Gojek Clone App – What Is It And What Can It Do For Your On-Demand Service Company?

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In today’s age of technology and busy lifestyles, customers expect convenience to come along with their experience. Wouldn’t it be great if your business could offer something that makes customers’ lives easier? This is achievable with the help of a Gojek clone app. This article will cover what a Gojek clone app is and how you can use it to give your company the edge in the modern-day customer experience industry.

So what exactly is a Gojek clone app? It is nothing but a smartphone application that offers on-demand services such as food delivery, transportation, and digital payments. The app is based on the Indonesian company Gojek, founded in 2010. We will see in the next section about the Gojek app in detail.

What Is the Gojek App About?

Gojek is a transportation and logistics company based in Indonesia. The company was founded in 2010 by Nadiem Makarim and has grown to become one of the most successful startups in Southeast Asia.

  • Gojek acts as a ride-sharing, delivery, and payment app. The app allows users to book a driver to pick them up and take them to their destination. The driver arrives within minutes, and the user pays through the app.
  • As a pioneering on-demand multi-service platform in Indonesia, currently, Gojek provides more than 20 services through its app, which include transport, logistics, food delivery, payments, and many others.
  • Although it was first created to solve the logistical problems in Jakarta, it has now spread throughout Indonesia and is available in over 50 cities, becoming very popular in Southeast Asia.
  •  In 2018, Gojek expanded its services to include financial services such as payments and loans.
  • Gojek has over 200,000 drivers and serves more than 250 cities in Indonesia. 
  • Gojek has since expanded to other countries in Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore. The company plans to expand to other regions, such as India and Africa.
  •  The app has been a major success in Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries. As of 2019, Gojek has over 1 million drivers and serves over 250 cities in Indonesia alone.
  • The expansion of Gojek’s services has brought them much success. The company was valued at $5 billion in 2018 and has continued to expand ever since.

How Does the Gojek Clone Solution Work And What Are Its Benefits?

With the Gojek clone app, you can get all these services in one place. The app is easy to use and navigate and offers many features that can benefit your company. For example, the app can schedule deliveries, track shipments, pay bills, and more. Moreover, the app is constantly updated with new features and services, so you can be sure that you’re always getting the best possible experience.

 The benefits of a Gojek clone app are infinite. A few of them are included below.

  • Gojek clone has a user-friendly interface, making it easy to use.
  • It offers a wide range of services that can benefit your company.
  • The app is regularly updated with new features and services.
  • The app also tracks your order status and sends notifications about your order.
  • Users can schedule deliveries, track shipments, pay bills, and more.

You must be wondering what some of the basic features that make a Gojek clone are. They include all the features that made the original Gojek app an astounding success. Some of them are included below.

Multiple On-demand Services:

Users can request services such as taxis, food delivery, etc., with just a few clicks

Real-time Tracking:

Users can track the progress of their requests in real-time.

Live Chat:

Users can chat with service providers in real-time to get updates on their requests.

Payment Gateway Integration:

A Gojek clone app would be integrated with popular payment gateways to allow users to make payments easily and securely. 

These are just some of the features you can expect in a Gojek clone app. Other important features include push notifications for timely updates and promo codes for getting some service-oriented discounts. The Gojek clone app can be developed to be downloaded on the major mobile operating systems namely iOS and Android.

Why Do You Need a Gojek Clone App?

There are many reasons why you might need a Gojek clone app. Some of the most popular reasons include:

  • You want to start your transportation and logistics business in your country.
  • You want to offer on-demand transportation, food delivery, or other services in your city or town.
  • You want to expand your existing business by adding Gojek-like services.
  • You want to invest in a transportation and logistics company with a proven track record of success.
  • You want to develop a very popular super app or multi-service app in your country and spread its reach among several other companies.

One of the benefits of using a Gojek clone app is that it can help you tap into the growing ride-sharing market. This market is expected to grow from $36 billion in 2020 to $285 billion by 2030, according to statista.com.

There are many benefits of using a Gojek clone app for your business. For one, it is a cost-effective way to get your business up and running quickly. The app is also easy to use and can be customized to your business needs.

If you are considering starting a ride-sharing business, then a Gojek clone app would be a great option. It is an affordable and easy way to get started in this rapidly growing industry.

How Much Does This App Cost?

The cost of developing a Gojek clone app depends on many factors, such as the features you want to include, the platform you want to develop the app on, the UI/UX design, etc. However, you can expect to spend around $5000-$10000 for a basic app.

The cost will be higher if you want to include more advanced features such as real-time tracking, live chat, video chat, and much more.

