Axie Infinity is an engaging, pet- and war-themed digital game that runs on powerful blockchain technology. Players are tasked with building and expanding kingdoms they build for their pets. As they keep winning battles and levelling up, players can earn more cryptocurrencies. The game comes with a clean UI design and multiple functionalities that can make this the next rage in gaming.

The Axie Infinity Clone script from Uberdoo replicates the vast universe of the original game, complete with the smallest and largest features that make this game compelling to play. This includes character and sequential updates that can be bought using ETH.

Exclusive Features


The main theme of the game is to fight and win battles between your Axie and an opponent’s Axie to grow the kingdom you have built for your pets.


The homeland Lunacis is subdivided into units that are tokenised and act as shelters to the Axies. After winning battles, the land functionality opens more utilities and assets.


Rookie and beginner Axies can be upgraded through breeding to have improved features, body parts, stats and classes. This breeding will help in improved battles.


Axie Infinity Shards, or AXS, allows users to avail the governance feature. AXS tokens are the basic units of transaction and are used to process upgrades and add-ons.


The marketplace is where the Axies and their possessions can be traded or purchased. Axies will be priced based on their ability to perform in battle.

Love Portion

These are ERC20 tokens that can be used to expedite the breeding of Axies. They are not a part of Axie governance but can be used to leverage other benefits.

How It Works

The Axie Infinity clone script from Uberdoo makes it easy for your users to sign up and get started with their own digital per universe.

Wallet Integration

Loading ETH

Download Ronin Wallet

Deposit ETH to Ronin Wallet

Axie Market Purchase

Metamask Signup

Start Playing

Why Choose Uberdoo Axie Infinity Clone Script?


Our team of experts comes with significant experiences in the blockchain environment and have successfully developed multiple applications for crypto gaming and crypto-exchanges.


The Infinity Axis clone script that we develop can be customised to include the features that you require while retaining the major functionalities that the original game comes with.

Quick Deployment

Since the white-labelled script is pre-developed, our team can quickly incorporate the customisations and deploy your version of the game in a few weeks.


At Uberdoo, we ensure that you are backed with the technical know-how to manage issues that might crop up after deployment to give your users a seamless experience.


Uberdoo’s Axie Infinity clone script is competitively priced to ensure that you do not spend a fortune on developing on an existing game.

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