Uber’s Ventures To Satiate The Indian Users Of The App

It is a totally different venture when it comes to availing the services of Uber in the Indian nation.The concept of addresses have become obsolete and dont have any worth. Simultaneously in this recurring scenario, several people are manipulating archaic smartphones featuring confined and restricted speeds and convenience when it comes to mobile data plans.


To circumvent such hindrances, the ride-hailing giant is all set to launch a plethora of brand new features in the Indian nation. The user base can avail rides stemming from a revamped and noticeably lighter web version of Uber app. Ready to be rolled out soon by Uber is a feature by name “Request for Guest” where people can book rides for another person who further dont own a smartphone as well. In Pune featured is an experimental proposal by the name “Call to Ride” where the riders can now give a voice call related to trip booking from the bustling places. All this is done by furnishing and manipulating an alphanumeric code which is displayed on a signage with respect to a booking point.


Related to the same Daniel Graf who is Uber’s Head of Product noted that Uber was not focused on developing the next trending product but rather it was ready to take up the venture to make visibility and effective services of Uber in a very much wider base. He was recently on a three-city tour in India to get insight and understanding of how Uber functions in India.


Since its rollout four years back in India and at present features over 450,000 drivers from around 29 cities, it is engaged in a rivalry with another ride-hailing service Ola from ANI Technologies Pvt Ltd. Such is intense vying between both the brands that they have battled for supremacy in terms of app downloads and also rides on a daily basis. Ola was subject to conceptualization 2years before Uber rolled out in India and is all set to assimilate funds summing to 2 billion dollars. Its backer regarding the same is SoftBank Group Corp and it features over 800,000 vehicles plying in over 110 cities.


These brands like Uber and Ola apart from brainstorming proposals related to tackling the menace of lagging and slow traffic along with solving the issues related to mobile web connection are striving to make the offerings much user-friendly and economical. Uber has been branding under the “paisa vasool” factor to offer pool fares which are surprisingly valued at Rs 29 in several metropolises and serves effectively to captivate the user base who usually ply and commute by the public buses and the autorickshaws.


Manik Gupta who is the head of Maps in Uber noted that every trip was all about generating a great experience when traveling. He also took the trip along with Graf. The other Uber representative who was a part of the mission to get enlightenment from the cities like New Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad was Peter Deng who is the top ranking official of rider experience of Uber. All the three persons were trying to get valuable insight related to the user base and the choked traffic which has been prevalent. Graf noted that the UberMOTO motorcycle ride which he experienced in Hyderabad was very much impressive. He noted that Uber was dedicated to the aspect of venturing into providing services like Ride pooling and Motorbike rides.

Featured in the info assimilation trip, the trio noted that they lost mobile connection on an incessant basis when they attempted to book rides with the Uber app and were forced to use 3G connections rather than 4G connection where the former offers less speed. Further, they found it tough to pay for the rides through cash. They then visited the passenger’s homes where they were subject to grumblings and complaints from the former with regards to location accuracy and estimated time of arrival. In addition, they also had a detailed discussion with Uber drivers to get insight into their earnings and the clarity related to fares.

Graf concluded that the steps were taken to make the Uber riding experience very smooth, streamlined and eventful to the maximum extent.

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