Enable person-to-person bitcoin exchange with ease

Our LocalBitcoins clone script allows you to enter the business of crypto successfully. Since there is a heavy dependency on Local Bitcoins for P2P crypto exchange, a platform that you create with our clone script can be effortlessly profitable. With us, you can launch your business without delays and securely facilitate exchanges without latency. While our LocalBitcoins clone script includes all the features of the software, you can also customise it as per your requirements and add or remove specific features.

Our development strategy, carefully created by experts, allows you to truly understand the scope of the clone script and ensure that you make the most out of it.

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LocalBitcoins Clone Software Features

The LocalBitcoins clone app from Uberdoo Technology replicates all the features of the LocalBitcoins application, including its easy-to-use UI. With customisable features and multiple security options, you can make this clone app a unique one that best suits your business needs. Some of our features are included below.

Here is a list of the versatile, functional features that makes this app highly useful for investors and traders:

bitcoin wallet
Crypto-wallet integration
bitcoin ui
Easy-to-use UI
bitcoin dashboard
Merchant dashboard
bitcoin trading
Multiple trading options
bitcoin data
Data integration
bitcoin security
2FA security
bitcoin transaction
Transaction history

Benefits of LocalBitcoins Clone App

With us as your technology partner, you can rest assured that the crypto exchange platform that you build for your clients is safe, secure and fast. We have enabled several entrepreneurs to pursue a successful career in the crypto-platform industry by allowing them to integrate their vision with the robust benefits that the clone app offers.

bitcoin benefits

Exclusive Features

bitcoin management

Escrow management

Uberdoo LocalBitcoins script comes with a secure Escrow system that is enabled with multi-level security protocols to prevent theft and hacking.

bitcoin OTC

OTC trading

With our LocalBitcoins script, you can offer OTC trading facility to allow your clients to trade and transact with cryptos offline and without interruptions.

bitcoin leveraged

Leveraged trading

Give your users the ability to trade with sufficient investment by offering margin trading options that will allow them to use more funds.

bitcoin chatbox

Integrated chatbox

Allow your users to communicate with each other while transacting to share live updates and avoid miscommunications.

bitcoin experience

Zero interference

With the exception of dispute resolution in the case of mismanaged transactions, give your traders a zero-interference experience.

bitcoin crypto

Crypto staking

Offer rewards and offers for traders who stake their cryptos. With our app, you can offer a seamless staking experience based on participation.

bitcoin token

Token listing

Simplify the token-listing process to allow any user to list their own crypto token effortlessly and within the rules that you set up.

bitcoin affiliate

Affiliate Program

Give your clients the opportunity to bring in more users to your platform and reward them with attractive crypto-trading offers.

bitcoin customization

Customization features

Our Local Bitcoins script allows for complex customisations that can accommodate your brand guidelines as well as your vision for the application

How Local Bitcoin Clone App Works


The user signs up with your crypto exchange platform and links their crypto-wallets with your platform

KYC/AML Verification

Next, the user fills up an eKYC form that will be automatically verified by the application. This will allow them to start trading as soon as the information is verified.

Order Initiation

Now, the user will be able to verify their trading order by posting an ad for the asset to be bought/sold, the quantity, location and payment methods.

Escrow System

As soon as the user initiates a trade, an escrow will be initialised wherein the payment and the coins will be held in the system till it is complete.


In the process of completion of the transaction, if a dispute occurs between the buyer and the seller, an admin can intervene and resolve the issue

Why Choose Uberdoo?

At Uberdoo, we work with expert developers in the blockchain and cryptocurrency fields to identify and develop clone applications of software tools that are proven successes. Our Local Bitcoin scripts have launched several entrepreneurs and their businesses to provide valuable crypto-exchange services to thousands of traders. Our clone scripts are also designed to be customisable to ensure complete flexibility and security for our clients.

bitcoin team

Expert Team

Our team follows an efficient framework for development that ensures support from starting to finish

bitcoin deployment

Quick Deployment

We understand the demanding nature of launching a business in the crypto-age and ensure that your software is ready-to-deploy as early as a few weeks from initiating.

bitcoin native

Native Coin

With our Local Bitcoin clone, you can create a native coin that you can promote and use to trade with others


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Where can I get a fully customizable localbitcoins clone script?

At Uberdoo, we have a team of developers who will help you customise a LocalBitcoin clone script to reflect your brand guidelines and values. Please get in touch with us for a quote.

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