Level up your crypto exchange business with our Poloniex clone script

Last couple of years have seen a drastic increase in the number of people investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin and many other coins through crypto exchanging platforms.

This is the prime time to enter the blockchain ecosystem with your own Crypto Exchange. With our Poloniex Clone Script, we can build you a robust crypto exchange that will enable you to be an early player in this growing Crypto Exchange ecosystem.

Poloniex Clone Script

The Poloniex clone script is a highly secure crypto-trading (exchange) platform that mainly focuses on allowing users to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies easily and safely. With enhanced trading features, the Poloniex clone ensures the transactions are smooth and hassle-free.

Features of our Poloniex clone script

Quick buy/sell

The traders on the platform can quickly buy or sell cryptocurrencies in a smooth way

Wallet integration

This exchange is integrated with a highly secured wallet that can easily enable users to deposit and withdraw the cryptocurrencies.

Smart contract 

This platform allows users to make transactions without any third-party intervention

Multilingual support

The platform provides the users with many languages; thus users from across the world can get access to the app in their desired language. 

Live chat support

This feature allows the user to have a live chat and get instant help from the authorities.

Security Features of our Poloniex clone script


Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication allows the users to have a smooth login where their identity is confirmed with QR codes and private keys.


HTTPS Protection

This feature helps to avoid any kinds of web attacks that tries to manipulate and retrieve the confidential information 


Distributed Denial of Service

This feature prevents the exchange of DDoS attacks that were aimed to make the platform inaccessible by massive request to the server.


Domain Registry Lock

This provides an extra layer of protection to the trade by locking the domain at the beginning level and this prevents any unauthorized/ accidental changes in the domain name. 

How does this Poloniex-like Crypto Exchange app work?

Once the user takes the exchange platform page they can sign up for the account by providing their basic details like email ID and password. If the users want to quickly sign up and make transactions immediately, the users should have their bitcoin and an approved form of verifiable IDs like passport and license. If the user could not log in to the account with the 2FA method, then he/she can use the 16-digit key.


To deposit the funds on the platform the users can:

Check out their balances in the top-right and select “deposit and withdrawals”. 

Select the Bitcoin according to their wish to send to the wallet address and choose deposit from the option. 

Placing the trade

The traders can place the trade on the market exchange page and there, the users can see the price chart and order for buy and sell. The market exchange page is very easy and simple to use and navigate for users. 

Once after deciding to withdraw and transfer their funds to another wallet address, they can find an option to click on ‘accounts’ in the top right corner of the page and then select ‘deposit and withdrawals.

Why Choose Us?

We have been in the cryptosphere ever since its emergence. Our team is experienced and well informed about all the aspects of blockchain technology and we thrive to bring our best. From Startups to MNCs we have helped our clients create and build blockchain based apps that’s designed to stand the test of time in the new world of decentralized finance. .

Custom-built solutions
24*7 support
Advanced tools and technologies
Multi-tier security
Multi-lingual support


Will launching a Poloniex clone script be worth enough?
What is the time period taken to develop a Poloniex script?
What will be the development cost?

The cost of a Poloniex clone always depends on the requirements and business plans of the client. Reach out to us to get a free consultation.

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