A Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Super App Like Gojek

super app like gojek

A majority of developing economies are rapidly becoming mobile-first. Nowadays, every type of on-demand service is wholly or partly carried out through smartphone applications. But mobile phones don’t have unlimited memory and storage space for storing several mobile applications, each offering different on-demand services. 

This big dilemma can be circumvented by opting for space-saving and speedier super apps rather than cluttering the phone with dozens of individual mobile applications.

As digitization is becoming more prevalent, these super apps, and in particular the app called Gojek, are gaining immense popularity. 

Super apps are mobile apps that provide several different on-demand services on a single platform. 

Characteristics of Super Apps

The app offers retail space for various online enterprises to provide their services. 

They act as a one-stop solution for offering various services. 

By using super apps, the user base saves a lot of time and effort, and it removes the need to use different apps, where each one provides only a single on-demand service.

With super apps, all the primary app-based services are encompassed in an organized manner within a single solution. 

People can now carry out anything, be it online grocery purchases, on-demand food delivery, on-demand handyman services, medicine delivery, courier delivery services, ride-hailing, and much more, with the help of a super app.

About Gojek

The demand for super apps is increasing, and more people are embracing the notion of super apps. These super apps also come with various offers, deals, and discounts that further fuel their popularity.

Everything related to super apps reached the next level thanks to Gojek, one of the prominent super apps ruling Southeast Asia. Gojek began in Indonesia as a call center dedicated to taking care of ride-hailing services, and now it is Indonesia’s first unicorn company.

How is Gojek or Multi Services Platform Popular?

  • The app is used to order food, book rides, make payments, shop, and more.
  • It serves as an effective platform specifically for on-demand handyman services.
  • Gojek provides more than 20 types of on-demand services. 
  • It has established a strong presence in South-East Asia. 
  • Gojek has now expanded its services in Australia, India, and more countries. 
  • The super app has been downloaded over 190 million times.
  • Its payment platform handles gross transactions totaling up to $6.3 billion annually.

If your intention as a business owner is to get a super app developed for your business, all you need to do is contact our Gojek clone app development team from Uberdoo. We at Uberdoo are reputed for developing several Gojek clone solutions that show their potential as robustly performing super apps.

How Does Gojek Clone Work?

#1 A Gojek clone app solution is a highly customized super app that can provide virtually “n” number of on-demand services.

#2 The clone solution acts as a bridge between service providers and customers so that the latter can reach out to the former whenever they need an on-demand service.

#3 All the features present in Gojek are also a part of the clone solution, with the only difference being that they are highly optimized to enhance the app’s performance. 

#4 Gojek clone app solutions have a highly interactive user interface design and robustly secure payment gateways. 

#5 The clone functions similarly to the Gojek app, but it can also be updated with many new features and can be white-labeled to feature your brand name. 

#6 In short, a Gojek clone comes with everything that made the original super app an astounding success and also adds a vibrant touch of customization.

Essential Features and Functionalities of a Gojek Clone

To understand more, let’s now look at the prominent features and functionalities related to each module of a typical Gojek clone app solution.

#1 Customer App

Booking Scheduler

Customers can book services immediately or in advance for a later time in a speedy manner with relatively few taps on the smartphone.

Real-time Updates

Push notifications help provide timely updates regarding a customer’s services.

Instantaneous and Secure Payments

Payment for every service can be instantly made using plenty of digital payment options available in the solution in a very secure manner.

In-App Chats / Video Calls

Customers can connect with the service provider or support team to get every query or question resolved via chat, call, or video call. This greatly optimizes the user experience and increases user engagement.

Booking History

All the booked and completed services are archived for future reference. With this functionality, the next time, customers can access and request such services efficiently and on time.

Ratings and Reviews

The customer base can provide feedback related to a given service in the form of ratings or reviews.

#2 Service Provider App

Easy Sign up

The service providers must be able to upload information and documents in an organized manner so they can get registered on the app quickly.

Order Details

When a service request is booked, the service provider will get to see a page that provides every piece of information related to that request that needs to be completed. Information includes user location, ETA, and any additional information provided by the customer.

Live Updates

The service providers can provide the customers with timely updates regarding the ongoing service request via push notifications or in-app chats/ video calls. This helps them serve the customer base effectively.

Payment Tracker

This functionality helps the service providers track all their payments and access pending payments. They can analyze everything related to their performance and earnings.

#3 Admin Panel 

User Management

The user management functionality helps the admin access user records that have registered in the system and analyze them at any time they want.

