CryptoPunks is a blockchain-powered collectibles platform that hosts NFTs and preps them for auctions. collectibles are often held with pride and there is an increasing demand for digital collectibles that can grow exponentially in value. CryptoPunks has successfully garnered thousands of users to trade in collectible-based NFTs and, therefore, any platform that can ideally replicate its features and security protocols can become successful business ventures.

The commissions from facilitating NFT sales are attractive and make crypto-entrepreneurs successful.


Unique characters
Modern NFTs
Active Overall Stats
Attribute-based sorting
Top owner sorting
Decentralised codes

How It Works

The base architecture of CryptoPunks is centred around the ownership of assets and the different modes to access them. It uses the Ethereum Blockchain Network as its base to create a seamless and powerful marketplace for the exchange of collectibles.

Specific codes are written for each of the CryptoPunks that are made to be traded off and are designed on the basis of ERC20 and ERC721.

The codes are also compiled in a decentralised manner to make it effortless for collectors to trade. As soon as the codes for individual Punks are uploaded, they become a source of cent per cent permanence.

Why Choose Uberdoo CryptoPunks Clone Script?


At Uberdoo, we understand the complexities and nuances of building a collectible platform. That is why you need a reliable technology partner to bring your vision to life.


With us, you can make the CryptoPunks platform truly your own with customisations and brand guidelines that have to be incorporated into the design and features.

Quick Deployment

The CyberPunks clone script is pre-developed and hence, can be quickly deployed once your customisations are added to the script.


Our support services ensure that your team is capable of handling technical difficulties even after going live to ensure a smooth experience for your users.


The CyberPunks clone script from Uberdoo is competitively priced with support and customisation services guaranteed to give your users an enjoyable crypto experience.

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