Insight Into a Gojek Clone’s Potential in Optimizing Multi-service Businesses

essential things about gojek clone script

The present world is becoming highly digitized with the rise of mobile applications that have grown exponentially. Mobile apps have become integral to our daily lives, and there is an app that can efficiently accomplish every sort of work. People’s lives are getting more convenient with the ever-soaring popularity of mobile phones and advancements in digital technologies. At the same time, the world has become fast-paced and super busy, so there is not much time to take care of household-related responsibilities. People may use apps to compensate for this issue, but no one would want to use dozens of apps to take care of a task or work. How about a solution where every work or service request is taken care of under a single platform, like an app? Sounds amazing right? 

This situation paved the way for the rise of all-in-one super apps, which have become popular ever since the Indonesian-based super app, Gojek, made its presence felt in Southeast Asia.

What is a Super App?

A Super app is nothing but an all-encompassing mobile app platform that houses several on-demand services. Everything, be it shopping, food delivery, ride-hailing, banking, watching movies, and other on-demand services, can be carried out smoothly from a single platform known as a super app. Using a single super app is more effective and convenient than managing multiple individual mobile applications, and this is why super-apps have started to reign supreme over single-use mobile applications. 

Such super apps act as a one-stop platform accessed through smartphones to carry out any on-demand service. All types of on-demand service businesses have started to embrace the concept of using a Gojek clone script to revitalize their operations with the help of a super app. This is evident as no one would want to use dozens of mobile apps to handle all their demands. 

People prefer all-in-one solutions like what Gojek is offering. That is why Gojek clone solutions are gathering momentum in the on-demand service business domain. Super apps keep people highly engaged, and business owners are motivated to get a Gojek clone app to take care of their businesses and reap benefits. If you are a business owner or startup interested in getting such a high-performing super app similar to Gojek for yourself, then you can approach our team at Uberdoo. We are known for our Gojek clone app development services all across the globe. 

What is a Gojek App?

Gojek is a super app from Indonesia that began as a call-centre for ride-hailing services. It has now become one of the world’s most prominent multi-service mobile app solutions. It serves to bridge the gap between customers and businesses that provide services. 

Let’s look at some interesting facts about the Gojek application.

  • The app was launched in January 2015.
  • Some services that Gojek offers include ride-sharing services (GoRide), on-demand delivery services (GoSend), on-demand payment (GoPay), and shopping services (GoMart) and food delivery services (GoFood)
  • It has over 38 million users in Southeast Asia.
  • The total number of downloads is over 190 million.
  • Gojek provides over 20 services, ranging from Handyman, food delivery, and shopping services to transportation and logistics.
  • Gojek operates in more than 200 cities worldwide.
  • The average number of transactions processed by Gojek monthly is more than 100 million.
  • The amount of food deliveries that get processed annually is $2 billion.
  • The estimated value of the super app is $11 billion.
  • It has evolved to become Indonesia’s most valued startup.

Services Offered by Gojek

The services that Gojek offers can be split into three main categories.

Ride services

Ride services comprise of taxi rides, car rentals, motor rides/rentals, helicopter rides, boat rides/rentals etc.

Delivery services

Delivery services include food delivery, grocery delivery, medical delivery, courier delivery, parcel delivery and general deliveries.

Other services

Other services encompass doctor on-demand, telemedicine, lawyer, real estate agent, insurance agent, yoga, spa, babysitting, fitness coach, psychologist, barber, massage, plumber, carpenter, maids, electrician, mechanic, house cleaning, laundry, catering, office cleaning, fitness coach, lawn mowing, tour guide, pest control, travel agent, vet, locksmith, car wash and repair, sofa repair, TV repair, interior design, and packers and movers etc.

Gojek has evolved into an application that encapsulates the most prominent on-demand services into a single platform. As an undisputed leader in the on-demand industry, Gojek has inspired several business owners and startups to invest in multi-service businesses through Gojek clone app solutions.

Why Does Your On-demand Service Business Need a Gojek Clone?

In the present world that has been ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic, several on-demand service business owners are facing an immense struggle to take care of their businesses, because of the severe ramifications due to the virus. Gojek clone scripts are prevalent in the market as they help enterprises develop all-in-one app solutions with the strictest safety protocols to safeguard customers and service providers from the coronavirus. Ultimately, these clone scripts will optimize the market reputation and brand awareness for entrepreneurs who want to make it big in the on-demand service business domain. 

If you are interested in getting such a fantastic clone script for yourself but don’t know who to approach, you are welcome to reach out to Uberdoo. We are a mobile application development company that specializes in the development of super apps as per your needs and requirements. Our clone script is highly customizable and comes with special features and a unique set of profitable on-demand services that can be implemented anywhere worldwide.

With Uberdoo’s Gojek clone solution, a range of on-demand services can be offered through a single platform. Everything is organized so that, with its help, the service providers can provide high-quality services to the customer base.

Enterprises can use such customizable clone app solutions, which are developed by some reliable mobile application developers experienced in Gojek clone app development. The solution is built with several customized and special features and then white-labelled with the brand name and logo. Finally, it is uploaded to the major mobile app stores. Revenue via such super apps comes in the form of commission-based income models, third-party ad banners, subscription models, loyalty programs, delivery charges, promo codes, and other revenue generation models.

