Launch your crypto platform inspired by the reliable Paxful

Kickstart your crypto-business by replicating the powerful features of Paxful, one of the most reliable and widely used crypto-exchange platforms in the world. With its decentralised trading, you can give your users the ability to gain complete control over their crypto assets with ease. This Paxful clone script also comes with a powerful security system to complement the trades your platform facilitates. With over 350 ways to buy, sell or exchange cryptocurrencies, Paxful still remains one of the safest ways to do so due to its high-end security protocols with a built-in escrow system in place.

At Uberdoo, we ensure that the Paxful clone script is customised as per your requirements and is ready-to-launch at the earliest.

Paxful Clone Software Features

A Paxful clone app by Uberdoo can make crypto-exchange and trading a breeze for your clients. The UI is clean and effective while powerful data analytics software makes visualisation easy for your traders to make buy/sell decisions. There are several distinguishable features of Paxful.

Crypto-wallet integration
Easy-to-use UI
Merchant dashboard
Multiple trading options
Jail login
2FA security
HTTPS authentication
Multi-linguistic assistance

Benefits of Paxful Clone App

From high-speed transactions to multi-layer security, our Paxful clone app is a clean and easy-to-use crypto-trading platform. It even comes with an integrated escrow system that will make trade management and execution simple for your users. Since this is a ready-made software, it can also be launched in a few days.

Exclusive Features

Matching Engine

Uberdoo’s Paxful clone software comes with a powerful matching engine that matches buy and sell orders with zero latency.

Escrow Wallet

Power your platform with a high-performing and highly secure escrow wallet to ensure that every trade happens without technical difficulties.

Crypto-wallet Integration

Allow your users to trade or exchange cryptocurrencies through securely integrated wallets.

Cross Trading

With cross trading, your users can buy or sell crypto-assets in offset mode. This gives them the flexibility of trading in multiple modes.

Profit Margin

Paxful script from Uberdoo is power-packed with features that can make crypto trading a breeze for your users, making it a more profitable investment.

Trading Bot

Paxful’s trading bot is emulated in our clone script, allowing your users to find the best bid and ask prices for maximum profit.

IEO Integration

Initial Exchange Offerings can be easily integrated with Paxful script to enable instant P2P crypto-exchange.

Live Data Feed

Our live data feed allows your users to see the market changes happen as it happens. This offers real-time value for your users.

Launchpad Integration

The Paxful script is integrated with a token launch platform that allows your users to automate P2P exchanges.

How Paxful Clone App Works


The first step for the user is to register on your platform with their email id or phone number.

KYC/AML Verification

They are then required to fill out an EKYC form that will be automatically verified by the Paxful clone script.

Wallet Linking

Now the user can link their preferred payment methods with the wallets and deposit money.

Trade initialisation

With that, the user can now start trading their preferred crypto-assets with the cryptocurrency in their wallet.

Why Choose Uberdoo Paxful clone?

At Uberdoo, we are all about adding extreme value to our clients. We are focused on launching several crypto-exchange platforms and can assure you that our best minds will go into the development of your platform.

Expert Team

Our tried and tested framework for deployment ensures that the best practices are diligently followed every step of the way.

Quick Deployment

Our clone scripts are ready-made and can guarantee a quick deployment once the customisations are made.


Make your platform truly yours by incorporating every feature you want to provide for your clients.


What are the possible revenue streams from the Paxful app?
How much time will it take to create the Paxful clone software?
How much does it cost to build a Paxful clone script?

The cost depends on the features expected out of it in addition to the basic Paxful clone script. To get a quote, please get in touch with us.

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