Uber’s Venture Into Handy Features Like Location Sharing And Glowing Windshields

Uber for its user base is all set to make the venture regarding finding the driver, a smooth and streamlined experience.

Uber which has been a dominant ride-hailing giant is enriching itself by launching brand new innovative tools like live location feature and trendy windshield colors. This is in regards to enhance the pickup process associated with overcrowded areas like any venue or the airport. The main target is to simplify things with respect to Uber.


Uber’s product lead Nundu Janakiram reported to CNN tech that the most annoying and frustrating aspect of any Uber trip is associated with the aspect of meeting and making a rendezvous between the driver base and the rider base. Featured are several instances where the user might be outside in a cold and dark environment. The Uber user base consistently vented out their frustrations with regards to detailing and providing insight about the GPS point.


With regards to the privacy-related matter, the aspect of Location sharing is termed as an optional feature which has to be toggled on. After a public criticism of the brand in the earlier days of this year, Uber deactivated a tool where the ride-hailing giant could track the rider base’s locations post completion of the trip.


Janakiram noted that steps were taken to enlighten the rider base related to what they were furnished with and choosing. It also gave them the control to toggle the power off and on. Several people are comprehending the handy aspects related to this new feature but they want total control. This was an important operational logic integrated.


Coming to the case of cities who are engaged in an incessant cold war with ride-hailing services, the former also wants to simplify the process of rider base to rendezvous with the drivers. To quote an instance the cities of San Francisco and Washington D.C. are involved in work related to experimenting with locations associated with pick up and drop off points for the ride-hailing giants Uber and Lyft. This serves to enhance safety and security in addition to tackling other hindrances like double-parking and blocked bike lanes.


Yesterday, Uber revealed that there was the implementation of a feature where the user base can find out the driver’s proximity and location thanks to the integration of a gadget named Beacon on to the car’s windshields. Users have to manipulate Uber to pick up a color option and the Beacon will glow with the same color.

This idea has been in the experimental phase ever since last year and is featured for the metropolises of Chicago, San Francisco, and New York City.

There is no stopping to Uber’s ventures related to enhancing the rider base and the driver’s experiences. This was evident after the rollout of several PR crises in this year. Uber’s various accomplishments include adding several stops to a ride, tipping the driver and also in-app messaging between the drivers and the rider base to name a few of what it furnishes for its users.

Graf concluded that the steps were taken to make the Uber riding experience very smooth, streamlined and eventful to the maximum extent.

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