Foundation clone script from Uberdoo replicates the dedicated marketplace for crypto-asset collectors. These assets can be tokens, artworks, music files or any digital file that is hotels on the Ethereum blockchain. With this, you can allow your users to mint and auction digital artworks as Non Fungible Tokens on a dedicated NFT marketplace. Our clone script is customisable and comes with endless possibilities on how you can enhance the systems.


Foundation Marketplace clone script from Uberdoo comes with a host of features that make it the go-to platform for NFT trades.

Decentralised Architecture
Trade Performance Tracking
Categorised Classification
Proximity match
New Asset Recommendation
Digital Asset Listing
Market Statistics and Analytics
Time-restricted Trade-off
P2P and P2A Trading
Multi-directional Trade Mode
Multi-currency Trade

How It Works

The Foundation Marketplace clone script is easy to deploy and use. It takes only a few steps for users to get started and bid/auction NFTs. And depending on whether your user is a creator or buyer, the procedure can vary.


Creator signup

Wallet integration

Profile creation

NFT minting for the creation

ETH price setup

Auction creation

Once sold, 85% of the price goes to the creator

10% transaction cost on every resale


Profile creation

Bid placing

NFT purchasing

NFT to wallet addition

Artwork display in the gallery

Why Choose Uberdoo Foundation Clone Script?


Our team of experts at Uberdoo come with several years of experience when it comes to developing products on blockchain technology.


Add on to the features of Foundation Marketplace to enhance user experience and give your users several reasons to come back to your platform.

Quick Deployment

Since the Foundation Marketplace clone script is pre-developed, we can ensure that your customisation requirements are incorporated and give you a live product in weeks.


We understand what it takes to run an NFT marketplace post-development and, hence, complement our development services with the right support services.


The Foundation Marketplace is a white-labelled solution developed by Uberdoo. Since the customisations are the only add-ons, the solution is cost-effective.

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