Role Of Uber In Curbing Drunk Driving In San Francisco

Ride-share companies like Uber have curbed the frequency of drunk driving in many cities.

It is evident and logical that drunk people should not be riding any vehicle and this is followed by hiring a teetotal driver all done with a few swipes of the app in their smartphone.



The government is still probing into whether the progress of ride-sharing services like Uber has had an impact on curbing drunk driving. Analysts review the DUI rates to get insight into the law enforcement data like DUI arrests and public-health data focusing on alcohol-related mishaps. However, the shocking news is that the collection of 1 million Americans who have been arrested for Driving under Influence may denote less than 1% of all the total drunk driving cases. Uber and Lyft make investments related to branders and analyzers to promote their services as a positive venture.


After Uber started functioning in the major regions of New York City some 6 years back, there has been a mitigation amounting from 25 to 35% related to drunk driving accidents. However, on the contrary, last year the American Journal of Epidemiology scrutinized the information from over 100 metropolitan counties across the country and found no link between Uber and the traffic accidents. Research in California done from 2009 to 2014 revealed that Uber played a major role in decreasing the quarterly rate of mishaps and car accidents related to drunken driving. And based on what Tallia Hart who is the president of SF Chamber of Commerce had to say, arrests related to drunken driving have come down by 42 % in the time frame between 2012 and 2017.


Drunk Driving is a leading cause of death but its impact on fatalities has come down over the last 40 years. Three years back drunk drivers contributed to 31% of road accidents. Considering from an overview, this signifies to be a good improvement when considering the time frame from the 1970s where alcohol was responsible for 60% of car fatalities.


Despite that, the ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft have had a major role related to mitigating the frequency of drunken driving apart from campaigns related to drunken driving awareness, stringent rules and increasing the eligibility age for drinking to 21.


The association between ride-hailing giants like Uber and Lyft which are relatively new and the aspect of drunk driving is an intricate one. From the 7 years since Uber started its services in San Francisco, it is found that ride-hailing has not become omnipresent where a Pew survey done 2 years back revealed that only 15 % of the US citizens manipulated a ride-hailing app and 56% of them were associated with rides less than a month. A corresponding analysis from San Francisco revealed more or less same metrics. Ben Rosenfield who is the city controller has noted that the regular users who manipulate ride-hailing services are educated and professionally established adults who are not likely to own a car and prefer transport through public transit.

The enlightenment related to the level at which Uber has prevented drunk driving in San Francisco is not discernible. However, a major sector of people manipulates such services to reach home safely when they are not sober.

San Francisco Police Department officer Grace Gatpandan has encouraged people to avail services like Uber has it plays a major role in mitigating cases of people who are drunk and are behind the wheels of the vehicle.

Uber and Lyft should be praised for their venture related to implementing safety through their services to the society. However, it does signify the fact that Uber and other ride-hailing apps contribute to an effective alternative to curbing drunk driving cases.



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