The cost of developing a Gojek clone app also depends on your specific requirements and, most importantly, on your vision to develop an ambitious on-demand multi-service app.

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to get your on-demand multi-service business running smoothly, then a Gojek clone app developed using the Gojek clone script of Uberdoo would be a great option. Uberdoo is renowned for its exceptional Gojek clone app development work.

How Do You Know If It’s the Right One For Your Company?

You’re probably wondering how a Gojek clone app can help your company. A Gojek clone app replicates the original app with some added features and customization. As an on-demand, all-in-one platform it allows users to book various services such as transportation, delivery, laundry, and payments. 

Not all companies need a Gojek clone app, but if you think your on-demand multi-service business needs to be enhanced, then a Gojek clone is essential. 

If you’ve wondered what a Gojek clone app can do for your company, wonder no more! There are umpteen benefits of featuring a Gojek clone app solution for your company. Here are some of them:

Increased Efficiency

A Gojek clone app can help increase the efficiency of your company by allowing people to book services such as transportation, delivery, and lots more in the most convenient way. This saves time and increases productivity. Thus it can help to streamline and centralize everything, making it more efficient overall


A Gojek clone app can also save your company money in the long run. This is because you will no longer need to hire separate vendors for each service. Everything can be done through the app, which means you only have to pay for one service. The app can also help you save money on operational costs by automating certain processes and eliminating the need for paper records.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Another benefit of having a Gojek clone app is that it can improve customer satisfaction. Your customers can book their needed services without leaving their homes. They can also track the progress of their orders in real-time, which gives them peace of mind. With the Gojek clone app, you’ll be able to offer your customers a better overall experience by providing them with convenient access to information and services.

Increased Sales:

You can increase your sales significantly by providing your customers with a convenient way to purchase your products and services.

Enhanced Security:

With the built-in security features of the Gojek clone app, you can rest assured that your company’s data will be safe and secure.

A Gojek clone app can also be valuable to your company’s transportation options. The app can help you save time and money by booking and paying for services in advance. Additionally, the app’s tracking features can help you keep tabs on your shipments and ensure they are delivered on time. 

These are just some benefits of having a Gojek clone app for your company. If you think your company could benefit from having its on-demand service, then avail of the Gojek clone app development services of Uberdoo. Uberdoo is a company that is renowned for its Gojek clone app development work. Its Gojek clone script comprises a lot of benefits and features that were not a part of the original Gojek mobile application.

 How Can You Use a Gojek Clone App to Give Your Company an Edge?

As we arrive at the end of the blog, you must be wondering how the Gojek clone app will give you an advantage in the competition. This can be achieved in some of the following ways.

  • The first way is by using the app to offer on-demand services to your customers. As we said before, customers love convenience. If you can offer them a service that saves them time, they will be more likely to use your company over others. For example, let’s say you own a restaurant. You could use the app to offer food delivery to your customers. This would be a great way to increase sales and bring in new customers.
  • Another way you could use the app is by offering transportation services. This could be especially useful if you are a business that requires employees to travel to different locations. Using the app, you can provide them with a safe and convenient way to get where they need to go.
  • You can use the app to offer digital payments. This is a great way to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Customers don’t like carrying cash or credit cards with them always, and you will save on transaction fees.
  • The Gojek clone app can also be used as an advertising tool that speaks about the pandemic and its ramifications. The app must ascertain that the business cares about the safety of its customers and employees during these grim times.

As you can see, there are many ways you can use a Gojek clone app to give your company an edge in the modern-day customer experience industry. If you want to improve your on-demand service business, we highly recommend considering a Gojek clone app.

So what are you waiting for? Get started with the Gojek clone app today and see how it can benefit your business! Uberdoo is known for its unique and cost-efficient Gojek clone app development work and its robust Gojek clone script that develops a multi-service super app of your dreams.


The Gojek clone app is a great way for businesses to provide their customers with on-demand services. Whether it’s a ride-hailing service, food delivery, or even home cleaning, the Gojek clone app can do it all. Not only is it convenient for customers, but it’s also a great marketing tool for businesses. With the Gojek clone app, businesses can show their customers that they’re always up for meeting their needs.  

So, if you’re looking for a way to provide your customers with on-demand services in the best way, then a Gojek clone app is the way to go. You can avail of the services of a reliable Gojek clone app development company like Uberdoo, which can get a super app up and running in no time. You can reach out to the team at Uberdoo at any time, and if you have any questions or would like to discuss our famed Gojek clone script, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re always happy to help!

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