Why Swiggy clones can do wonders for the food delivery business

The main objective of a typical food delivery application is about seamless and timely delivery of delicious food to the doorsteps of customers. Using such apps, users can choose their desired dishes and order it to get them delivered. Everything is achieved in a few taps of the application. People are inclined towards these applications because of how intuitive they are in getting things accomplished. Whenever gourmets visit eateries, they are forced to wait until the food is served. However, in the case of the food delivery apps, they will let the users know in advance as to when the food will arrive. Furthermore, in this period of lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are not inclined to opt for eating directly at eateries. Instead, they prefer the food to be delivered to their homes from the eateries due to the fear of contracting the disease should they step out.

Thereby, you can wisely start or optimize your online food ordering/delivery business with the help of a Swiggy clone that comes with a lot of strict safety regulations and policies for the delivery staff.

This way, an entrepreneur can smartly leverage this time of gloom and desolation by amassing huge revenues and by satiating the hungry food lovers with safety being more paramount than anything.

Now how about we have a detailed look regarding the statistics of the food delivery apps.


  • The online-based food delivery domain is predicted to grow from $20 billion in2017 to $55 billion in 2022.
  • Thanks to the market, it has been ascertained that more than 67% of people order food via online food delivery platforms.
  • Last year, the total payment associated with food delivery apps summed to $210 billion.
  • When speaking of the big and small eateries, the restaurant size grew by 25%
  • A report revealed that the market’s most significant element was “online takeaway” that had a volume of $110 billion in 2018.
  • Orders carried out via Food Order/delivery mobile applications will become a $38 billion industry by 2020.
  • 33 % of consumers revealed to pay a higher sum for quicker delivery services.
  • This online food delivery market is set to grow by USD 104.45 billion for the period 2019-2023, The CAGR is estimated to be over 15% for this forecasted period.


Speaking of the business prospects regarding online food delivery platforms in the US, India and UK, there is some information:

  • Based on Statista, the revenue for the Online Food Delivery Platforms in the US is predicted to account to $26.52 billion in 2020.
  • The United States has a yearly growth rate of 5.1% which will pave the way for a market volume of a staggering $32.32 billion by 2024, as per the Compound Annual Growth Rate for 2020-2024.
  • For the UK, the online food delivery domain’s revenue is roughly $58.99 billion in 2020. As revealed by CAGR, the growth rate is estimated to be 6.5%.
  • A report earlier this year revealed that the Indian Online Food Delivery Industry is predicted to hit the 8-Billion-Dollar Mark By 2022.


Thereby it is safe to say that the ordering/ delivery food industry is seeing a significant upsurge in demand and popularity. Also, it can be said with confidence that this industry will not be impacted negatively but will continue to grow particularly during this pandemic time that has completely devastated the world.


All these facts and research are more than tempting enough for you to invest in a Swiggy clone development and compete with the likes of Swiggy, DoorDash, GrubHub, UberEats and PostMates.


When you have to develop a Swiggy Clone, you must contemplate integrating some very mandatory features that are listed out below for your reference.


There are four panels, namely Customer, Admin, Delivery and Merchant Panels, respectively.


  • The Customer Panel must include Social Media Login, Advanced Filter options, Reordering feature for immediate orders, Highly Secure payment gateways, Offers & Discounts and Order History related details.
  • The Admin Panel must allow everything to manage the user, delivery agent and the merchant. The Admin must also be able to post promotional and branding content. The content and the transactions featured must be able to manage effectively.
  • The Admin should view the statistics and analytics related to the orders, revenue and the location. Lastly, they must be able to view every information regarding the partnered eateries.
  • Delivery Agents Panel must allow options related to receiving orders, accepted/rejection of order requests, toggling the availability status and viewing the entire earnings as well.


Some innovative features which can be integrated with a Swiggy clone include the following: –

  1. Should delivery personnel get delayed due to some unforeseen circumstances like heavy traffic, other staff in the vicinity will be immediately assigned to the order thereby ensuring that the order gets delivered on time.
  2. A feature where money will get refunded if the customer is not satisfied with the food or if the order takes too long to get delivered.
  3. Allowing the customer to further track the progress of their food from the time the order was made until it is ready and cooked for dispatch.
  4. Strict safety checklist and a Mask Recognition Software to ensure that the delivery personnel are in full compliance with the safety rules.


The advantages of opting for Swiggy clones include White-Labeling, 100% customization and that they are built to scale. Swiggy clone development is also less time-consuming and very cost-efficient as well.



Speaking of the online food delivery market, the prospects and the future looks very promising. The immense lucrative benefits associated with this domain combined with the fact that this industry will see an upsurge in the upcoming years makes it the best business for an entrepreneur to taste phenomenal success. As a businessperson, you can own a Swiggy clone that comes with rich inbuilt features so that you can take on the competition in the market and come out successfully in terms of revenue.

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