Uber’s Move To Levy Charges On Riders Who Keep The Drivers Waiting For Long

The ride-hailing giant Uber will implement an approach similar to its competitor Grab so as to levy a fine on riders when they test the driver’s patience by making them wait for very long.

From today, in Singapore, Uber will levy an extra fee of 20 Singapore cents per minute provided the drivers have arrived at the location and the rider has not arrived at the location three minutes after the driver’s arrival. The timer and fine related to the delayed Wait Time will stop incrementing and will be finalized once the drivers avail the “Start Trip” button to initiate the trip.


Post five minutes of waiting, the drivers can call off the trip and they will receive the incentive related to the cancellation fee.


The timer starts when the cab driver has arrived and when the rider has been notified regarding the arrival. As aforementioned the wait time will be activated post three minutes after the ride has arrived. The fee can also vary related to dynamic pricing especially when the need increases.

This feature will be applicable only to the services Uber X, Uber XL, Exec, and ExecLarge. The other services like uberPOOL, uberCARSEAT and uberASSIST are not associated with the feature currently.


Speaking about its chief competitor, Grab has implemented the feature related to charging the rider base for wait times lasting more than 5 minutes. For every 5 minutes, an additional $ 3 will be incremented.


On the part of Uber, it noted that this step was taken after reviewing the feedback of the disgruntled drivers and helps them to tackle the situation by being paid for the time where they have been forced to wait.


It was also the part of a move to pay the driver-partners for the time they spend on the road.

As noted to the rider base, Uber revealed that when they request a ride, the drivers strive to reach the pickup point on time. For the rider, it is suggested by the ride-hailing giant that they can avail a ride only when they are in the proximity of the pickup location and when they are prepared to meet the driver of the ride.


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