Power your DeFi-based platform with PancakeSwap clone

PancakeSwap is an efficient crypto-exchange platform that runs on the Binance smart Chain via the Automated Market Maker. With the PancakeSwap clone script created exclusively to replicate the features of PancakeSwap, you can allow your customers to exchange or liquidate their assets for the tokens on the platform or register to a liquidity pool for lottery winnings. The credibility of PancakeSwap makes it a financially beneficial platform to replicate and with us as your technology partner, you get more than just a PancakeSwap clone.

We ensure that the platform is customised to reflect your vision and brand guidelines for the crypto-exchange.

Pancakeswap Clone Script

PancakeSwap Clone Software Features

PancakeSwap, with its high-end features, is one of the go-to platforms for crypto-exchange amongst millions of traders. With our PancakeSwap clone script, we have efficiently and effectively replicated its features to give your users a seamless crypto-trading experience.

Crypto-wallet integration
Automated Market Maker
Merchant dashboard
Yield farming
Data integration
2FA security
Coin staking

Benefits of PancakeSwap Clone AppBenefits of Uniswap Clone App

The PancakeSwap clone software is easy-to-use and anybody familiar with the workings of other popular crypto-exchange platforms can easily understand the nuances of your platform as well. It is highly secure and works on the Binance smart contract chain, which is one of the most popular blockchains that several traders trade in.

Pancakeswap Clone Software

Exclusive Features


With the PancakeSwap clone software, swapping is the process in which users can swap BEP-20 to earn a native Cake token.


Users can add liquidity to the pools by depositing tokens. They can also stake and win lotteries to improve their profits

Yield Farming

It is the process in which users can stake and farm tokens to earn rewards. The rewards are tokens that can be liquidated later.


Allow your users to engage in lotteries to improve their profits. With one Cake token, they can take part in a single lottery.


Non-fungible tokens are created by members of the crypto-community and PancakeSwap allows them to keep NFTs as collectables.

Initial Firm Offerings

With regular access to invest in IFOs, give your users the ability to find and make use of newer tokens.

Integrated Security Protocol

Our PancakeSwap clone script is ironclad with high-end integrated security protocols that are up to global standards.


With the PancakeSwap clone, you can allow your users to transfer any decentralised digital asset from one blockchain to another.


Reward your users for every move they make on your platform with tokens, non-fungible tokens and discounts.

How LocalBitcoins Clone App Works


The user has to first register with your platform with their mobile number or email id.

KYC/AML Verification

Then the eKYC forms have to be filled. The PancakeSwap clone will automatically verify it.

Wallet Linking

Once the account is set up, they can choose from a multitude of payment methods to add funds to their wallet.

Trade initialisation

Once the wallet has cryptocurrencies, the users can begin trading in over a hundred different tokens and assets.

Why Choose Uberdoo Pancakeswap clone?

Our experts are adept at building secure and robust crypto-exchange platforms that are easy-to-use and seamless to experience. We use a high-end and agile framework to ensure that the best practices go into the development of your platform. This includes ideation, consultation, design, development, deployment and support. We will also ensure that your resources are comfortable with the platform to troubleshoot issues.

Expert Team

Our development experts have built over a hundred applications and can effortlessly build the most demanding crypto-exchange platform.

Quick Deployment

Since our clone scripts are ready-made, we can effortlessly customise the platform as per your expectations and deploy it in a few days.


We love working with clients who expect nothing but excellence from us. Irrespective of the feature, we can make it happen for your platform.


What is the Pancakeswap clone script?
How much does it cost to develop the Pancakeswap clone script?
What are the best features of Uberdoo’s PancakeSwap clone?
What is yield farming in PancakeSwap?
How much time does it take to build the PancakeSwap clone script?

The completion time depends on the customisations and features expected by our clients. To know an ETA, please get in touch with us.

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