Insight About Some Guidelines From Uber To Ensure Safety Of The Rider

Uber has teamed up with the law enforcement agency to generate some guidelines related to which the rider base has to follow to ensure a secure ride via Uber.

Strategizing everything related to the trip

Prior to generating a ride, it is suggested that the rider must have some insight about the destination and should get hands-on experience related to using the features in the app so that they know how to manipulate it.


Less time outside waiting for the ride

It is suggested that the rider waiting for a ride must refrain from spending the time outside with the smartphone attracting some miscreants. On the contrary, the rider must wait patiently indoors until the app notifies the user that the ride has arrived.


Authenticating the details:

Prior to getting into the car, the rider should verify the details related to the ride namely the driver name, the driver photo and the license plate as well. This must be done so as to ascertain that all the details shown regarding the driver in the app match perfectly. Uber rides are availed only through the Uber app. The rider must refrain from getting into a car where the driver says he operates under Uber and provides a ride.


Take the backseat

In the event, the rider is the sole passenger in the app, it is suggested to sit in the backseat. This is done to provide some space between the rider and the driver and that the former can exit the vehicle from any side of the vehicle where there is not much traffic on the road.


Make use of seatbelt

The organization Centers for Disease Control notes that seatbelt manipulation is the best way to prevent the riders life from being endangered and associated with other mishaps.


Share info with friends

When taking the Uber ride, the rider has to avail the “Share Status” option in the app where the details regarding the driver namely the name, the photo, the location and the license plate are shared with any family member or a friend. Thus an additional person can track the trip and get to know the Estimated Time of Arrival sans installing the Uber app at all.


Going by the feelings

It is best to make use of the apt judgment when availing a Uber ride and the instincts have to be manipulated to comprehend whether the rider is at any risk or threat. In such events, the emergency hot number 911 has to be dialed.


Being Polite

It is mandatory that the rider properly respects the driver and should refrain from unruly behavior or involve in anything objectionable.



Making a Feedback:

Reviews and feedbacks from the riders help a lot to enhance the experience of manipulating Uber for a ride next time to everyone. The round the clock support team will oversee the feedbacks and take the correct action or measure if any of the protocols are breached.


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