Lending a helping hand to everyone with a COVID -19 Tracker App

It has been almost 100 days since the Covid-19 lockdown started in India, and the virus is showing no signs of subsiding. The entire planet is facing a massive economic crisis, and these are gloomy days for the industrial domain with no vaccine in sight yet. The measure called Social Distancing is now the only way to curb/prevent this menace. Every Government is working hard to stop the infection spread.

Both the Government and the masses must join as a single force with the latter cooperating with the norms of the former to break the transmission chain. One innovative solution called the COVID-19 Tracker App is gaining great acclaim in the current times. For example, we can take the particular case of the Arogya Setu app that was launched by the Indian Government. Another example is the COVID safe tracker app that was launched by the Australian Government.


As a smart entrepreneur, you can launch your version of a COVID-19 tracker app to help the masses in fighting against this troublesome menace.

Let’s get ahead and speak in detail about how such an app can tackle the ever-spreading infection caused by this highly contagious virus.

How does a Coronavirus tracker app work?

  • First, the users download the app and provide details for signup including age, gender and pre-existing health conditions if any.
  • Then they are notified to toggle on the GPS or Bluetooth facility so that they get to understand everything regarding the infection spread in their area.
  • The users are further made to take regular self-assessments. They are requested to input info regarding any symptoms they faced for a continuous period. The symptoms comprise the likes of cough, fever, breathlessness, drowsiness and such.
  • The inputs provided are then analysed by the medical experts
  • Should anyone show any sign of having contracted the disease; they are immediately notified to contact the very closest medical institute.
  • Everything gets uploaded onto the app database, and thus, the app helps the people to stay away from the reaches of the contagion.


With that said, there are several essential factors to contemplate before the tracker app development process starts.


  • Adhere to medical standards:

The tracker app must follow everything related to the latest medical standards that include the likes of HIPAA and EHR.


  • Data only from verified sources:

All the information furnished must only be from trustworthy sources. Since there are millions of sources on the internet that provide sparse details related to the pandemic, ascertain to validate the information before it is integrated with the tracker app.


  • Fortifying the databases:

To better optimize your work related to storing user information, you can focus significantly on back-end development. Secure the databases to make them invulnerable from hacking and other malicious use.


Mandatory features in the COVID-19 Tracking App


  • Easy signup: Ensure that the users can sign up with your app seamlessly, where they only have to enter the needed information.


  • Intuitive and info-rich dashboard: The dashboard provides an abundance of relevant information to the user base regarding COVID-19 and how to safeguard themselves from it as well.


  • Self-assessment: This helps the user base in understanding everything related to the possibility of them getting infected. The app consists of all-encompassing questions related to the symptoms of COVID-19. Medical professionals then review the results.


  • Push Notifications: This handy feature is used to alert the user base instantly regarding any critical news in their locality. It also can be used to provide suggestions to the users.



With a robust COVID-19 Tracker App, your benevolent goal of helping the people from all over the world to triumph over this contagious disease is fulfilled effectively.

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