Uber Serves To Cut Down Drunken Driving Mishaps In Certain Cities

Uber looks like it could curb drunk driving by providing economical rides for drunken customers to get home at night. However, some new analysis reveals that Uber’s presence was not directly related to the dip in mishaps resulting from drunken driving.

A research was conducted specifically in cities where the ride-hailing service was subject to inception, then halted for a given stretch of time and then later resumed the functioning. The main logic that was concentrated on was that when Uber resumed services in a city after its initial run and was briefly ceased for a while, it would show a drop in intoxicated driving associated with the city.

This proved true in the cities of Portland and San Antonio. Drunken driving declined by 62% after Uber resumed its activities in 2015 after a four month period of pause in Portland. For San Antonio, it saw a dip in 40% once the ride-hailing giant started resuming its services after a half year gap. This signifies that in those cities it accounted for approximately three fewer crashes on a weekly basis when driving under influence. However, there was no decline in the number of car crashes associated with injuries.


However coming to Reno in Nevada, the analysis was that of a contrary output. After Uber started to continue its activities in September of 2015 after a 10-month long pause, the results indicated that there was no dip in car crashes associated with drunken driving.

Featured were some research done earlier to find an answer to the question as to whether ridesharing has some linkage especially with crashes due to driving under influence as noted by Christopher Morrison who is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Pennsylvania Injury Science Center


The results of the finding proved to be not related to the same.


Featured are several vehicles crashes especially those related to drunken driving. If the ride-hailing services like Uber did help in curbing intoxicated driving accidents, it will surely serve to be beneficial from a public health point of view. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention note that more than 10,000 people were victims of fatal car crashes when driving under influence, some 2 years back.

The results show a mixed outlook, it was applicable in two cities from Oregon & Nevada but had no relation to the city of Reno. Featured is no concrete answer. The research was developed with the notion to disclose if Uber relates with fewer cases of drunken driving mishaps in various cities and does not pay attention to the aspect of what factor contributes to that supposed linkage in the event it is present. The association between drunk driving and Uber varies with every city.


Morrison’s research also tried to find out if there was a relationship between Uber and the road mishaps in some 100 of the populated cities from the United States. From an overview, there was no sign of a relationship between the two.

According to Noli Brazil who is an assistant professor at the University of California, Davis noted that apart from his own research, the impact of ridesharing related to car crashes varies differently in various locations. He also added that related to the association between ridesharing and drunken driving induced crashes & fatalities, the context surely holds an important value.

Noli added that various factors could impact the bond like how long Uber has given out its services in a city, the commuting options present originally in the city, the city’s statistics and lots more. He noted that Uber and the related ride-hailing services are not the primary means of transportation in the cities associated with Las Vegas and Reno. The main preferred mode of transportation is associated with taxi cabs or by walking.


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