Uber’s Move Related To Food Delivery In Pennsylvania

The Uber drivers from State college will have an additional duty to follow apart from the traditional transportation of the students from the university and the football fanatics.

Uber which is famous all over the world for its ride-hailing service has launched an offshoot UberEats app to the region this week. Here it allows the user base to manipulate their smartphones to make food delivery orders from over 25 eateries located in the region.


State College where Pennsylvania State University is located in is the latest addition to the collection of places where UberEats is serving with respect to the Pennsylvania region. The users can order their food to be delivered with the help of UberEats.

Currently, UberEats is not associated with regards to expansion over the state but it aims to surely have a wider reach throughout Pennsylvania in the subsequent future.


Uber is paying attention and strategizing its plans related to the expansion of UberEats in the bustling and crowded areas. Featured are 46,000 students occupying the Park Campus of the University.


Uber subjected UberEats to inception 2 years back in the city of Toronto. It has now expanded to over 120 markets globally and based on what New York Times had to say, is thriving very well with respect to profits and prosperity.


This subdivision of Uber occupies the same market which is filled with other rivals like Grubhub and Amazon where the latter has also made rounds by carrying out trials related to the world of food delivery in some specific markets. Another brand Instacart has begun steps to provide its services for the Harrisburg and Carlisle regions.


Further as noted by New York Times, Uber is doing everything to occupy the top position with regards to the demand in the overcrowded and intensely vying delivery marketplace where it can effectively manipulate its driver base which numbers in more than 2 million.


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