Binance clone script - An Overview

Binance (a combination of the words ‘Bitcoin’ and ‘Finance’) is the most popular crypto exchange platform. It lets traders buy and sell coins of more than 150 types, including its own BNB token. It also offers trading on crypto derivatives and futures.

The Binance clone script provided by Uberdoo is a highly secure, robust, ready-to-build white label software that enables you to create a cryptocurrency exchange platform similar to Binance. It contains all the integral features of Binance and holds the potential for further customization. The software does not violate the copyrights policy of the original platform. It has been tested for sound quality and safety.

Binance Clone App Development

At Uberdoo, we could also provide an app for your Binance-clone platform. The Binance clone app provides a more friendly user interface for traders on mobile devices. It works well on all popular operating systems.

Here is a list of the versatile, functional features that makes this app highly useful for investors and traders:

Encrypted withdrawals for greater security
Geo-tracked identification
Integrated crypto wallet
Biometric authentication
Push notifications
Multi-lingual assistance
User-friendly dashboard
Multi-device compatibility
Multiple security options

Premium features of our Binance Clone Script


Liquidity Integration

Our Binance clone script covers the development of liquidity management and market-making tools.


Peer-to-Peer Trading

Trade with other users without the intervention or monitoring by a central authority


Cryptocurrency Wallet Integration

The script allows for EVM compatibility. Therefore, users with other crypto wallets will be supported by the platform’s tokens.


Pooling and Staking Options

Pool, swap or pledge a stake in multiple cryptocurrencies.


High-Performance Matching and Trading Engine

The platform will be supported by a responsive matching and trading engine to facilitate faster trade and more scalable solutions


Escrow Management

Avail escrow management services for P2P trading


IEO Dashboard

The IEO dashboard lets users instantly create a fundraising platform and generate capital.


Order Book

Access up-to-date information on all the trades at the moment and transactions that you have expressed interest in.

Security Features of Our Binance Clone Script

As the popularity of the crypto ecosystem shoots up, it becomes increasingly vulnerable to threats from hackers. At Uberdoo, we ensure that the security of the platform remains a top priority and employ multiple tools and checks for the same.

2 Factor Authentication

CSRF Security

KYC and AML authentication

Anti-DDoS protection

Microservice architecture

Cloudflare integration

Multi-signature wallet

Time-restricted transactions (p2p)

A brief outline of the steps that users need to complete to get started on the platform:

Users first need to complete their email and mobile verification.

Users are encouraged to activate the Two-Factor Authentication system.

Users then undergo KYC and AML verification with their documents.

Users can withdraw their cryptocurrency only if the KYC is verified. They need to deposit an initial sum of money before starting to trade

Business-specific benefits of the Binance Clone Script

100% Customized

Our Binance clone script is highly customizable and lets you add, modulate or remove features at any stage of development.

High Scalability

Similar to Binance, our Binance clone script too is programmed to handle close to 150000 trades simultaneously

Faster Transactions

We ensure that the platform built from the clone script is robust enough to handle a high case load of transactions without any technical glitches.

Huge ROI

A Binance-like platform offers several revenue streams in form of transaction fees, trading fees, listing fees, freemium fees, Google Adsense, etc.

Multiple Coin Listing

The platform will support multiple cryptocurrencies. You can add and remove several types of altcoins.

Multiple Payment Methods

Our platform will be linked to multiple payment processors. Traders can deposit and withdraw money through various means in a hassle-free manner.

Build a revenue stream with a crypto exchange built on our Binance Clone Script

Binance DEX Clone Script Development

Binance DEX is a decentralized peer-to-peer crypto trading option introduced by Binance to facilitate more privacy, non-interference from third parties and faster trading. Traders on the DEX platform have complete control over their transaction privacy, private keys and personal data.

At Uberdoo, we offer Binance DEX clone scripts for you to build a similar platform.

Key features of our Binance DEX clone script:

  • Secure log-in options
  • Encrypted transactions
  • Highly scalability
  • High-speed transactions
  • Secure Escrow account for funds management
  • Instant dispute resolution
  • Liquidity integration
  • KYC and AML verification
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Blockchain-enabled transaction history

Binance Smart Chain Development

The original Binance platform is a centralized exchange that runs on the Ethereum network. A need for felt, however, for a decentralized platform that ensures greater privacy. As a result, Binance’s decentralized exchange (DEX) was introduced on an alternate network called Binance Smart Chain (BSC). BSC is a parallel blockchain that supports smart contracts.

At Uberdoo, we have carefully analyzed and studied the smart contract features of BSC and updated our clone script to reflect it. With our Binance smart chain feature, you can allow your users to easily exchange and trade crypto coins in a separate blockchain, build DeFi apps, games, use the NFT marketplace, and more.

Ride the crypto boom with a crypto exchange platform built with the smart chain feature

Why Choose Uberdoo to Create Your Binance-Based Crypto Exchange Platform?

Uberdoo has extensive experience building backend technology from clone scripts for crypto exchange platforms. We take the time to understand your goals and requirements and suggest various methods and alternatives to get there.Some priorities that we take seriously:

Use of updated tech tools
Timely delivery
Round-the-clock support
Customized development

Launch your cryptocurrency exchange platform with our efficient and customizable Binance clone script


Why should I start a crypto exchange platform like Binance?
What is special in the Binance clone script?
Will my Binance-like crypto exchange platform stand out from competitors?
How long would it take to create a crypto exchange platform like Binance?
What is the cost to create a crypto exchange platform like Binance?

Our crypto exchange development solutions are fairly affordable for most entrepreneurs and start-ups. Cost depends on factors such as add-on features or custom designs. Get in touch and we can find a solution optimal for your budget and business requirements.

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