An Insight About Uber’s Own Credit Card

The Uber Visa card at first appearance will be interpreted as being related with rides. However, there is still more to it encompassing a $50 streaming credit.

If the particular rider associated with Uber, manipulated the service for several rides, then those rides can be paid with an Uber credit card where it comes packed with additional amazing features.

Ever since the start of the month, the userbase can register for a new Uber Visa which is rolled out from Barclays and this card is not associated with a yearly fee charge. The card is of very much great use to its users and featured are some factors associated with owning such a card.


The first feature is the much well-known feature related to cash back on Uber rides where for every digital purchase and transaction, the Uber cred
it card will pay the user 2 % back and this also encompasses Uber as well.


Related to hotel and airfare expenditures, the user gets 3 % back and when being associated with restaurants and bars encompassing UberEats, the user is associated with 4% cash back rate. For all other expenditures, it features a 1% cash back rate

When manipulating the Uber Visa Card, if the user base spends a minimum of $500 in the first 3 months, then they are credited with additional 10,000 points which sum up to $100.


Additional features as encompassed in Uber Visa, allows the user base on making dissipations amounting to at least $5000 on an annual basis, then they will be rewarded with $50 credit related to availing the digital services like Netflix, Spotify and the such. To elucidate further, if the user is a Spotify subscriber, they are rewarded with a bonus of free subscription for a time span of five months.

The next feature which Uber Visa offers is related to safeguarding the phone in the event the bill charges are paid with the help of it. With regards to any unfortunate events like device damage or being deprived of the device due to theft, the user can get up to $600.


In addition, Uber Visa also provides the user base with specific access related to several campaigns, offers and other amazing events as well. To the delight of the user base featured is no additional charges when the transaction is done from an international country apart from the United States.
The cash back and the associated rewards are in the form of points which can be manipulated for Uber credits or any gift cards or the statement credits. The latter is most closely associated with cash. To give an instance, if the user manipulates the card and spends $100 at a restaurant, then the user will have to pay less than the original price, in this case, a sum of $96 which is not exactly “cash back”.


All the reclamations are featured in the user’s Barclay Card app or the associated account dashboard. In addition, the users can also manipulate the Uber app for instant retrieval of Uber credits.


However, it is the user’s responsibility to have a detailed check about the information along with the terms and conditions prior to making a registration for any type of credit. Although associated with several advantages, the credit card scenario holds effective if the user is regularly paying the balance completely on a monthly basis.


Further, there should be insight about Uber Visa’s advantages when compared with the benefits from the credit card which is currently being manipulated by the user with respect to anything be it travel insurance or purchase protection.


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