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Empower Your Crypto Business with
BEP-20 Token Development Services

The cryptocurrency landscape has never stayed the same. With many innovations and contemporary developments, it is offering many upgrades in the DeFi space. Enter Binance Smart Chain - an extended offering of Binance that has been created to help investors and traders leverage the benefits of DeFi and the NFT with smart contract functionality. One such innovation from the array of many is the BEP-20 token.

At Uberdoo, we offer BEP-20 token development services that will help you create BEP-20 tokens that run on Binance Smart Chain. Having dealt with various blockchain development projects, we have got a knack for developing products that offer security, reliability, and benefits to the end-users. And thus track down the best techniques to create BEP-20 tokens for your business.

Our BEP-20 Token Development Services

Governance Token

We create governance-based BEP-20 tokens for your users to vote on any changes in the token mechanism.

ICO Development

Our team is professed in developing entirely reliable utility tokens when launching your own ICO platform to raise funds by distributing BEP-20 tokens.

BEP-20 Token Listing

Our team’s expert blockchain developers will create highly functional crypto tokens with BEP-20 tokens and list them in top exchanges so that your traders can buy and sell conveniently.

Crypto Derivatives

Create your own BEP-20 tokens by joining them with real-world assets like currency, precious metals or stocks, etc., and reap profits.

BEP-20 Token Wallet Development

We develop highly secure and sturdy customized token wallets that can store and manage Binance Chain tokens created under BEP-20 standards.

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Benefits Coiled with BEP-20 Token Development

  • Since the BEP-20 token is analogous to the BEP-2 token and ERC-20 token, it will make it compatible for both platforms.
  • The BEP tokens are supported by BNB
  • The traders and investors will receive incentives as they receive BNB as an additional fee
  • It allows functioning on DeFi protocols like wallets, DEX, dApps, etc.
  • Since wallets like the TrustWallet support BEP-20 tokens, users can store, and manage assets.
  • Tokens from different blockchain networks can be pegged on BEP-20 tokens.

Features You Get with Developing BEP-20 Tokens

Ownership rights

As a token owner, it is entirely up to you to whether mint or burn the tokens.

Impressive compatibility

We create BEP-20 tokens that will be compatible with all BEP-20 token infrastructure and will be adaptable to all BEP-20 wallets.

Accessibility to edit roles

You can edit your admin role or minter role based on your business convenience.


You have extensive access to customize any features, whether you want to remove or add to them.


Though it might belong to BSC, the BEP-20 tokens can be swapped or cross-matched with other blockchains that come under the Binance network.


We integrate multiple security features that are tried and tested to protect your token business from any kind of cyber threats.

Multi-currency support

Our development can lead to finding use and leverage multiple platforms, as BEP-20 can be compliant with 61 other cryptocurrencies in trends.


The BEP-20 tokens will be developed on the DEX platform, hence there will be no admin interference for the users until there is a dispute.

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Our BEP-20 Token Creation Cycle

Our general roadmap has been proven to drive business prosperity, hence becoming the testimonial of our expertise in the blockchain field. Based on the results we have seen so far, we are listing out the development steps involved in creating unique BEP-20 tokens for your business.

Requirement gathering
Evaluating feasibility
Selecting suitable framework
Platform availability mode
Developing platform
Including attributes
Whitepaper designing

Why Should You Choose Uberdoo?

Uberdoo has been a premier blockchain development company for developing enterprise-grade Blockchain applications that drive benefits and profits. With a deep knowledge of the Blockchain world, we have made it our mission to create competent solutions for businesses that strive with challenges.

Our development services provide you with an extensive range of assistance that you can avail of based on your business requirements. We develop token software that enhances the user experience on the frontend and enriches robustness and security on the backend. Finally, you get a reliable and unique BEP-20 token based on your request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if you require signing an NDA, we are ready to do it, since your satisfaction and trust are our top priorities.

Yes. We carry out an idea validation process in which we will have a discovery workshop, Proof of Concept, and develop an MVP so that you can test your concept on the market.

It is difficult to provide you with even a rough estimate, as there are aspects that differ from project to project. We have to evaluate the project’s complexity and scope before we could provide you an estimate.


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