1inch Exchange Clone Script

With the explosive growth of the crypto sphere, DEX platforms are gaining huge traction in the DeFi space with their attractive merits. This made businesses worldwide adopt DEX aggregator platforms and level up their crypto game. New investors are peeking into building decentralized exchange platforms to join the crypto space and have efficient crypto asset management.

To give your crypto users a trustable DEX platform that connects various exchanges in one single platform with appreciable swap rates, we provide you with the solution. Uberdoo’s team of experienced blockchain enthusiasts has expertise in delivering DEX aggregator clone solutions. Our 1inch exchange clone is feature-rich and inherits all the advanced features and functionalities from the base app. We make sure to offer you the most dynamic and industry-best 1inch exchange clone script which can be modified according to your business-required customizations.

1inch Clone Script Development Services We Offer

Our 1inch clone DEX aggregator supports all kinds of traders according to their suitability and assets. We offer standardized 1inch clone development services that let you propel your crypto exchange business.

1inch Clone Token Creation
1inch Liquidity Pool
1inch Mooniswap
1inch Exchange Clone Gas Token Creation
1inch Aggregator Pool Clone Creation
1inch Limit Order Protocol

Extensive Features Incorporated in Our 1inch Clone

1inch became a popular innovation in the DeFi space because of its reduced time constraints and speedy exchanges and transactions. Also, one of the major reasons for its skyscraping reach is its best-in-class features. Our 1inch Clone Development incorporates:

01 Increased Liquidity and Rates

Our 1inch clone script offers high liquidity and increased rates in multi-decentralized exchanges on a single board.

02 Rights of Funds

The 1inch clone app does not hold any of the funds of the users. The app is integrated with a secure wallet system wherein the customer funds are stored in a fortified environment.

03 Versatile Trading

The crypto users can conquer their crypto assets in the 1inch exchange clone platform. The trade options, selling, buying, and any other trade-related transactions can be decided and set by the users.

04 No KYC Verification

All your customer has to do is link his account along with his details and start trading on the exchange platform. No KYC verification processes are imposed on creating an account in the DEX application.

05 Tamper-proof

Since no reserves are held directly in the 1ich clone application, there are very low chances for breaches and hacks.

06 Low Gas Fees

Our 1inch clone has drastically reduced gas fees thereby encouraging traders to perform their suitable trading in an effective manner in more numbers.

How Does Out 1inch Exchange Clone Work?

Our 1inch exchange clone aids your traders to carry out crypto exchanges as per their requirements by offering a diverse range of trade options. The app is simple and easy to understand and use. The given workflow is from a trader perspective.

01 Wallet Connection

  • Go to the 1inch extension and connect to the wallet.
  • Fulfill the necessary security guidelines.
  • Choose your desired wallet.
  • Through the generated token address, track your transactions.

02 Basic Settings

  • Choose your crypto coin.
  • Choose your return percentage and manage gas fees.
  • Specify your trade volume.
  • Identify high volume and low volume trades to find out the best of max returns.

03 Advanced Settings

  • Make use of the Chi gas token to reduce your overall gas fees percentage.
  • A minimum of 5 Chi tokens is required to process your gas fee reduction.

04 Swapping

  • Get aware of the available domains from several chains.
  • Swap any token effectively as per your requirement.

Crypto Wallets Supported in Our 1inch DEX

Wallet integration is the most crucial part of a DEX aggregator development. Our 1inch exchange clone app supports the following wallets,

1inch Exchange Clone Development Process

We follow a methodical approach to offer you a solution that precisely matches your 1inch-like app development ideas. We split our development tasks into modules and work in a self-organized manner. The following are the development phases we follow for the creation of a 1inch exchange clone,

API integration

Smart Contract Development & Deployment

Wallet Integration

Liquidity Pool Integration

Adding Affiliate Program

Component Development & Integration


Deployment & Maintenance

Business Benefits of Investing in 1inch Exchange Clone Development

1inch exchange clone development provides a slew of business benefits which includes,


High-end security

Selective swapping

Optimized slippage

Complete control over crypto assets

Protocol governance

Multi-wallet integration

No token right interruption

Chi token optimized gas fee

Why Choose Uberdoo?

At Uberdoo, our goal is to deliver the most robust white-label clone solution that aids you in topping the crypto business with ease. Our 1inch exchange clone can be launched within a matter of days because of its readymade nature and we can include your customizations as soon as possible according to the complexities. This hugely reduces your app’s time-to-market and fastens your crypto business growth. Here are the other leverages you get from partnering with us.

Prompt delivery
Domain expertise
Agile methodology
Result-driven approach
Experienced professionals
Ready-to-launch solutions
Dedicated support services
100% unencrypted source code


What is the time taken to launch the 1inch exchange clone?
What is the cost of developing a DEX platform like 1inch?
How will I know the progress of the development?
Do you provide support post-launch?

Yes. To ensure that the app works fine with no potential bugs or operational issues, we provide support and maintenance services after your application goes live.

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