KuCoin Clone Script - An Overview

Initializing a cryptocurrency exchange software with a clone script is a quick and trusted way to enter the most remunerative business at the moment considering the high ROI they are producing. To kick-start the development of a crypto exchange platform, KuCoin Clone Script is essentially the right choice. It is a ready-made source code package that incorporates unshakeable threat defense strategies and a great customer experience. Our blockchain specialists are committed to developing an endemic KuCoin-like crypto exchange go-to platform.

Features of our KuCoin Clone Script

Our KuCoin Clone Script is endowed with notable features that facilitate a trustworthy exchange platform.

Multiple Trading Accounts

Users can manage access to more than one trading account with each account for a unique purpose on the platform.

Secure Wallets

Users are offered verified and validated wallets. The wallets are imposed with high-end encryption methods, thus, providing greater security.

Copytrader support

It is possible for the users to assign managers representing them to perform the trading operations.

Exclusive In-App Chat

This feature allows the user to connect with the sellers in real-time through fortified communication channels.

Liquidity Management

The Liquidity Management feature allows the user to liquidate their earnings.

Multiple payment options

With new payment patterns emerging, the users can make use of multiple versatile payment options.

Splendid Dashboard

Users are provisioned with an easy-to-use dashboard that lets them view the overall operations taking place on their platform.

Responsive UI

The efficient User Interface allows the users to experience a lag-free platform.

Auto withdrawal/Deposit

The user can set the withdrawal limits thereby ensuring commission inflow on a regular basis.

Security Features of our KuCoin Clone Script

Uberdoo’s KuCoin Clone Scripts are integrated with advanced security features providing a significantly secure platform.


Two-Factor Authentication

The 2FA can be enabled for the wallet authentication system from the settings module. This provides an extra layer of security on top of passwords.


Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) Prevention

The SSRF Protection tools reject prohibited commands in the KuCoin Clone.


Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Prevention

The CSRF Protection tools integrated with the exchange platform detect unauthorized links from malicious sites and prevent accessibility.


Jail Login

Multiple login attempts are restricted thereby preventing forbidden access.


Wallet security

High-level endorsements for crypto-wallet access are provided to ensure maximal crypto security.


Elliptic-curve cryptography (ECC)

A powerful public-key encryption technique that allows the creation of efficient cryptographic keys. With lower computing power, it escorts high-end security.


DDoS Attenuation

The DDoS Mitigation systems integrated with the platform prevent all potential denial-of-service breaches.


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Platforms’ Work Flow


Users can register in the platform by providing necessary credentials such as email, phone number.

Wallet Integration

The User account is verified and allocated with a wallet for storing cryptocurrencies.

Initiate Trading

Users can pick the required deal from the listed advertisements to initiate the trading operations.

Evaluation of Seller

The seller’s profile can be evaluated by the buyer in terms of reviews, trading details and much more.


Buyers can make use of the In-App feature to get clarity and then move forward with the payment process.

Redirect to Transaction

After the payment process, the transaction details/proof can be redirected to the seller.

Merits of choosing our KuCoin-like Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Why Choose Us?

On-time deployment

We deliver the project on or even before the planned deployment time.

Performance scalability

Our script ensures performance capable of handling synchronous transactions and concurrent users.

24/7 Support and Maintenance

We offer support during all the stages of development and provide maintenance aids post-deployment.

Extensive Customizations

Our development team extends to provide 100% customizable solutions.

High-valued blockchain experts

We have the finest in-house blockchain enthusiasts who are experts in building crypto exchange platforms.

Advanced threat defense services

Our best-in-class threat defense mechanisms prevent unwanted breaching of user data and wallet access.


How is KuCoin Clone unique from other clones?
Is the previous transaction history accessible?
How long does it take to launch a KuCoin Clone App?

The KuCoin App can be launched in a matter of days. However, it also depends on the intensity of the specified requirements.

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