An all-encompassing guide regarding Gojek clones

At present, with time, the need for streamlined business management is indeed ever-growing. This need is mainly associated with multi-service business personnel who want a practical solution that can seamlessly handle all their business performances.

The answer for entrepreneurs comes in the form of a Gojek clone solution where virtually n number of services can be integrated with the multi-service app. It is a win-win situation as both the entrepreneur and the customer base are immensely benefitted.


Advantages associated with a Gojek clone app:

This multi-service app features a plethora of benefits for the users, the service providers and the admin personnel which are detailed below.


(i)            For the Users

The need for multiple on-demand applications is eliminated as now there is only one all-encompassing single app that features all the services needed.

As now there is only a single app, storage space is saved, and the performance of the smartphone is greatly optimized.

Everything related to the services is accomplished in a few taps.


(ii)           For the Service providers

The Service providers are benefitted by extra allowances in the form of food, fuel etc.

It serves as a useful source of revenue regularly for them.

Concerning work, the service providers have the advantage in the form of flexitime where they can sign in and work at any time.


(iii)          For the Admins / Entrepreneurs

For services, everything is now seamless in terms of management.

There is an umpteen number of income-generating sources available.

A rating/review system in the app will successfully narrow down in the areas that need to be enhanced and developed. This way, the business is significantly and quickly optimized.


These immense number of advantages have stimulated a lot of enterprises to wield the power of an on-demand multi-service Gojek clone solution.


How to make revenue with a Gojek clone:

(i)            Commission

On every request which the service providers carry out, the admin will get a fixed commission where the latter will set the commission percentage followed by deduction and finally will credit the service providers with the salary

(ii)           Ads

This is a smart way of income generation that has gained significant momentum in recent years. Serve as the platform for other brand’s advertisements and get paid for the same consistently.

(iii)          Vending products

Apart from offering services, the Gojek clone can be used to sell all the service-related products as well.


Now let’s look at some typical services that can be integrated with the multi-service app solution.

(a)          Taxi Service:

Customers can book a ride through the app, and the driver base will choose to carry out the ride request. Everything is finished in a few clicks of the app.

(b)          Food Delivery Service:

With this service, the users can order food and get them delivered asap to their homes. It is a consistent source of high income for the delivery personnel.

(c)           Grocery Delivery Service:

Users can select products and add them to their cart before they get checked out and delivered. Here again, everything is accomplished in a few taps.

(d)          Wallet Service:

This service is used for seamless offline as well as online transactions where the Gojek clone serves to replace all the other e-wallet apps.

(e)          Pharmaceutical Delivery Services:

Here, users can upload prescriptions to order medicines online. Once authorization is complete, the delivery personnel will ensure that the drug soon reaches the doorsteps of the customer.


In-Built features of a Gojek like application:


  • Sign up options:

The user base can sign up for the app via a multitude of ways that include the likes of mobile numbers, mail ids and social media accounts.

  • Scheduling Bookings:

This feature enables the user base to book appointments effortlessly by inputting the time and location-based details.

  • Highly secure payment gateways:

Featured are several highly robust and secure payment gateways with which the users can make payments once their services get availed.

  • Real-Time Location Tracking:

Both the user base, and the service providers, can track the precise real-time location of each other pertaining to a given request. Access to contact details as to when needed gets provided.

  • Cost calculator:

It will show the total cost, the surge fee and other cost details that includes the operational cost as well. Users can also be provided with the option to download invoices that give a clear insight.

  • Multifarious Orders:

The users can place several requests as on each needed service. The progress of every order can also be monitored effortlessly.

  • Notifications:

With this handy feature, the user base is alerted with any upcoming offers, the status of the delivery and lots more via SMS, Email, and the smart push notifications.

  • 24/7 Support:

It will serve to assist both the user base and the service providers significantly should they have any problems or questions. The support team can be reached out via call or instant chat.

  • God’s eye view:

The admin personnel can monitor and take care of everything from a single place. Furthermore, they have access to all the required information.

  • Availability slider:

This feature provided for the Service providers will help in showing if they are available or not.

  • Ratings and reviews:

Here both the users and the service providers can rate and review one another on a scale from 0 -5.


To survive and thrive in the highly competitive market of on-demand services, you as an entrepreneur can wisely opt for a robust Gojek clone solution.

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