Uber Encompasses The Attribute To Make Multiple Stops On The Way

Last month, Uber rolled out a feature where the passengers availing the service can manipulate the ride-hailing app to stop at multiple destinations which at present is confined to three. The era where the rider base had to interact with the drivers by traditional speech to give comprehension about several destinations along the way is now no more. The passengers using this feature can now input details regarding where the cab has to halt so that they can pick up their friends/relatives or grab a bottle of booze when their main destination is supposed to be a fun-filled party.


Uber has delineated with proper steps to make this feature feasible.


Manipulating it needs the user base to click on “where to?” followed by “+”. Prior to booking for the ride, the user can input the addresses of the multiple stops on the way. Should the event where the rider base has to edit and make some changes while in transit, they are featured with the option to add or delete stops on the way. The user base can heave a sigh of relief and enjoy the ride as they are rest assured that the drivers will get the details regarding the directions related to those stops. It is no surprise that this feature enabling multiple stops will levy additional charges for the rider base seeing that there are several destinations on the way. Uber will enumerate and quantify the charges based on a particular route’s time for reaching the destination along with the distance factor as well. In the event, the user has made the driver pull over for buying a bottle of booze, the time associated with the driver waiting until the purchase has been made is also integrated into the total price for the ride calculated at the end of the trip.


This feature where the user can make several stops while on route to the destination is already present in Uber’s rival Lyft. The latter integrated this feature in the month if August. Both Uber and Lyft have been very much busy in rolling out the features such that it has reached a threshold where both the ride-hailing service businesses encompass feature without much variation from one another. This is similar to the situation where the photo sharing apps Snapchat and Instagram tend to implement features based on one another’s clever thinking to ensure that the user base can make use of the most sophisticated and useful services offered.


Another point is that several of Uber’s latest attributes and ventures are focused especially on the driver base to appease them. Noteworthy examples encompass the feature to tip the drivers – this feature was present in its rival Lyft ever since 5 years back. It also comes with integrated charges related to abnormally long pickups and trip cancellation which took place at a very delayed pace. Further, rolled out was an attribute to give insight and tell if the rider base was not behaving properly and were acting, on the contrary, making a fuss.


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