UberEATS Launches In Chennai

Related to UberEATS roll out in the bustling city of Chennai, the app was manipulated to measure and comprehend how the functioning takes place.

In Chennai, it is Dosas that is ruling the frequently ordered food list. Along with this, another rapidly growing sector related to food in cities is Biryanis. Also gaining momentum and steam is the emerging popularity of home backing where over 50 bakers are featured functioning from their homes or cloud kitchens.


Last week UberEATS was rolled out in the city and its main executive Bhavik Rathod noted that there are ventures into comprehending the food trends in the city by the manipulation of a third party to facilitate the same.


He added that UberEATS has joined forces with Adyar Ananda Bhavan conglomerate due to the increasing popularity of ordering dosas online to appease their cravings associated.


In many of the famous areas in the city, the amalgamation of technology, logistics, and restaurants have served to provide good and hot food right to the doorstep of the people.The UberEATS app was rolled out initially in Toronto in December 2015 and at present, the app is present in over 29 countries and 130 cities across the world. Speaking about its Indian venture, the food delivery app was rolled out first in Mumbai in the May of this year and then integrated with Delhi and Bengaluru before it was launched in Chennai.


The unique factor which separates UberEATS from other food delivery apps is related to technology where the users are subject to order tracking with efficiency over the other apps. The other amazing features incorporated with UberEATS includes the effective customization of the app along with a robust filtering system and making orders without any network. Rathod noted that UberEATS will get to analyze the user behavior and will list out recommended suggestions based on that information.


To quote an instance, if the user has taken Dosa as breakfast for two mornings continuously, then the information will be assimilated and the app provides a set of eateries which serve dosa when the user manipulates the app for ordering breakfast the next subsequent time.


The level of restaurant suggestions provided by the app varies from person to person.

Coming to the pleasure of food lovers, the delivery charge is set at 1 Rupees. This does not take into account the number of food items which were ordered.


According to what the founder of Chai Kings, Jahabar Sadique had to say, UberEATS will emerge as a game changer related to the food delivery world. The app features dominance and sophistication with respect to logistics as stated by him. He notes that despite the big cost for listing his restaurant in UberEATS, he is sure that it will pay off and that it will improve the brand visibility he added.


UberEATS’s Twitter profile was overwhelmed with positive feedbacks and reviews where featured was a lot of Thank You responses from the user base.


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