Some Details About A Bus Agency Which Serves To Offer Uber Like Services

Featured in a little East Bay suburb, the people who commute to work have a great and pleasing surprise for them where a bus agency related to public transit provides on-demand rides for people with smartphones or tablets.

Having its base related to the model which dominant ride-hailing brands like Uber embrace and operate by, it serves to offer better customer service, easy commute options and mitigated costs related to bus services in otherwise inaccessible locations like Danville’s Alamo Creek says Rick Ramacier who is the general manager of County Connection.


Uberdoo is notable for the development of a powerful Uber clone script which can be manipulated with relative ease to develop a stand-alone taxi business or any other on-demand service for anybody. Uberdoo strives to identify new challenging milestones and gets set to achieve them in a short span of time.

The query that spiked up was whether public transit could implement services in a way resembling that of what the private companies are offering. He noted that Public transit must be more affordable than the services offered by Uber, Lyft or any other taxi service.

Related to the Alamo Creek location, the locals are beforehand paying a fee for the typical and old-fashioned dial-a-ride bus service. However, Ramacier noted that only 25 calls are generated on a daily basis. Plus it is very much expensive to operate a 40-foot long bus in the same area which does not guarantee to be completely filled with passengers. This serves as an alternative for Uber and Lyft modes of transportation.

Ramacier noted that steps have been started to develop a six-month pilot program with TransLoc so as to decipher the public response to this brand new service. Post the venture, the decision will be taken as to whether to make it widespread or shut it down.


TransLoc looks ambitious to associate with other bodies like the San Joaquin Regional Transit District and the Orange County Transportation Authority to provide related services of transportation perfectly matching for each locality. For instance, in the Central Valley location, 4 months ago, for the rides which start and finish outside the operating districts, the transit agency will provide discounts related to Uber. This has its resemblance with the “Go Dublin!” program where it provides discounts for the Wheels Bus passengers related to trips taking place in the boundary of the Dublin city.


The San Joaquin RTD body manipulates the help of TransLoc to provide trips associated with wheelchair supported vehicles. Instead of going by the traditional approach to view Uber and other ride-hailing services like Uber as a threat and rival, the venture taken by the RTD was associated with collaborating the brands.


It serves as an effective methodology to spread the service to otherwise inaccessible locations all done at economical rates.

Rahul Kumar who is TransLoc’s vice president noted that the proposal related to personalization of services related to each localities requirements, apart from promoting better user service also serves to reinforce the public transit which has been plagued by many issues currently and formerly. Going against the traditionally used “one-service-fits-all” methodology, he added that TransLoc analyzed every bus agency information exhaustively to get insight about what exactly the rider base desires and to fill in the voids, came the inception of “microtransit” solutions which serves to determine a resolution for the major current issue.


TransLoc is functioning at present in two transit districts and proposals are there to launch about 25 pilot programs by the middle of next year. Kumar added that not only the minor transit districts are the ones who need such sophisticated services to reach out suburban and rural localities. The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority which is featured as one of the biggest such service providers in America is currently involved in requesting bids for such on-demand services and following it are an additional 140 transit agencies from the nation.