Why NFT Marketplace is a massive revenue stream?

NFT Marketplace is a mass revenue system in which the initial adopters of NFT started their income stream by reveling the scope of NFT in wide range of industries. NFT has exclusive and special features that can offer a wide range of services in the market leading towards vast investment opportunities for improved results. Non-Fungible Tokens are generated from NFT collectibles or cryptoartists that is art, music, game assets. Our development platform provides assistance in tokenizing the collectibles that you own.

The marketplace provides huge income to artists, musicians, and other distinct producers or creators. The significance of NFT in art and games provides modernisation in various services with the combination of AV/VR. Land infrastructure digitization in Non-fungible Token offers introduction to real estate and architecture industries in virtual environments. Significance of NFT in marketplace leads to modernisation of various services which currently under research stage.

The initial adopters of NFT like OpenSea and Rarible started to develop their own NFT Marketplace which resulted in great interest among the collectors who are in search of unique products. Our vast NFT Marketplace is bounded with 27 distinct digital art marketplace on Ethereum, with SuperRare, MarketPlace, Async Art and Known Origin allowing sales about $1 million to $8 million which is considerably very less when compared to this huge service opportunity. Our NFT Marketplace development platform professionals can provide you with an income from the new crypto fortune and offer a suitable NFT Marketplace development platform for initial adopters to build their empire. Uberdoo is a leading NFT marketplace development company in India

Characteristics of NFT Marketplace

Uberdoo is a reputed NFT Marketplace Developer which offers assistance in developing NFT Marketplace with following characteristics

01 Trading capacity of NFT

NFT has exclusive interoperability features which enable trading with various virtual environments and marketplaces. It also provides the token owner to take an advantage over the complex trading capabilities, bidding, bundling, ability to sell in the marketplace, etc.

02 Standardisation of NFT

NFT also contributes to public blockchain which allows the developers to construct general, reusable, inheritable standards which are relevant to entire Non-Fungible Tokens. These standards include fundamentals like ownership, transfer and simple access control to the items which are tokenized by you. This allows the standardisation of collectibles owned by you which are represented in NFT to display in the marketplace.

03 Liquidity of NFT

Trading of Non-Fungible Tokens instantly will result in higher liquidity. Non-Fungible Tokens can also be considered as the collateral for liquid cash or other forms of cryptocurrencies for instant cash. There are huge options in the market that can offer instant liquidity with a vast audience in the marketplace. Non-Fungible Tokens also have the capability of expanding the market for distinct digital assets.

04 Interoperable capacity of NFT

Non-Fungible Token standards (ERC 721 Token and ERC 1155 Token) enables the communications between various environments. When a new project is published on NFT it is instantly visible for wallet providers that allows to trade NFT in the marketplace. These projects can also be displayed under the multiple marketplaces which are available. The open standards enables clear, consistent, steady and authorised API for reading and writing data to achieve this possibility.

05 Control benefit of NFT

NFT are completely programmable like other traditional digital assets. Cryptokitties are the digital cats which are baked in a breeding mechanic contract directly. Most of present day NFTs have complicated mechanics such as forging, crafting, redeeming, random generation etc.

06 Scarcity

Smart contracts enable the developers to place a great capital on the supply of Non-Fungible Tokens and implement a constant properties that cannot be altered after the issuance of NFTs. Limitation can be done by a developer programmatically that only a definite number of a specific rare item can be created. A developer can also implement a specific property by encoding them on-chain which doesn’t not change over a time. This improves the unique feature of your creation.

Our NFT Marketplace offers

NFT for art tokenization

NFT for memes

NFT for games

NFT for the fashion industry

NFT for sports

NFT for music

NFT Features of ERC 721 and ERC 1155 Token marketplace development

01 NFT Ranking in our Marketplace

The Ranking of NFT and their features like volume, average, price, and other top statistical data of Non-Fungible Tokens will be listed. Updation of these detail will on hourly basis. This feature allows the token holder to know about their demand and position of their Tokens in the marketplace.

02 Bundled services

Our marketplace offers bundled or combined services that allows Uberdoo is a NFT Marketplace Developer which develop a marketplace in which users to list their Tokens in Bundles. Upto 30 items can be bundled by a user which allows them to sell multiple Tokens at an instance with efficient gas fee.

03 Bidding

Our Non-Fungible Tokens Marketplace development platform enables the users to create various types of listing like fixed price listings, English auction listings, Dutch auction listings. The process is different for each and every type of listings.

04 Dutch auction listings

Our marketplace offers bundled or combined services that allows Uberdoo is a NFT Marketplace Developer which develop a marketplace in which users to list their Tokens in Bundles. Upto 30 items can be bundled by a user which allows them to sell multiple Tokens at an instance with efficient gas fee.

05 English auction listings

An item is offered by a seller for sales at mimimum price and awaits bids. After certain duration of time, the seller accepts the highest bid. This types of auction is famous in eBay. It is generally associated with speed-talking, hammer-wielding auctioneers

Initial adopters of NFT Marketplace


NBA Topshots

NBA Topshots is the most important one. It enables the tokenization of video clip, GIF, player cards, etc which are legally authorised by NBA.



Cryptokitties is Non-Fungible Tokens Marketplace which is basically a game based on the blockchain developed under Ethereum. It allows the participants to buy, save, breed and sell virtual cats in the form of NFTs.



Sorare is NFT Marketplace which is specifically designed for fantasy/imaginary sports. It provides players or team to participate in the fantasy/imaginary sports league like dream11, MPL, etc



OpenSea is 1st marketplace platform which familiar and well known, that allows the tokenization of variety of digital arts and other distinct producers into NFT. As it is an open platform, all type of Non-Fungible Tokens can traded.



V. cent is the marketplace which converts the tweets in Twitter into Non-Fungible Tokens and sell it for highest bid.



Rarible is a marketplace which is built on blockchain technology that allows the tokenization of digital assets. It also a open marketplace that allows the tokenization of collectibles of accessories into NFT.

Significance of Uberdoo

We offer extraordinary services to our customers in developing their NFT Marketplace and provide them with a fulfilling assistance in marketplace development of NFT.


We provide 24/7 uninterrupted assistance and support to our customers and answer their queries as soon as possible.

Security system

Our NFT Marketplace development platform offer maximum security benefit.

User interface

Our development team consists of experienced professionals who can analyse and satisfy your requirements to provide you with a user friendly UI.


We provide crystal clear transparency in each and every marketplace development process and progress.


We provide our customers with the integration of API and external wallet which results in good user experience.

Customer centric approach

We provide a customised service and well planned service to satisfy client’s requirements.

Cross platforms

We offer NFT Marketplace development services in wide range of blockchains platforms such as Ethereum, Flow, Matic, Rubix etc.


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NFTs are listed in the marketplace for audience’s interest. NFT’s value is based on audience interest and scarcity.

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