Signup Approver

The admin can quickly analyze the service providers’ profiles before approving the requests from a single dashboard.

Service Provider Analyzer

The performance of the service providers is analyzed through this functionality so that the admin can understand how much they contribute to the quality of service before crediting them with rewards.

Payment Manager

This is a dedicated archive feature that records all transactions processed through the application. It also helps keep the work related to service provider payments organized. 

Price Management

Everything related to managing the prices, especially surge prices, can be smartly handled as per the given situation.

Business Performance Analyzer

This analyzer will help significantly in researching how business performance and revenues are happening. With the help of this analyzer, the admin and business owners can gain greater insight that helps optimize the business’s future performance.

Why Choose the Gojek Clone script?

With the world reeling under the grip of the pandemic for almost two and a half years, adding precautionary safety measures to your on-demand service business is essential. 

Uberdoo’s Gojek clone script boasts some exciting and useful features that will help people gain more confidence that the company is concerned with the safety of its customers and service providers.

It offers dozens of on-demand services, including many new services as well. 

The user’s time and efforts are significantly saved, and on-demand service businesses can quickly transform into multi-service businesses where all the existing customers are retained. 

Customer loyalty is boosted by a great margin, and user engagement is also very high.  

Essential data regarding customer behavior is stored for analysis, which can help make strategic business decisions to propel the business forward in the future.

Steps to Build an App Like Gojek

Mentioned below are the essential steps that, when followed, will help develop a robust super app solution.

Choosing the Platform

When developing a super application, there are three significant options, namely Native applications, Cross-platform apps, and web applications. If the app compatibility is supported on the iOS and Android operating systems, more potential users can be added to your business.

List of Features 

The Gojek-like app should offer several unique and valuable features if you want to gain an edge over the competition.  The existing features from Gojek must be optimized to the next level to suit the current demands. Everything from social media registration and multi-currency support to push notifications must be equally prioritized in development.

Technology Stack

The technology stack is another mandatory criterion in your Gojek clone app development process related to support for multiple features and functionalities. The stack should be supported on both iOS and Android platforms.

Robust Testing of the Platform

After the development and design work is completed and you are ready with the super application, the essential measure will be to ensure that the app is bug-free. Through beta testing, the performance of the app is gauged. 

MVP Deployment

It is a good move to launch a prototype of the super app with all the essential features. Based on the feedback and reviews, the necessary resolution steps are made to ensure that the Gojek-like app has a higher reach among the audience when it is officially launched.  

 Tips to Make a Super App Extremely Successful

Super app development is an intricate process. Aside from having the right set of on-demand services for the customers, the technological platform must ensure that app usage is good without any hitches. 

Below are some tips that can assure the development of a highly successful super app solution.

Customization: Every user has their favorite set of services, and if they cannot be accessed with a single tap, they will look for alternatives where it is easier and faster to access the services and get things done.

Gradual Transition: If you want your app to become a super app, it requires some innovation and patience as it is recommended to add the necessary features to the solution gradually. This way, the users can get used to them. This way, there is no harm to the user experience, and people don’t have to be forced to get accustomed to an entirely new system.

Security and Privacy: The user data collected must be used only for the super app’s tasks. They should otherwise be highly encrypted and protected from third parties and prying eyes.

Finesse in Quality: Apps are to help users solve problems and fulfill needs. Despite the app being built well, it won’t succeed if it lacks good quality and customer service. Before Gojek clone app development commences, it has to be ensured that your mission through your super app is to meet the target-audience requirements. 

Minimalism: Rather than cramming the super app with many things, it is better to start by offering something the customer needs. This can be solved by organizing polls and questionnaires to gauge what the audience needs.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Super App Like Gojek?

The cost factors related to the development of a super app mainly depend on the app design, the app complexity, advanced features, and the development time to finish creating the super app. 

The cost of developing a standard app launched on a single platform with basic features will be around $30K to $50K. 

If you want to create an ambitious app that operates on multiple platforms with a rich set of advanced features, the pricing will fall between $50K and $70K. 

Concluding Lines

If one adheres to all the key points mentioned in this article and considers everything mentioned, a super app can be developed without any problems in a highly efficient way.

As a business owner, if you want to manage an on-demand multi-service business, you can do it with the help of Uberdoo’s Gojek clone script. We have years of expertise in developing several variants of super app solutions and providing solutions for on-demand service businesses from across the globe. 

With the help of our Gojek clone app solutions, we have optimized the functionality of several multi-service enterprises to the next level. So if you are interested, please get in touch with our industry-best experts and start your business with a reliable Gojek like app for instant success.

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