The success of a Gojek clone depends upon the special features and the on-demand service categories that are a part of the multi-service super application. For multi-service businesses to provide the best services, they must consistently infuse new technologies with the help of such super app-based solutions. This is what our team at Uberdoo accomplishes to optimize your business.

Ways to Optimize Your Multi-Service Business With a Gojek Clone

With the help of the Gojek like app, on-demand service businesses that are offered can be enhanced in many ways namely,

  • The business must be accessible to the client base and customers round the clock all year and this is easily accomplished with the help of the clone solution.
  • The app’s support team and customers should be able to seamlessly communicate with one another in real time. The admins can use the robust support system in the software to provide customers with the best support-oriented services at any time.
  • With the progress in the business, customer-based details, including customer feedback, engagement levels, mobile app usage, browsing patterns, and peak times, can be collected through the app for brand marketing and research. With the help of this information, the Gojek clone app solution can be further optimized.

The customer base is assured of an excellent user experience, and they will spend more time using the clone solution. As a result, the customer engagement factor is highly optimized. 

By successfully offering the best quality-infused services, the business owners can then expand their on-demand service business worldwide. Also, it gets easier to sustain a good market presence and maintain a prominent position in the super app market. 

Features of a Gojek Clone Script

Several features come as a part of the clone script, with some of the main ones mentioned below.

Customer End

  • Social media login/signup
  • Item name search
  • Rate card
  • Estimated time of arrival calculator
  • Push notifications
  • In-App Chat
  • In-app wallet
  • Multi-language support
  • Delivery re-assigning feature
  • Voice and video instructional features
  • Service/ Order cancellation feature
  • Call masking and number masking
  • Real-time graphical status of orders and service updates

Service Provider End

  • Integrated support 
  • OTP verification 
  • Day-wise separate timeslots
  • Location-based brands
  • Geo-targeted push notifications
  • Service order history archive
  • Back-to-Back Services
  • Toll charge
  • Availability toggler

Admin Panel

  • Live provider’s location tracker
  • Store-wise commission
  • Integration of Google and Facebook advertisements
  • Several safe and swift multi-currency online payment options
  • Multiple credit card management
  • Dispute management feature
  • Single-stop multiple categories
  • Promo codes
  • Managing lost items
  • Managing prices for specific cities

Additional Gojek Clone Script Features For Gaining More Traction

Many new and useful features can be created for the app with innovation and creativity. A few of them, developed by the team from Uberdoo, are listed below.

#1 Service Provider’s Reward

This feature will reward the service providers for their services and hard work through incentives, award badges, and financial benefits.

#2 Video Consultation in Real Time

Real-time video consultation will benefit customers who don’t get the time to see the service providers in person. Customers can feed in their questions through the video chat option and get immediate responses from the service providers. In this way, everyone involved in a given service, be it the delivery manager, service provider, or users, is kept in the loop.

#3 Service Bid

Another exciting feature is the service bid feature, where customers can see service providers near their location and then upload a service-based request with information based on the service task, pricing, and due date. Then a service provider who shows interest can be able to place a bid and select from the customers.

#4 COVID-19 Safety Precautions Features

In light of the pandemic, following social distancing and other safety norms is a must. Features that ensure that service providers and customers wear masks and gloves and use sanitizers during the service can help cut down the transmission risk during the progress of the service. The service providers must upload vaccination details to be permitted to carry out their work. Further, the providers must also regularly upload their body temperature details through the app for authorization to continue work. This way, more trust and confidence gets built. The preventive measures are not only for the service providers alone; they are also applicable to the customers, who should abide by the norms when the service is being carried out.

Having a multi-service business powered by a Gojek-like app is a win-win situation for everyone, as it benefits not only the customer base, but the service providers are also able to access multiple revenue streams to make large amounts of money.

Cost Associated with Gojek Clone App Development

The cost involved in Gojek clone app development is based on the following factors, namely

  • Advanced features.
  • On-demand services that are integrated.
  • Application functionalities.
  • UI/UX design.
  • Third-party integrations.
  • Quality testing.
  • Maintenance.

Including everything based on the data listed above, the cost of developing a Gojek-like app ranges from $15k to $18k.

Concluding Lines

Ever since the smartphone boom, people have been spending a lot of time on their mobile devices. Mobile applications serve as a good platform to connect both business companies and their clients or customers. This is the right time for aspiring startups and businesses in the on-demand service domain to capitalize on the opportunity with a Gojek clone app solution that helps them gain more visibility and presence. 

Check out the services we provide at Uberdoo. We are a company with great expertise in Gojek clone app development services. Our Gojek clone script comes with tons of brand-new special features mentioned earlier in this article, along with enhanced navigation and rich UI/UX design. Another speciality of our clone script is that there is a limitless number of on-demand services that include both new and highly optimized existing services. Our special precaution features help combat the pandemic and help your on-demand service business stay profitable and optimized. So, if you want to make your mark in the multi-service business domain, connect with our industry-best experts immediately!

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