trading for your customers.

Automated Market Making

The AMM feature of the Uniswap script automatically matches buy and sell orders to seamlessly execute them.

Decentralised Exchange

Since the very nature of the platform is decentralised, your users can easily execute their trades without any intermediaries.

How LocalBitcoins Clone App Works


The first step is registration in which the user uses their phone number or email id to start using your platform.

KYC/AML Verification

The next step is the eKYC verification which will automatically be done by the Uniswap script once the form is submitted.

Wallet Linking

Next, the user has to add funds to the wallet using the different payment methods available to them.

Trade initialisation

Finally, they can begin trading with the cryptocurrency in their wallet to trade or invest in different crypto-assets.

Why Choose Uberdoo Uniswap clone?

When it comes to creating powerful crypto-exchange platforms, there are very few who understand the nuances of the development as well as us. Our experts have studied several applications and can guide you with shaping the product as per your requirements. This includes consultation, design, development, deployment, post-launch support and training to ensure that you have a smooth operational system in place, from start to finish.

Expert Team

Our team is adept at understanding your expectations out of the Uniswap clone and can deliver on it promptly.

Quick Deployment

Our Uniswap clone script is ready-made and that allows us to add your brand elements to it and deploy it in a few days.


We are adept at customising the Uniswap clone script to include the most demanding feature you would like to provide for your users.


What is Uniswap clone script?
Can this Uniswap clone script be customised?
Can I see a demo of the Uniswap clone script?
Will I be able to customise the platform with my logo and theme?
Will you provide support after the launch?
How much does it cost to develop a DEX platform like Uniswap?

The cost of the platform depends on the levels of customisations you require. Our Uniswap clone script is competitively priced and you can get in touch with us for instant quotes.

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