OpenSea has singlehandedly created an alternate economy through NFT auction/buying that has allowed millions of users to capitalise on the latest games, artworks and even memes. OpenSea has made the process of buying and auctioning an NFT simple and straightforward with options to integrate with several crypto-wallets and a clean UI for displaying the NFTs that are up for auction. With the OpenSea clone script from Uberdoo, you can successfully replicate all the features that make OpenSea a success and add your features to it.

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OpenSea Clone Script Features

Simple Design Architecture
Enhanced Categorisation
User Activity Tracking
NFT Tracking
All-round Statistics
Multi-wallet Integration
Escrow Specifications
High-end Matching Engine
ERC 721, ERC 1155 and ERC 998 Compatible

Supported NFTs

Trump cards

How OpenSea Clone Script Works


Users sign up with email or phone verification


Users complete their profiles with information like address, phone number and more

Wallet integration

Users integrate their Metamask or other crypto-wallet to make or accept payments.

NFT listing

If the user is a seller, they will pay a listing fee to your platform and list their NFT.

NFT Purchase

If the user is a collector they can place a bid on an NFT and pay your platform a commission for the transaction.

Why Choose Uberdoo OpenSea Clone Script ?


Building the OpenSea clone script involves a keen eye for detail that our experts are adept at. We ensure that the clone script is power-packed with all of OpenSea’s features.


In addition to OpenSea’s features, you can customise your OpenSea clone script to include the features that you would like your users to enjoy and benefit from.

Quick Deployment

The pre-developed OpenSea clone script from Uberdoo makes it easy for our team of experts to incorporate your customisations and brand guidelines.


The support services from Uberdoo will ensure that you give a seamless support experience for your clients until you can take over.


Our framework for the OpenSea clone script development allows us to competitively price the software product to help you maximise your ROI.

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