Insight About Uber’s Venture Regarding A Simulated City Built For Testing And Details About Its UberPET Service

The ride-hailing giant Uber has made an amazing work in its venture to incorporating self-driving vehicles. It was built a fake city where it can carry out the evaluations and experimentations of its self driving cars from the city of San Francisco. The simulated city is currently termed as Almono and it is developed on an area comprising of 11,000 square feet integrated with intricate intersections, pedestrians who cross the roads at random and several other hindrances to test the potential of its autonomous car fleet.


In addition, talks are on that the ride hailing giant will be looking forward to make this testing location even larger by an additional 13,000 square feet as related to the venture to have a good inspection and check regarding the functionality of its autonomous cars prior to their roll out officially in all the roads. The aforementioned hurdles integrated as a part of Almono will carry out exhaustive and detailed testing related to the self driving vehicles by simulating real life settings so as to get more insight.


An Uber vehicle operator Rick McKahan noted that integrated were several hurdles and life sized dummies which will cross the road in front of the car. The simulation settings are developed such that, they will carry out worst case scenarios in which the autonomous vehicles will operate when compared to that of a typical normal road.


Aside from the logic which autonomous vehicles follow and where they are programmed by computers, the testing will be carried out for the Uber’s human operators as well. After a series of examinations, Uber’s human operators are also subject to rigorous testing so as to get deeper insight and enlightenment regarding the same prior to them supervising the autonomous vehicles as related to the real world.


Uber on its side has not disclosed any details about the self driving vehicle types. However, it has collaborated with the giants Volvo and Ford related to progress in the development of self driving vehicle technology where in the meantime every vehicle manufacturer is engrossed with their associated autonomous technological operations.


In addition Uber has debuted UberPET feature in Singapore today where the user base of Uber base can bring their pets along with their rides. However, the users have to ensure that for pets to use this service, they have to be accompanied with the human riders as well.


This applies to pets like dogs, cats, caged birds, and fishes carried in bowls to name a few.


The driver base of Uber which has accepted the ride will be notified in prior that they will provide services for additional four legged riders as well.


Typically, the rider base can bring one pet with them but additonal pets can also be accomodated if the driver of the vehicle is willing to allow them. The Uber users who come with guide dogs have the freedom to manipulate other Uber services and they are not restricted to UberPET alone.


Singapore is the beginning related to where the services for pets are launched in an Asian city. The parent company noted that the venture was taken after analyzing the reviews from the present Uber users.


Uber noted regarding the same that, it has assimilated reviews and feedbacks from the rider base where they mentioned it was a seemingly difficult enterprise to feature rides with their pets as some transportation means do not feature pets for rides. Further, the ride hailing giant revealed that there are bound to be scenarios where the drivers are not willing for the same and are apprehensive regarding it.


An analysis reveals that in Singapore there was an increase in pet ownership taking into account the year 2014 where it started at 816,000 and summed up to 824,600 pets in the previous year.


Uber noted that with the increase in pet ownership, featured is also a rising need for pet-related services and that Uber looks to exploit this opportunity.


This service is offered at the same price as Uber for X where it comes with an extra fee of S$2. Related to the inception, this fee is waived till the end of this year.



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