Swiggy Clone App Development

The online food delivery business is developing multi-folds with the growing increase in demand for online food ordering. Users look for an application that well serves their needs and is easy to use. At Uberdoo, we have a dedicated team of developers that build on-demand Swiggy Clone applications that are 100% customizable.

Our trusted Swiggy clone app development solution comes with a heap of rich features that follows the existing successful apps’ framework. Who is our Swiggy clone built for? Our Swiggy clone will be a one-stop solution for all your business needs irrespective of whether you are a startup, large-scale, or small-scale business. It can be customized and integrated with various business-specific requirements. Make a smart move by taking advantage of our Swiggy like app source code and make strides in the on-demand market!

Features Imparted in Our Swiggy Clone Script

We provide a Swiggy clone app source code that comprises scalable and rich features.
These features enable the users to access the application with ease.

Social Media Login

The customer can log in using the social media credentials of platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.,

Real-time Tracking

With GPS integration imparted in our Swiggy Clone Script, the customer can track the order status and get live updates instantly.

Smart Search

The customers can search their desirable and nearby restaurants concerning their current location.


Users can choose from a diverse range of cuisines, menu, and restaurants that best suits their needs.

Multiple Payment Options

Order payments can be made through various available payment options such as Credit/Debit card payment, digital wallets, Paypal, Netbanking, and so on. Also, business-specific payment method integrations can be made by our Swiggy clone app development.

Reviews and Ratings

The quality and taste of food and the delivery executive’s service can be given with ratings and reviews.

Executive’s Status

Based on their availability, the executives can switch between online and offline. When they are online, they’ll receive delivery requests.


The earnings of the delivery executive can be viewed on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Delivery Information

Detailed information about the received order request, destination, restaurant information, and so on will be received by the executive once he accepts the order request.

In-app calls/chats

In case of any query regarding the order or the delivery location, the delivery agent can contact the customer directly through in-app calls or in-app chats to clarify their queries.

Restaurant Application

Restaurant Availability

Availability of the restaurant will be based on if the restaurant is online or offline. The restaurant receives order requests when online.

Deals and Discounts

Restaurants can provide discounts such as promo codes, no delivery charges, etc., for both new and existing customers.

Order Status

The status of the received order can be viewed and updated according to the order stages such as order acceptance, order confirmation, order arrival time, and much more.

Live Tracking

Delivery agents’ live locations can be tracked by the restaurants using the live tracking feature.

Admin Panel

Offer Management

Apart from the restaurant-provided offers, the admin can add additional discounts or offers to enhance sales and guarantee customer retention.

Site Earnings

The admin can look into the earnings of the site, restaurants, and delivery executives.

Restaurant Listings

Restaurant listings can be viewed, edited, deleted, and added by the admin according to the commission rates.

Delivery Agent Management

The delivery executives’ details associated with different restaurants can be managed by the admin.

Payment Gateway

Secure payment systems with multiple payment gateways such as credit/debit cards, in-app wallets can be made use of by the admin.

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Safety Add-ons

Considering the COVID pandemic situation, safety is our priority. We ensure to give a safe experience by integrating the following safety add-on features in our Swiggy clone app source code. These features can be developed and integrated on request to the base app.

Contactless Delivery

By dropping the order in a safe spot near the user’s location, even the slightest probability of virus spread can be eliminated.

Photo / Video Sharing

The entire experience will follow a trusted process to ensure customer safety. A photo or video of the restaurant to the ordered location will be shared with the customer.

Mask / Glove verification

Delivery executives must wear masks and gloves and upload a selfie with the same for safety verification. Only after this step, the agent can accept the delivery request.

High-touch Surface Guide

This is for the awareness of the customers about disinfectant and sanitization usages. This ensures not to have complementary spoons, cover handles, etc., through the application.

How Does Swiggy Clone App?

For effortless application usage and easy order placements, we always follow a user-friendly workflow.

Find your preferable food store

The customers can find their preferred restaurant near their location.

Browse menus

Desired food can be chosen from the listed eateries and menu and ordered by the customer.

Secure payment

With various payment options available, the user can pay for the order through any of the payment gateways.

Food delivery

The ordered food will be delivered to the customer by the delivery executive as per the provided delivery instructions.

Rate and Review

The order can be provided with ratings and reviews for the food and the service of the agent through the Swiggy clone app.

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Why Choose Uberdoo?

Uberdoo practices strategic methodologies to ensure delivering a top-class Swiggy clone app source code that helps you grow your food delivery business. We incorporate advanced security and privacy mechanisms to make sure the Swiggy like app source code is extremely secure. Here are a few notable reasons to choose us for your Swiggy clone app development.


Free installation

Timely Delivery

Free brand removal

36 months free support

24 months free updates

100% unencrypted source code

Android & iOS platform compatibility

White label and customizable solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

After the application goes live, we will hand over the entire Swiggy like app source code.

We deploy the Swiggy Clone Script directly to your server. Get in touch with us to know more about the delivery process.

The delivery time depends on various factors such as features to be included, requested add-ons and functionalities, integrations to be included, and much more. We make sure the application is delivered either on or before the stipulated deadline.

Yes. We ensure that the Swiggy clone app development imparts unique login credentials and portals for the customer, restaurant, delivery executive, and admin.

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