Create a powerful market for crypto-exchange with WazirX clone script

WazirX is single-handedly responsible for powering the crypto-dreams of millions of Indians. It is secure, powers several popular cryptos and makes it easy for users to even invest for the long run. Therefore, creating a crypto-exchange platform based on WazirX’s features can be beneficial. With our WazirX script, you can permit the conversion of cryptocurrency with the local currency, which is rarely found in the most powerful platforms. You can also allow your users to trade in fiat-crypto instruments like USDT, BTC and WRX.

At Uberdoo, our developers will work together with you to customise the script to include or remove any other feature as per your requirements.

WazirX Clone Software Features

WazirX has successfully allowed millions of Indians to join the crypto-platforms and become profitable crypto-traders. It has introduced STF and P2P exchanges that are safe to use. It also comes with a crypto-wallet that facilitates exchanges with other platforms like Coinbase and others. There are several other notable features.

Crypto-wallet integration
Easy-to-use UI
Merchant dashboard
Trade matching engine
P2P exchange
STF exchange
2FA security
Transaction history

Benefits of WazirX Clone App

The WazirX script from Uberdoo is an exact replica of the highly secure platform. With this clone script, you can offer multiple benefits to your users including STF investments and P2P exchange. For you, the benefits include customizability, high ROI and several others.

Exclusive Features

Transaction Speed

Give your users an unparalleled experience in terms of transaction speed with the WazirX script from Uberdoo.

Highly Secure

The WazirX clone software comes with the security features that the original platform employs to keep user data and assets safe.

Multiple Wallets

Integrate your WazirX-like platform with multiple cryptocurrency wallets to provide every possible option for your users to trade with you.

Multilingual Assistance

Uberdoo’s WazirX clone is equipped with multiple language assistance to help you expand to several countries.

Trade Engine

The trade engine that comes with the WazirX clone software is robust, systematic and secure while pairing buy and sell orders instantaneously.

P2P trading

Enable your users to exchange crypto assets with individuals and fiat currencies to become truly decentralised.

Multiple Segments

With your WazirX clone platform, you can effortlessly allow your users to trade in spot as well as futures segments.

Real-time Data

When you integrate your WazirX clone platform with zero-latency real-time data, you can give your users an edge over other traders.


Create engaging affiliate and rewards programs that constantly prompt your users to trade more using your platform.

How Local WazirX Clone App Works


The user signs up with your crypto exchange platform with their phone number and email id.

KYC/AML Verification

Then their EKYC form is to be filled. It will then be automatically verified by the WazirX exchange clone app and added to your user database.

Wallet Linking

As soon as the verification is complete, your users can deposit money into their wallets.

Trade initialisation

Once the setup is complete, they can now trade in hundreds of cryptocurrencies and link their wallet with other crypto-exchange platforms as well.

Why Choose Uberdoo WazirX clone?

At Uberdoo, we have a robust framework for developing our crypto-platform clone scripts. With the WazirX exchange clone app, we have paid keen attention to detail to replicate the functionalities and features without any exceptions. With this script, we are confident that any idea added to it and promoted will make any entrepreneur successful. Our developers are always enthusiastic about working closely with you, our clients, to understand how you need the platform to be customised.

Expert Team

Our team of experts ensure that the best practices are followed every step of the way to give you a WazirX exchange clone app that you are proud to call your own.

Quick Deployment

In the crypto-age, we would definitely not hold you back. With assured quick deployments, your business will be up and running in no time.


As we have mentioned earlier, we will ensure that the platform created for you reflects your vision for your business.


How much does it cost to build a P2P crypto-exchange like WazirX?
How can I make money out of the WazirX clone platform?
How much time does it take to deploy the WazirX clone script?

The time of completion depends on your requirements like features, customisations, and security protocols.

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