The crypto-collectibles marketplace currently enjoys a daily trading volume of $1.8 billion and Sandbox is one of the most widely used marketplaces to sell and buy NFTs. With the Sandbox clone script from Uberdoo, you can create a marketplace that consolidates the best NFTs from multiple sources and give your users to buy the most viral, engaging and beautiful art pieces. This can include avatars, music, images, memes, wearables, objects and others. With the ability to add your own features and incorporate your brand guidelines, the Sandbox clone script from Uberdoo is set up to launch you into crypto-success.

Sandbox Clone Script Features

Sandbox clone script from Uberdoo is created for artists and gamers to share and sell their exclusive collections. It also comes with Opensea integrations to facilitate the sale of virtual lands.

Multiple types of crypto-tokens - Assets, Land and Sand.
Advanced toolbox to create avatars and NFTs.
Copyright protection for creators throughout their life
Imports from Minecraft
Voting rights and decision-making capabilities
State-of-the-art Sandbox game maker
Decentralised gaming platform

How It Works

Sandbox land is the most integral part of the metaverse and is created on the ERC721 standard of the ETH blockchain network. The gaming and crypto-exchanges happen on the robust ERC1155 token standard.

LAND tokens are available for sale for the public once they register to take part in the online auction. LAND tokens include care bears, euphoria, innovators, metaverses, meta purses, smurfs and anything else that comes up for auction. The statics for the LAND tokens are available as booked, premium, purchased and available.

The integration with OpenSea NFT marketplace gives your users the ability to cross- and up-sell as well.

Each LAND unit contains the seller parameters like the name of the creator, number of blocks, location, photos, price and size.

Players purchase lucrative pieces of land using ETH and SAND tokens. The ETH holdings can be held in digital wallets like Metamask, Bitski, Binance or even Uniswap.

Why Choose Uberdoo Sandbox Clone Script ?


The complexities of Sandbox and its gaming lands and marketplaces require the dependable expertise that Uberdoo developers come with


In addition to the features of Sandbox, our team can incorporate the additional features that you want to make your application stand out.

Quick Deployment

Since the white-labelled platform is pre-developed, we can incorporate your features and ensure that it goes live in a few weeks.


Our support services ensure that your post-deployment issues are mitigated and that your users and players enjoy a seamless experience.


Our cost-effective development practices ensure that you can invest and focus on enhancing the platform to give your users a unique experience.

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