Uber Can Definitely Have A New Life Once Associated With The Brand Tesla

Uber has been rocked by several controversies and rising scandals which have been manifested out of the blue and the ride-hailing giant has to mount some comeback of a great magnitude so that it comes out of the controversies and protects its reputation from being damaged even more.


A good move will be joining forces with Tesla


This is featured after news emerged last week that both Uber and Tesla have signed up a deal in Dubai.

Uber on its side has rolled out for its smartphone app a feature named UberONE where on availing the same, the user base can make a ride featuring a Tesla Model S or a Model X car. This comes at a marginally higher cost than what is associated to be normal pricing.


The Dubai Taxi Corporation noted that it will integrate and roll out 200 Tesla Vehicles for this and the subsequent year. Based on what the Associated Press has to reveal, Uber has been associated with 50 functioning electric cars from Tesla


The deal could signify what could be the start of a long-lasting relationship where both the brands are equally benefitted and can thrive well by gaining a lot with the bonded association among themselves. Speaking about Uber, it could profit by the dominating presence of Tesla related to autonomous vehicles

Uber and Tesla are spending millions of dollars related to the self-driving technology field and in the case of the latter, thanks to its 2.5 version of the Autopilot software which it developed, featured are effective automatic braking features. Tesla is termed to be one of the most sophisticated and developed participants in the related domain.


Tesla has reached the milestone of accumulating more than 1.6 million self-driving kilometers of rides on the roads signifying the advanced presence of it in regards to the technology’s venture.


Uber also has an ardent inclination when it comes to the world of self-driving cars. Since the association with the human workforce related to hiring, training, and paying is a costly venture, it seeks to remove human drivers from the picture and its partnership with Tesla will serve effectively in accomplishing the objective and reduce expenses at a considerable rate.


Apart from this, another important thing which Uber has to implement is a fresh image and reputation, This is because the Ride hailing giant under the leadership of the founder and former CEO Travis Kalanick had earned negative reviews and reputation in the Silicon Valley where it breached the restrictions which the ruling bodies from across the world implemented. Uber is yet to make operations in Abu Dhabi.


A lot of exposure covered by the media reveals the bad work culture in the brand. The video of Travis Kalanick reproaching and chiding a Uber driver served to be the final straw where it subsequently resulted in the departure of Kalanick this summer from Uber amidst mounting pressure from the brand’s director base.


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